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The Perfect Matrimony: Conclusion


“My beloved brothers and sisters of the Gnostic Movement:  We have concluded this course of esoteric teaching.  I was thinking about ending these meetings in order to enter into a recess for a while; however, I see that these meetings are a spiritual necessity for all of us.  Therefore, I believe that it would be better if we were to continue meeting on the 27th of each month.”

This is what I said on the 27th of July, 1961, in the home of a distinguished man of science. At that time I had finished The Perfect Matrimony and at the same time concluded a course of sexual-esoteric teaching that I had been lecturing about to a group of Gnostic Rosicrucian students.

The reason why I thought of terminating the esoteric meetings in Mexico was that I was disappointed.  In the beginning, the meeting room was full of people.  Everyone enjoyed studying the mysteries of sex and the path of the Perfect Matrimony.  Afterwards, as time passed, the people were no longer interested in the Perfect Matrimony or in Sexual Magic.

After two years, the esotericists attending these meetings could be counted on the fingers of one hand.  Therefore, under such circumstances, I considered that it was useless to continue giving lectures.  My intention was to end the lectures and meetings that night.  Nevertheless, something remarkable occurred that night. I was filled with an immense, grandiose, and sublime love.  My heart was filled with pain upon remembering the thought of leaving them alone.  It was then that I resolved not to terminate the meetings and to continue on with the few.  When I returned to my home, I received a telepathic message from the Temple of Chapultepec.  I was commanded to leave the house and to immediately go to the forest of Chapultepec.

I obeyed the command and left the house, towards that marvelous forest which the Master Huiracocha speaks of in his novel Rosy Cross.


The Castle of Chapultepec with its thousands of little lights was shining marvelously. The avenues and the central stairway were deserted and the doors hermetically locked. To enter into the forest of Chapultepec during the midnight hours is difficult because the guards and policemen are alert and vigilant. Therefore, it could happen that if some Gnostic Rosicrucian student were to venture into the forest, he could be mistaken for a thief.

The zeal of the guards is great, because in the Castle of Chapultepec there are immense treasures.  Let us remember the dinnerware of Emperor Maximillian, all solid gold, and the colonial treasures contained in the halls of the palace.  This is the most magnificent palace in Mexico.

To narrate how I was able to enter the forest of Chapultepec at midnight is not important. The fact is that I entered; that is all. I walked along the avenue, turning at the hill of Chapultepec, continuing in the direction of the fountains that were constructed by President Madero.  The path was deserted and the night dark... I spent some time waiting for a prearranged signal.  It seemed like a very long time to me; however, finally someone arrived who spoke on my behalf, and everything was arranged.

The superior adept of the temple commanded me to enter; thus, without further formality I went in.  The temple is situated inside the hill of Chapultepec.  In other times, this temple was visible to the Aztecs, but afterwards, with the arrival of the Spaniards, the temple entered into Jinn state.  The empire of light and faith of the Nahuas is within this temple.

Two guardians, holding unsheathed swords, guard the entrance; thus, nobody is able to enter without superior orders.

That was a night of immense happiness for me. The temple was filled with a light of immaculate whiteness. It was light imbibed with life and Spirit, light that casts no shadows.  This light comes from a tabernacle chalice. Wrapped within such a light, the Soul feels filled with a truly indescribable happiness.

An Angel entered the temple with me and took a seat.  The superior adept of the temple showed us some very beautiful paintings filled with life and movement.  These paintings are very abundant in the White Lodges. Franz Hartmann already commented in his book entitled With the Adepts about this kind of painting which he saw in a Rosicrucian temple in Bohemia.  The figures in these kinds of pictures are full of life and movement.  This is called the Royal Art of Nature.

The Superior of the temple, noticing our admiration for the paintings, addressed the Angel and then myself, saying, “You are forbidden to touch these paintings.”  The Angel faithfully obeyed the command. However, I frankly, felt tempted to touch them... They were so beautiful... A severe reminder from the Master, given in time, was sufficient, “I have already told you, sir, that you are forbidden to touch these paintings.”  

