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The Major Mysteries: The Sexual Act in Eden

The Sexual Act in Eden

Chastity alone reigns in Eden. Sexuality in Eden is as pure as the light of the Elohim, nonetheless, the sexual act also exists in Eden. Plants, flowers, trees, Gods, birds, reptiles, animals, and human beings: everything emerges from sex. Creation is impossible without sex.

As human beings have body, soul, and spirit, so do plants. The souls of plants are the elementals of Nature. Every plant, every tree, and every herb has its own particular individuality; thus, every plant is an individuality of body, soul, and spirit. These are the elementals of Eden; these are the innocent angels of Eden. These elementals are organized in vegetable families, which botanists have classified with Latin names.

Vegetal magic teaches us how to manipulate the elementals of plants. In Eden, these vegetal families have their temples and their Gods; the Gods of Eden are the Elemental Kings (the Malachim) of Nature.

Not a single plant can produce fruit without love and sex. The elementals of plants also know how to love; the nuptial bed of these ineffable beings from Eden is made by the roots of plants and trees. The elementals of plants connect themselves sexually; yet, in order to suppress seminal ejaculation (fornication), they know how to opportunely withdraw from each other, since the seed always pass into the womb without the need of ejaculating the semen. Thus, the female becomes impregnated and her fecundated internal vitality makes the fruit sprout. Marvelous are the combinations of this infinite substance. Thus, this is how the Ether of Life serves as an instrument for the reproduction of plants.

The Chemical Ether allows vegetal transformations. It transmutes, associates, and disassociates the chemical elements; this is how plants are filled with delicious fruits, and how life sprouts.

The Luminous Ether dyes the flowers and fruits with ineffable colors.

Then, everything becomes resplendent under the light of the sun, since the Reflecting Ether becomes like an ineffable mirror within which all of Nature is delighted.

Thus, this is how life surges forth from within the bosom of Eden.

The mountains in Eden are as blue as the sky and as transparent as crystal. Back when human beings lived in Eden, they reproduced themselves as the plants do; then, the rivers of pure living water flowed with milk and honey.

Then, human beings uttered the great, universal language of life, thus the fire, air, water, and earth obeyed them. All of Nature kneeled before human beings and served them, since they did not ejaculate their seminal liquor. Man and woman united sexually, yet, in order to suppress seminal ejaculation, they knew how to withdraw before the orgasm.

Then, during the sexual act, the lunar hierarchies utilized one spermatozoon in order to reproduce the species. One single spermatozoon easily escapes from the male sexual glands without the necessity of ejaculating the semen. This is how the woman was fecundated and human life sprouted. This is called an Immaculate Conception.

An ineffable Virgin, related with the constellation of Virgo, dwells in Eden; this being works with the rays of the Moon. She is the Immaculate Conception; she is a primordial Elohim from Paradise. Those who return to Eden know her, because this fully-pure Elohim governs the Immaculate Conception.

Blessed be love. God shines upon the perfect couple.