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The Major Mysteries: The Birth of Jesus

The Birth of Jesus

"Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God." - John 3:9

Master Jesus was a fallen bodhisattva who upraised himself again with supreme sacrifices. Since many spiritual devotees do not know what a fallen bodhisattva is, here we give the following explanation.

The Innermost has two twin souls: the Divine and the Human. The bodhisattva is the Human Soul. Thus, when a master (the Innermost) wants to reincarnate, he sends his Human Soul (or bodhisattva) ahead to reincarnate. Then his Human Soul enters the maternal womb and is born like any ordinary child; nonetheless, we understand that such a child is a bodhisattva (Human Soul) of a master. If these bodhisattvas want to incarnate their Innermost (Divine Master) within themselves, then they have to prepare themselves in order to achieve it.

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The Inner Master is a perfect amalgamation of the Innermost with the Divine Soul; these are already integrally fused within him. The Innermost is masculine, and his Divine Soul (the consciousness) is feminine. The outcome of this mixture is a perfect, divine hermaphrodite. This perfect hermaphrodite-spirit is the internal master. This is the master who sends his Human Soul ahead to reincarnate and prepare. Thus, when the bodhisattva is prepared, the Inner Master enters into him. When this happens, we state that the master has been born.

Therefore, when we state that Jesus was born in a manger, we are esoterically affirming the spiritual birth of Jesus. The manger of Bethlehem is only a symbol. The spirit of wisdom (Ruach Chokmah-El = Christ) always reincarnates in this manger of the world in order to save the wretched, suffering humanity from the animals of the manger: the human passions.

Often, it happens that when the bodhisattva (Human Soul) of any given master falls, then that master cannot reincarnate.

The master never falls, yet his bodhisattva is human and can fall (sin). So, when a bodhisattva allows himself to fall, he, as a fallen bodhisattva, is then sent to reincarnate again in a new body in order to pay his debts. However, if he does not successfully upraise himself again, he is then sent to reincarnate again and again, each time in increasingly difficult conditions. When he finally upraises himself again, then the Inner Master enters within him in order to fulfill a great work.

Understand that Jesus is the bodhisattva of a master who was born in a temple. Jesus was a fallen bodhisattva, yet he upraised himself again with supreme efforts and sacrifices.

Thus, the birth of Jesus relates to his spiritual birth, which is the birth of “The sons of God... which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God” [John 1:12, 13].