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The Perfect Matrimony: Resurrection and Reincarnation

Resurrection and Reincarnation

The beings who love each other can become immortal like the Gods.  Blissful is the one who can already eat the delicious fruits of the Tree of Life.  You must know, beloved ones, that there are two exquisite trees in Eden that even share the same roots.  One is the Tree of Knowledge.  The other is the Tree of Life.  The first gives you wisdom.  The second makes you immortal.

Everyone who has worked in the Great Work has the right to eat of the delicious fruits of the Tree of Life.  Indeed, love is the summum of wisdom.

Those men and women who follow the path of the Perfect Matrimony finally gain the bliss of entering Nirvana, which is to be in oblivion of the world and men forever... It is impossible to describe the bliss of Nirvana.  There, every tear has disappeared forever.  There, the Soul, divested of the four bodies of sin, submerges herself within the infinite joy of the music of the spheres.  Nirvana is a sacred star-filled space.

The Masters of Compassion, moved by human pain, renounce the great bliss of Nirvana and resolve to stay with us in this valley of great bitterness.

Every Perfect Matrimony inevitably reaches adepthood.  Every adept can renounce Nirvana for the love of the great Orphan.  When the adept renounces the supreme bliss of Nirvana, the adept can then ask for the Elixir of Long Life.  The blessed ones who receive this marvelous Elixir die but do not die.  On the third day they rise. This has already been demonstrated by the Adorable one.

On the third day, the adept comes before the sepulcher accompanied by holy women who bring medicine and aromatic unguents. The Angels of Death and other ineffable hierarchies also accompany the adept.

The adept calls out in a great voice, invoking his physical body which sleeps within the holy sepulcher.  The body is raised and can escape from the sepulcher taking advantage of the existence of hyperspace. In the Superior Worlds, the physical body is treated by the holy women with medicines and aromatic unguents.  After the body has returned to life (obeying supreme orders), it enters the sidereal head of the Soul-Master.  Thus, this is how the master regains possession of his glorified body.  This is the precious gift of Cupid.

Every resurrected body normally lives within the Superior Worlds.  Nevertheless, we must clarify that the Resurrected Masters can make themselves instantaneously visible and tangible in any place and then disappear.  In this regard, the Count Cagliostro comes into our memory.  This great master fulfilled a remarkable political mission in Europe and astounded the whole of humanity.  This great master was really the one who provoked the fall of the Kings of Europe.  In fact, we owe the Republic to him.  He lived during the time of Jesus Christ, was a personal friend to Cleopatra, and worked for Catherine de Medici.  He was known during various centuries in Europe.  He used various names such as Giuseppe Balsamo, Count Cagliostro, etc.

The immortal Babaji, the yogi Christ of India, still lives in India. This master was the instructor of the great masters who lived through the terrifying night of time. Nevertheless, this sublime elder looks like a young man of twenty five years.

Let us remember Count Zanoni, a youth despite his thousands of years. Unfortunately, this Chaldean sage failed completely because he fell in love with an actress from Naples.  He committed the mistake of uniting with her and spilling the Cup of Hermes.  The result was horrible.  Zanoni died on the guillotine during the French Revolution.

Resurrected Masters travel from one place to another utilizing hyperspace. This can be demonstrated with hypergeometry.  Astrophysics will soon discover the existence of hyperspace.

Sometimes after fulfilling a particular mission in a country, the Resurrected Masters allow themselves the luxury of passing for dead.  On the third day, they repeat their resurrection and leave for another country in order to work under a different name.  Thus, in this way, two years after his death, Cagliostro appeared in other cities using a different name in order to continue his work.

The Perfect Matrimony converts us into Gods.  Great is the bliss of love. In fact, only love confers upon us immortality.  Blessed be love; blessed be the beings who adore each other.

Resurrection and Reincarnation

Many students of occultism confuse resurrection with reincarnation.  The gospels have always been very poorly interpreted by occultist students.  There are various types of resurrection, just as there are various types of reincarnation.  This is what we shall clarify in this chapter.