I excused myself by answering, “Certainly, I do not intend to touch them.”

That night, the temple shone with ineffable glory.  It is impossible to describe such beauty with human words. The roof, the walls, were all made with solid gold.  Nonetheless, something filled me with amazement. I had heard so much talk about Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism, Yoga, etc., and indeed, here I was, in the midst of a Jinn-stated Gnostic Rosicrucian temple.  However, here was only a small group of ladies and gentlemen, who like myself, had also been invited to the gathering in the temple.

I remembered the lecture halls of some professors of occultism, always filled with thousands of people. I remembered the temples of the world, filled with thousands of human beings.  I remembered the lodges that call themselves Rosicrucian with their millions of affiliates.  Nonetheless, here, now, in the midst of an authentic temple of the White Lodge, the few who were present could be counted on the fingers of one hand.  Then I understood everything.  At first, many people came to our esoteric meetings.  As time passed, the number who attended notably decreased, and now only a few thirsty for wisdom and love were coming to us.  When I understood this, I spontaneously exclaimed, “The temples, lodges and schools of the world are always filled with many people, because Satan has enticed them.  However, only few are those who come into the temples of true divine wisdom.”  This is how I spoke, with a voice that did amaze me; thus, when I spoke, I noticed that the Superior of the temple was nodding in approval.  

Then he added, “Thus, this is how it is, Satan has enticed them.” Immediately after having confirmed my words, the master commanded the Angel to go up to the choir of musicians and singers in order to sing.  The Angel obeyed, and after having ascended to the choir, he sang the history of the centuries in opera.

The Angel, from the doctrinal point of view, placed himself mentally in the time of the future Fifth Round of planetary evolution.  In that future age, the physical-chemical Earth will already be nothing more than a cadaver, a new moon.  Then all the evolving life will develop within the ethereal plane or ethereal region of our Earth.  The seven Root Races of flesh and bone will no longer exist. These races will have become extinct.

The Angel sang with a voice so ineffable and sweet that it resembled The Magic Flute of Mozart. My whole being went into ecstasy. To hear an Angel sing is something that you can never forget in your life.

The Angel, situated mentally in the future Earth of the Fifth Round, narrated in opera the history of terrestrial evolution.  He mentioned all the prophets that have been sent to the Earth.  With a melodious voice he narrated the history of the seven Root Races of the world, the apocalypse of the present Fifth Root Race, the continents that existed in the past and their general destruction, the great cataclysms of the Earth, the great wars, the superhuman efforts that had been made by the great Avatars to save humanity, the crucifixion of the Martyr of Golgotha, etc.  Subsequently, he lamented with pain the few that had been saved. Only a few had managed to be born as Angels. The rest, the great majority of human beings, were swallowed up by the Abyss.  Thus, from the billions of Souls that entered evolution and devolution on the planet Earth, only a handful of creatures were fit for the angelic state.  “For many are called, but few are chosen.”

When the Angel reached this part of his ineffable opera, I felt profoundly moved and amazed.  Frankly, I had believed that the case of only a few being saved and the great majority being lost only applied to Earth, and in the past Mahamanvantara to the Earth-Moon; I believed that in the rest of the worlds things were different.  The Angel pointed out this error when he said, “And this that has happened on Earth will always be repeated on all the worlds of the infinite space.”  When the Angel finished his ineffable song I understood why so many people had attended my meetings, and why, from the many who began, only a few remained with me.  Now I am willing to continue with the few. I am no longer interested in having a room full of people.  Indeed, many are they who begin, but few are those who arrive.  

The Perfect Matrimony is the path of the razor’s edge. To affiliate oneself with a school, lodge, order etc., is something very easy.  To study yoga, hermeticism, philosophy, astrology, is very beautiful and easy. Nevertheless, to be born as an Angel is something terribly difficult.

The Angel must be born of the sexual seed. Behold, this is precisely where the difficulty lies. The wheat seed germinates easily.  Indeed, many seeds are lost, but the majority germinate and become ears of wheat which give forth the grain with which the multitudes are nourished.

