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The Perfect Matrimony: Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Gnostic students must learn to differentiate between dreams and visions.  To dream is one thing and to have visions, another.  A truly “awakened” Gnostic cannot dream.  Only those who have the consciousness asleep live dreaming.  The worst type of dreamer is the sexual dreamer.  Those who live dreaming of carnal passions stupidly waste their creative energy in the satisfaction of their fantastic pleasures.  Ordinarily, these people do not progress in their business.  They fail in every sense.  They end up in misery.

When we look at a pornographic image, it strikes the senses and then passes to the mind.  The psychological “I” intervenes in these affairs by stealing the erotic image in order to reproduce it in the Mental Plane.  Thus, in the world of the mind, that image is transformed into a living effigy.  During sleep, the dreamer fornicates with that living effigy, which like an erotic demon tempts the dreamer for the satisfaction of the lust.  The outcome is wet dreams with all their horrible consequences.  Therefore, the true devotees of the path must not visit cinemas because they are dens of black magic.  The erotic figures of the screen give rise to mental effigies and erotic dreams.  In addition, the cinemas are full of diabolic elementals created by the human mind.  Those malignant elementals damage the mind of the spectators.

The subconscious mind creates fantastic dreams within the realm of dreams.  The quality of dreams depends on the beliefs of the dreamer.  When someone believes we are good, he dreams about us, seeing us as angels.  When someone believes we are bad, he dreams about us, seeing us in the form of a devil.

Many things come into our memory whilst writing these lines.  In the past when we, the brothers and sisters, worked in various countries, we were able to observe that whilst our Gnostic disciples believed in us, they dreamed seeing us as angels.  It was sufficient for them to stop believing in us for them to then dream about us being demons.  Those who swore before the altar to follow and obey us, admired us with great enthusiasm and dreamed seeing us as being angels.  Many times it was enough for those students to have read a book or to have listened to some lecturer in order for them to become affiliated with a new school.  Then, having stopped believing in us, having changed their concept and opinions, they dreamed about us, seeing us changed into devils.  Then, which clairvoyance do these people possess? What became of their clairvoyant dreams?  What type of clairvoyant is that which today sees us as Gods and tomorrow affirms that we are devils?  Where is the clairvoyance of these dreamers?  Why do these people contradict themselves?  Why do they swear today that we are Gods and tomorrow swear that we are devils?  What is this?

The subconsciousness is a screen upon which many internal films are projected.

Nowadays, the subconsciousness sometimes acts as a cameraman, other times as a director, and also as a projectionist who projects images onto the mental background.

It is clear that our subconscious projector usually commits many errors. No one ignores that erroneous thoughts, groundless suspicions and also false dreams emerge on the screen of the mind.

We need to transform the subconsciousness into consciousness, to stop dreaming, to awaken the consciousness.

Whosoever awakens is incapable of dreaming.  Thus, while his physical body sleeps within the bed, he lives in a state of intensified vigilance within the Internal Worlds.  Such people are authentic illuminated seers.

We frankly cannot accept clairvoyants who have not awakened their consciousness.  We cannot accept clairvoyants who have not engendered the Christ-astral, Christ-mind, and Christ-will.  Those clairvoyants who have neither awakened consciousness nor possess their Christic vehicles can only see their own beliefs and concepts in the Internal Worlds.  In short, they are useless.

Only those awakened clairvoyants, only those clairvoyants who already possess their Christic vehicles are worthy of true credit.  They are not dreamers. They do not make mistakes.  They are true illuminates.  Such people are in fact true masters of the White Lodge.  The visions of this class of sublime humans are not simple dreams.  These are the Masters of Perfection.  This kind of master cannot dream any more.  This class of master can investigate the memories of Nature and read in the sealed archives of creation all the history of the Earth and its races.

Everyone who follows the path of the Perfect Matrimony should live alert and vigilant as a watchman in the time of war, because during the hours of sleep the masters test their disciples.  Yet, the tenebrous ones attack us during sleep when we are working in the Great Work.  Thus, during sleep, we have to pass through many ordeals in the Internal Worlds.  

When the masters are going to test the disciple in something, then they awaken the disciple’s consciousness.