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The Major Mysteries: The Apostolate

The Apostolate

Those who want powers must sacrifice themselves for humanity, because powers are payments that the governing Logos grants to any human when the Logos owes something to him. Thus, nothing is paid to those whom nothing is owed.

The name of the governing Logos of this solar system is Atin. This great being always pays what he owes.

Clairvoyants must not spy on their neighbors’ lives, nor judge anyone, because this is wrong. Each person is what that person wants to be, thus the private life of the neighbor is a business that must not concern anyone else. What we must do is to work in the Great Work, thus we will collect our salary. Initiations, degrees, and powers are attained by practicing sexual magic, by terminating our bad habits, and by unselfishly working in the work of the Father.

Those who want initiations and degrees must study this book. Thereafter, they must practice it and teach the doctrine to everybody, everywhere. In this way, Gnostic congregations will be formed everywhere, within any humble home. Become an apostle, a Gnostic leader. In this way, as a grace, you will receive a great deal. In this way, as payment, you will also receive a great deal. So, call your friends, gather people, and teach them this doctrine. Become heralds of the powerful, revolutionary, universal Gnostic movement.

People of genius: teach this doctrine but do not make business with it. Nor should you use clairvoyance in order to spy on the neighbors’ lives. We must organize pure sanctuaries, with humble people, simple and sincere laborers. Let us transform the world.

Let us go and battle for the new Aquarian Age. Down with all chains! Let us go with this doctrine and battle. Let us wave the Gnostic flag upon the smoky ruins of the Vatican. To the battle, to the battle, to the battle! Yes, let us battle against all of that which in these times is rotten, evil, and perverse.

Often we hear the objections of those “gentlemen” of aristocracy (those who are in fashion), those “gentlemen” with stiff necks: what do they want to declare? The truth is that everything is rotten during these times.

Listen: work in the Great Work of the Father. This is the only way for you to pay your debts and become liberated from the law of karma. Later in time, you will be justified by your faith in Christ, then you will live under grace. Understand that when we are servants of sin, we are subjected to the law of karma. Yet, when finally we become servants of the Lord, then we live under the action of grace and we receive everything through cognizant faith. This is where powers are granted to us as a grace or blessing.

The laborers collect their salary, which is payment from the law. Yet, when they have already Christified themselves, then they receive gifts, powers, glory, and majesty as grace or blessing.

Wherever the law does not exist, sin also does not exist. Therefore, sacrifice yourself for the Great Work of the Father; sanctify yourself.

There are few initiates who comprehend what the attributes of the great initiates are. This is why Gnostic apostles never lack a Judas who betrays them, a Peter who denies them, a Thomas who mortifies them with his doubts, and a Magdalene who cries for them. Great initiates are very simple, and this is why people underestimate and despise them. Everybody wants these initiates to live according to peoples’ routine life, according to peoples’ established customs of erroneous criterion.

When judgmental people try to evaluate the daily lives of the great initiates, they always judge mistakenly, since judgmental people do not comprehend the extreme simplicity of the great initiates.

True Gnostic apostles always know how to be silent, how to abstain, and how to die.