To sow corn seeds is also something easy.  Many seeds are lost, but the great majority are not; they germinate and produce corn.  The most difficult is the seed of Angels.  This seed is carried by the human being in his sexual glands, and very rarely does it germinate.

We have concluded this book emphatically affirming that only with the Perfect Matrimony can we achieve the germination of this seed and give birth to the fruit. This fruit is the Angel.  Here is where the problem and the difficulty lies.

It so happens that people think that by belonging to this or that faith, to such and such religion, or to one or another sect, that they are already saved. Naturally, this is false. A seed never germinates because of what a person believes or stops believing.  An insect is never born because of what a human being thinks or stops thinking.  A man is never born from the parchment of theory.  This subject matter is sexual and in this, the Angel is no exception.

The members of all religions, schools, sects, and beliefs say, “For many are called, but few are chosen.”  People from all over the world repeat it and presume (as is normal) that they are the chosen ones.  Nobody considers himself lost. They believe that with their belief, theory, study etc., they are already saved. However, this is a false and absurd thing, because the problem of being born cannot be the result of beliefs, theories, or concepts.  The reality is different. To be born is a totally sexual problem.

Sexual Magic is taught in the esoteric heart of the great religions. Unfortunately, people do not investigate it, they do not inquire. That is the problem.

People do not like Sexual Magic because it means the sacrifice of oneself, of one’s animal passions.  Rare is the one who can be truly steadfast in Sexual Magic.  Many begin with curiosity; however, after a few days, they can no longer tolerate it, and then give themselves over to fornication.  These are the weak who afterwards go about saying that Sexual Magic is harmful. These are the degenerated seeds that do not germinate.

Sex is the path that leads human beings to final liberation.  If someone thinks that a different path may exist for Realization of the Self, he is obviously totally mistaken.  This is the law for all the continents, worlds, and spaces.

We will talk now a little about Selene. Certainly, today the Moon is a cadaver.  However, before it died, it was a world that had very beautiful seas, luxuriant vegetation, all kinds of people, etc.  Unfortunately, the lunar multitudes became demons.  Only a small handful of human creatures achieved practical adepthood.

On our planet Earth, the outcome will be likewise.  Only a small group of people will be born as Angels.  We can affirm without fear of error, that the humanity of Earth will be swallowed up by the Abyss.

The Theosophists are mistaken when they affirm that all human beings will reach liberation.  This concept is not accepted by the White Lodge because it is false.

Those who think that by believing in something or other they will be saved are mistaken.  This concept is false.  Those who believe that with the bellows-system of pranayama and philosophy they can be saved are mistaken.  Nobody can save himself without being born, and nobody can be born without sex.

I have concluded this book with immense sorrow for humanity.  It is lamentable that the Abyss swallows up so many people. I write with pain, because I know that humanity does not accept the Perfect Matrimony. I conclude this book perfectly convinced that those who truly know how to take advantage of it are very few.  People do not like these things.  Everyone thinks that with their particular belief, religion, order, or school, they can save themselves, and there is no way of convincing them that they are mistaken.  In the future Fifth Round, all those who do not accept the Perfect Matrimony will become demons, inhabitants of the Abyss. In the future Fifth Round, those who accept the Perfect Matrimony will be Angels.

We are at the end of the Aryan Root Race; we are beginning to live the Apocalypse of Saint John. Millions of human beings are entering into the Abyss. These poor people enter the Abyss convinced that they are doing very well.  They believe that they are already the chosen ones, and that their beliefs have saved them.  That is what they believe, and there is no way to prove the contrary to them.  This is how they submerge themselves into the Abyss where, after many millions of years, they disintegrate slowly until becoming cosmic dust.  This is the Second Death.

We conclude this book by stating:  Only the one who becomes an Angel is saved.  The Angel must be born within our very Selves.  To be born is an absolutely sexual problem, and the only path is the path of the Perfect Matrimony.