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The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 3

Preparation for Initiation 3

Those who want to enter into the greater mysteries must abandon the animal intellect. Animal intellect is luciferic and demonic. The great Masters have the mind of a child. We must live in great awe and tremble as if in the presence of God. We must terminate our intellectual pride. We must have the innocent and simple mind of an infant. We must not conceal crimes.

From time to time, disciples send us letters demanding that we dominate the mind of this or that woman for them, alleging that they just want to bring these women to the right path; this is how their lust is hidden within the incense of prayer. By demanding enticement, by demanding of us works of black magic. This is how they tempt the Elder Brothers.

No one has the right to violate the neighbor’s mind, because that is a crime. The neighbor’s freedom must be respected.

Therefore, let us clarify this chapter by stating that the entrance of the abyss has three doors: anger, covetousness, and lust. Anger disguises itself as a judge, covetousness is hidden within good intentions, and lust wears a mystical robe.

Driven by lust, female spiritualist devotees of the path sit on the lap of male “devotees of the light” and use innocence as a pretext in order to kiss and hug each other. This is how also crime is hidden within the incense of prayer.

Another critical crime is that of ingratitude. A dog is given bread and it is grateful, yet many devotees of the path are ungrateful. If an authentic Master teaches them, all that they give him as payment are persecutions, hatred, and calumnies.

We know the case of a spiritualist devotee who, when he was hungry and unemployed, always met a charitable soul who gave him food and shelter; however, soon after he got a new job, he was then without regret, turning against his charitable servers. Sometimes he publicly slandered them, or attacked them. This is how this devotee paid with the coin of ingratitude.

Nevertheless, he always found a philosophical excuse for his crime. Cynically, he stated: “I do not owe anything to anyone; life is what provides everything; thus, my charitable servants are merely instruments of the great life; therefore, I do not owe them anything.”

Others abandon their own mother or their elderly father, saying: “All beings are my family, I do not care about my parents, I am a rebel, etc.” This is how they hide their crime within the incense of prayer.

Some others abandon their wretched wife and children, with the purpose, they allege, of following the spiritual life. This is how these hypocritical pharisees fall into the abyss of black magic. Others allege that their mission is to unite devotees from all organizations in order to organize the great universal fraternity. However, merchants of souls, this is what these school monopolizers truly are.

Commonly, these monopolizers let their beard or hair grow and thereafter, like hypocritical pharisees, preaching variety within unity, they boast of being like Jesus Christ and establish tenebrous orders of Aquarius.

The cunning of these hypocrites is so refined that they skillfully place themselves in the center as living units. Then, as Jesus Christs in person and with the pretext of uniting all schools, creeds, and religions, they seduce the naïve; indeed, in the presence of these tenebrous swindlers, what we have to watch more closely is our money.

These bandits of the tenebrous orders of Aquarius have collected many real estate properties throughout America with the pretext of establishing “ashrams,” initiatic colleges, etc. Naïve fanatic people, who deliver their lands to these tenebrous ones of Aquarius, are never missed. Thereafter, these tenebrous ones can live very comfortable lives, even in Paris, supported by their enjoyable, mystifying income.

With flip-flops instead of shoes and long shirts falling to their pants, these tenebrous ones go arm in arm as roman curia, as missioners of a horrible business. They aspire to have long beards when they receive the right of not shaving their face; thereafter they boast of being gentile gurus and major brethren. Some of them boast of being the reincarnation of Saint Peter and their tenebrous followers of Aquarius even kiss their feet; how filthy those hypocritical loafers are!

Gnostics cannot simultaneously sit at a table of angels and at a table of demons; we have to define ourselves.

If we want to enter into Eden we have to enter through the same door that we exited; this door is sex. Another door does not exist; we have to enter through the same door we exited.

All the spiritualist schools that presently exist in the world are in the abyss and their fleeting devotees are like school butterflies, who prostitute spiritualism.

On one occasion, we visited a spiritualist temple; we then saw how a demon entered into a medium and while passing as Jesus Christ, he spoke filled with sweetness and all the listeners, full of a terrible fanaticism, worshipped him. This is what the spiritism or spiritualism is: black magic; this is the abyss. It is difficult to state this, yet, it is the truth, and we must not be complacent with crime.

All the spiritualist schools, organizations, and orders of this century are in the abyss.