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The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 19

Preparation for Initiation 19

The unconscious state of many Theosophist, Rosicrucian and Aquarian Spiritualists is shameful; it grieves us to see them discussing and arguing about things of which they have no cognizance. They talk about karma, yet they have never conversed with a Master of karma. They intellectually discuss the cosmos, yet they do not know how to consciously travel in the Astral Body. They have never personally conversed with an Angel. They only argue because they have read; that is all. Nevertheless, the most critical matter about this is that they believe that they know.

Wretched people... how swollen with pride they are… they are worthy of pity.

We have known powerful, enlightened Masters who have never read a book. Notwithstanding, we have also known great male, learned, spiritualist devotees who are total ignoramuses, yet they are very swollen with pride. To match them, there are female spiritualist devotees who have read a great deal and are even worse; they are swollen with a frightening vanity. It is shameful to see them, how they speak, how they argue about things that they have never seen. They speak about reincarnation, yet they do not remember their past lives. They speak about karma, yet they have never visited the tribunal of karma. They discuss cosmogenesis, yet they have never been consciously present in the Astral Body at the dawning of a world in formation. They speak with authority about what they have never seen, and thereafter, swollen with pride, they sit in their comfortable armchairs within their living rooms. Usually, these female spiritualist devotees end up adoring sublime, long-bearded, and long-haired impostors.

When these spiritualist devotees become involved with mediumism or channeling they end up believing they are famous reincarnations; they all become Marie Antoinette, or Joan of Arc, or Mary Magdalene; not a single one of them wants to be insignificant, they all want to be “grandiose.”

Nevertheless, the authentic female enlightened masters never go around boasting about it.

The true disciples and Masters are those who know how to consciously travel in their Astral Body. The male and female devotees who remember their past lives and who can astrally attend the temples of mystery are true enlightened beings, yet they never go around boasting about it; these are the ones who really know.