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The Mystery of the Golden Blossom: Elimination


Subliminal chemical intercourse causes transcendental nervous stirrings and extraordinary auric vibrations between the very different components of the human couple: Adam-Eve.

Divine radiations of a sexual kind have been qualified by the best esoteric writers as “Odic Light.”

Since science has commenced the study of the astral theory of the human body, it is fitting to use the terminology of ancient tradition for greater simplicity.

Here the “Od” [Hebrew: דע] is, beyond any doubt, the brilliant positive active magnetism which is directed by the marvelous power of the conscious will.

Here the “Obd” [Hebrew: דבע] is the passive magnetic fluid very wisely governed by the intelligent faculty known as creative imagination.

Here the “Aur” [Hebrew: רוא] is the differentiated luminous agent, the Genius Lucis of the cosmic amphitheater.

A regal image that guards with sublime harmony the sexual magnetism of Eros is that which is already known as the famous Caduceus of Mercury encircled by snakes.  The flaming solar viper on the right represents Od.  The moist lunar snake on the left allegorizes Obd.  The globe of Aur, or the equivalent to light, shines gloriously at the magnificent tip of the mysterious Caduceus.

Through metaphysical intercourse, the nitrogen and magnesium of ancient alchemists, the polarized Astral Light, undergoes remarkable changes.

Such intimate alterations secretly influence electrochemical relations in the most vital units of our organism in order to transform its structure.

Waldemar says:

“When chemists tell us that all the biocatalysts of an organism appear to be an ordered system of inferior tele-causal factors, which act in accordance with life, in other words in the service of the superior objectives of the organism, it is not difficult to conclude that the formation of internal emotions, reflections or impulses, depends on the radio-causal factors of the aura.

“Let us take a comparative look,” says Waldemar, “at the relationship between the living substance of ions and electrons, and we will be considerably nearer to comprehending the aforementioned.”

It is clearly evident that at that marvelous instant in the garden of delights, at the exquisite moment when the male organ enters deep into the woman’s vagina, a very exceptional kind of electrical induction takes place.

Indubitably, the tele-causal factors of the aura undergoing electric impulses offer surprising possibilities.

In-depth psychological change can emerge in the profundity of the consciousness if we know how to intelligently make use of the cosmic opportunity presented to us...

We lose such a marvelous opportunity when we intend only to gratify our senses.

“Woe unto the Samson of the Kabbalah if he permits himself to be put asleep by Delilah!  The Hercules of science, who exchanges his royal sceptre for the distaff of Omphale, will soon experience the vengeance of Dejanira, and nothing will be left for him but the pyre of Mount Oeta in order to escape the devouring folds of the coat of Nessus.”

Concupiscence is an abomination. To fall like a beast into the bed of Procrustes is equivalent to the loss of the best opportunities.

Instead of the fatal incontinence of the sexual libido, it is better to pray; it is written with words of fire in the book of all enigmas that intercourse is a form of prayer.

The Gnostic Patriarch Saint Augustine stated emphatically:

“Why are we not to believe that humans before the fall into sin could dominate the sexual organs in the same way they do the other parts of the body which the soul serves through desire without either trouble or excitation?”

Saint Augustine proposes the incontrovertible thesis that only after sin or taboo was libido formed (despotic agitation, arbitrary carnality or instinct, uncontrollable sexual potency).  After sin, Nature, which was not previously ashamed, sensed libido, noticed and felt shame, because the sovereign power which it originally gave to all parts of the body was lost.

The secret of the happiness of the Inner God of each creature consists in the relationship of him with himself...

The correct divine state is, beyond all doubt, that of supreme happiness, desire, and sexual enjoyment which remains invariable through the Aeons and which comes from the relationship of the divinity with itself...

At the most distant extremity, the seven cosmos that shine gloriously in infinite space entwine sexually...

Why should the Microcosm man be an exception?  He and She always adore each other... You know this...

Therefore, sexual enjoyment is a legitimate right of humans and comes as we have already said from the relationship of divinity with itself.

In other words, we emphasize transcendental reality by saying that sexual enjoyment is terribly divine.

Saint Albert said that the spiritual human being must direct carnal intercourse towards a moral objective and that a sexual function based only on the pleasure of the senses pertains to the most infamous of vices.

At this time, it is appropriate to remember that the tablets of Law, wherein Moses inscribed by order of Iod-Heve the brilliant precepts of the Decalogue, are nothing but a double spear of Runes, the phallic significance of which we must meditate upon profoundly.

Love is the fiat lux of the book of Moses, the great cosmic sexual desideratum, the divine law for all continents, seas, worlds and spaces.

The Sahaja Maithuna, Sexual Yoga, is the glittering, eternal foundation of the luminous and spermatic fiat of the first moment.

Without question, if we valiantly grasp the sexual spear of Eros with the sincere purpose of successively reducing to cosmic dust each one of the various subjective elements we carry within, then light is brought forth.

Inside each one of the varied, argumentative, loudmouthed egos which personify our psychological errors, exists substance, spiritual Essence.

Just as when the atom is split, it liberates energy, so the total disintegration of any of the various internal egos liberates Essence, Light...

We must then make Light, create Light...

“Light, more Light!” cried Goethe with all the force of his soul moments before his death.

Comprehension is basic in transcendental psychology, but it is obviously not all; we need to eliminate.

The key is in Devi Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magic powers.  It is impossible to eliminate the devil “I’s” (psychological defects) without the aid of Devi Kundalini; you know this...

IO, our particular Cosmic Mother, is certainly the marvelous unfolding of our own Divine Monad; even though it is without concrete form, it can if so wished, assume a human and maternal figure...

In the supreme moment of sexual surrender, at the height of intercourse, meditate and pray so as not to fall into temptation...

In these moments of happiness, plead with all the force of your Soul, implore your Divine Mother Kundalini to eliminate the devil “I” from your interior.  I am referring to the psychological defect which through profound meditation you have understood in all levels of the mind.  That is how we die from moment to moment.  Only with death comes the new.