Every true adept has a Body of Paradise.  This body is of flesh and bone. However, this is flesh that does not come from Adam.  The Body of Paradise is formed with the best atoms of the physical organism.

Many adepts resurrect with this Body of Paradise within the Superior Worlds after death. Resurrected Masters can visit the physical world and make themselves visible and tangible at will with this Body of Paradise.  This is a type of ineffable resurrection.  Nevertheless, we affirm that the resurrection with the mortal body of Adam, though more painful due to the return into this valley of bitterness, is because of this more glorious.  All the adepts of the secret path who form the Guardian Wall have resurrected with the Body of Adam.

There are also Initiatic Resurrections.  The third Initiation of Fire signifies the resurrection in the Astral World.  Everyone who passes through the Third Initiation of Fire has to live the drama of Christ within the Astral World: His life, passion, death, and resurrection.

Reincarnation of the Personality

The personality is time.  The personality lives in its own time and does not reincarnate.  After death, the personality also goes to the grave.  For the personality there is no tomorrow.  The personality lives in the cemetery, wanders about the cemetery or goes down into its grave.  It is neither the Astral Body nor the ethereal double.  It is not the Soul.  It is time.  It is energetic and it disintegrates very slowly.  The personality can never reincarnate.  It does not ever reincarnate.  There is no tomorrow for the human personality.

That which continues, that which reincarnates, is not the Soul either because the human being still does not have Soul.  In fact it is the ego that reincarnates, the “I,” the reincarnating principle.  The ghost of the defunct, the remembrance, the memory, the error that is perpetuated.


The unit of life of any living creature is equivalent to one beat of its heart.  Every living thing has a defined period of time.  The life of a planet is 2,700,000,000 beats.  That same quantity corresponds to the ant, the worm, the eagle, the microbe, to humans and in general to all creatures.  The life span of each world and each creature is proportionally the same. Indeed, the beat of a world occurs every 27,000 years, but the heart of an insect beats more rapidly.  An insect that lives for only one summer evening has had in its heart the same number of beats as a planet, except that those beats were more rapid.

Time is not a straight line as the learned ignoramuses believe.  Time is a closed curve.  Eternity is another thing.  Eternity has nothing to do with time, and what is beyond eternity and time is known only by the great illuminated adepts, the masters of humanity.

There are three known dimensions and three unknown dimensions, a total of six fundamental dimensions.

The three known dimensions are length, width, and depth.  The three unknown dimensions are time, eternity, and what is beyond time and eternity.  This is the spiral of six curves.

Time belongs to the fourth dimension. Eternity to the fifth dimension. That which is beyond eternity and time, to the sixth dimension.

The personality lives in a closed curve of time. Personality is a daughter of her time and ends with her time.  Time cannot reincarnate.  There is no tomorrow for the human personality.

The circle of time revolves within the circle of eternity.  In eternity there is no time; however, time revolves within the circle of eternity.  The serpent always bites its own tail.  A time and a personality end, but with the turning of the wheel, a new time and a new personality appear upon the Earth.  The ego is reincarnated and everything is repeated.  All the sexual sensations and all the amorous drama which gives rise to a new physical body are caused by the last realizations, sentiments, preoccupations, affections and words.  Therefore, all the romances of married couples and lovers are related to the defunct one’s last agonizing moments. “The path of life is formed by the prints of the hooves of the horse of death.”  At death, time is closed and eternity is opened.  The circle of eternity first opens and then closes when the ego returns to the circle of time.


The initiates of the Fourth Way define recurrence as the repetition of acts, scenes, and events.

Everything is repeated.  The Law of Recurrence is a tremendous reality. In each incarnation the same events are repeated. The repetition of acts is accompanied by its corresponding Karma.  This is the Law that reconciles effects to the causes which gave rise to them. Every repetition of acts carries Karma and sometimes Dharma (reward).

Those who work with the great Arcanum, those who tread the straight, narrow and difficult path of the Perfect Matrimony, are liberated little by little from the Law of Recurrence.  This law has a limit.  Beyond that limit we become Angels or devils.  With White Sexual Magic we become Angels.  With Black Sexual Magic we become devils.

The Question of Personality

This subject matter about the personality, which is daughter of its time and which dies in its time, deserves our attention.  Indeed, it is completely evident that if the personality were to reincarnate, time then would also reincarnate, and this is absurd because time is a closed curve.  An ancient Roman man reincarnated in these modern times of the twentieth century, with his Roman personality of that time of the Caesars, would in fact be intolerable. We would have to treat this Roman man as a delinquent because his customs would in no way correspond to those that we have today.

The Returns of the Ego

The symbol of Jesus expelling the merchants from the temple with a whip in hand is concerned with a tremendous reality of death and horror.  We have already said that the “I” is pluralized.  The “I,” the ego, is a legion of devils.  Many readers will not like this assertion; nonetheless, it is the truth, and we must utter this assertion even though we may not like it.

During the work with the demon, during the work of the dissolution of the ego, parts of the subhuman entities that possess part of our consciousness and our life, are eliminated, cast out of our Inner Temple.  Sometimes these entities reincarnate in animal bodies.  While at the zoo, we could meet forms that have been discarded from ourselves, now living in animal bodies.  There are people so animalistic that if everything animal was removed from them, nothing would remain.  This class of people are lost cases.  The Law of Recurrence has ended for these people.  The Law of Reincarnation has ended for them.  This type of person can incarnate into animal bodies or enter definitively into the Abyss.  There they disintegrate slowly.

Advantages of Resurrection

Whosoever renounces Nirvana out of love for humanity is able to conserve his physical body for millions of years.  Without resurrection, the adept would find himself with the necessity of changing bodies constantly.  This would be an evident disadvantage.  With the resurrection, the adept does not need to change his body.  He can conserve his vehicle for millions of years.

The body of a Resurrected Adept is totally transformed.  The Soul within the body transforms it totally, converting it also into Soul, until the Adept totally becomes Soul.

A resurrected body has its fundamental seat in the Internal Worlds.  It lives in the Internal Worlds and only makes itself visible in the physical world by means of willpower.  Thus, a Resurrected Master can instantaneously appear or disappear wherever he wishes.  No one can apprehend or incarcerate him.  He travels within the Astral Plane to wherever he wants.

The most interesting thing for the Resurrected Adept is the great leap.  When the time comes, the Resurrected Master can take his body to another planet.  The Resurrected Master can live with his resurrected body on another planet.  This is one of the great advantages.

Every Resurrected Adept is able to make the things of the Astral World visible and tangible by transferring them into the physical plane.  This can be explained because the master has his fundamental seat in the Astral World even though he can manifest himself physically.  Cagliostro, the enigmatic Count Cagliostro, after his departure from the Bastille, invited his friends to a banquet.  There, in the midst of the feast, he invoked many deceased spirits, who also sat at the table to the amazement of the guests.

On another occasion, as if by magic, Cagliostro made a precious golden dinner service appear from which his guests ate.  The powerful Count Cagliostro transmuted lead into gold and made pure diamonds of the highest quality through the vivification of carbon.

The powers of every Resurrected Master are a true advantage.

A great friend, a Resurrected Adept who currently lives in the Great Tartary, told me the following: “Before swallowing soil, one is nothing but a fool. One thinks one knows a lot but knows nothing.  One only really comes to be good, when one has already swallowed soil; before this, one knows nothing.” He also said to me: “The masters fall because of sex.” This reminds us of Count Zanoni.  He fell when he ejaculated the semen.  Zanoni was a Resurrected Master.  He fell in love with an actress from Naples and he fell.  Zanoni died on the guillotine during the French Revolution.

Whosoever wants to achieve resurrection has to follow the path of the Perfect Matrimony.  There is no other path. Only with Sexual Magic can we attain resurrection.

Only with Sexual Magic can we liberate ourselves from the wheel of reincarnations in a positive and transcendental manner.

The Loss of the Soul

In the preceding chapters, we have already said that the human being still has not incarnated his Soul.  Only with Sexual Magic can we engender the internal vehicles.  These vehicles, as with plants, sleep latent within the hard darkness of the grain, of the seed which is deposited in the seminal system.  When the human being has the Christic vehicles, he can incarnate his Soul.  Whosoever does not work with the Grain, whosoever does not practice Sexual Magic, cannot germinate his Christic bodies.  Whosoever does not have Christic bodies cannot incarnate his Soul.  He loses his Soul, and in the long term is submerged within the Abyss where he disintegrates slowly.  Jesus, the great Master, said:

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?  Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

Whosoever does not incarnate his Soul, loses it.  The one who does not have Christic vehicles does not incarnate Soul.  Whosoever does not work with the Grain does not have Christic vehicles.  Whosoever does not practice Sexual Magic does not work with the Grain.  The resurrection of the dead is only for humans with Soul.  In fact only humans with Soul are true human beings in the complete sense of the word.  Only true Humans can achieve the great Resurrection.  Only Humans with Soul can endure the funeral trials of the Thirteenth Arcanum.  These trials are more horrifying than death itself.

Those who do not have a Soul are mere sketches of human beings, phantoms of death.  That is all.  The vehicles of humans without Soul are ghostly vehicles; they are not the authentic vehicles of Fire.  In reality, humans without Soul are not true human beings.  In fact the human being is still a non-realized being.  Very few are they who have Soul.  The great majority of beings who are called humans still do not have Soul.  Of what use is it for man to accumulate all the riches of the world if he loses his Soul?

The resurrection of the dead is only for humans with Soul.  Real immortality is only for humans with Soul.

Love and Death

To many readers, it may seem strange that we relate love with death and resurrection.  In Hindustani mythology, love and death are the two faces of the one deity. Shiva, the God of the universal sexual creative force, is at the same time the God of violent death and destruction.  The wife of Shiva also has two faces.  She is at one and the same time Parvati and Kali.  As Parvati, she is supreme beauty, love, and happiness.  As Kali or Durga, she can transform herself into death, disgrace, and bitterness.

Shiva and Kali together symbolize the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil.

Love and death are twin brothers who never separate.  The path of life is formed by the hoof prints of the horse of death.

The error of many cults and schools lies in their being unilateral.  They study death but do not want to study love, when in fact these are the two faces of the deity.

The diverse doctrines of the Orient and the Occident really believe that they know love, when in fact they do not.  Love is a cosmic phenomenon in which the history of the Earth and its races are simple accidents.

Love is the mysterious magnetic and occult force which the Alchemist needs to fabricate the Philosophical Stone and the Elixir of Long Life, without which resurrection is impossible.

Love is a force that the “I” can never subordinate, because Satan can never subjugate God.

The learned ignoramuses are mistaken about the origin of love.  The foolish are mistaken about its effect.  It is stupid to suppose that the only objective of love is the reproduction of the species.  In fact, love unfolds and develops in a very different plane, which the swine of materialism radically ignore.  Only an infinitesimal force of love is used for the perpetuation of the species.  What happens to the rest of the force?  Where does it go?  Where does it develop?  This is what the learned ignoramuses ignore.

Love is energy and cannot be lost.  The surplus of energy has other uses and purposes which people ignore.

The surplus of the energy of love is intimately related with thought, feeling, and will.  Without sexual energy these faculties could not develop.  The creative energy is transformed into beauty, thought, feeling, harmony, poetry, art, wisdom, etc.  The supreme transformation of creative energy produces, as a result, the awakening of consciousness and the death and resurrection of the initiate.

Indeed, all the creative activity of humanity comes from the marvelous force of love.  Love is the marvelous force that awakens the mystical powers of the human being.  Without love, the resurrection of the dead is impossible.