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The Major Mysteries: Jinn State

Jinn State

The first thing that any disciple needs in order to practice with the Jinn state is a lot of faith. Whosoever has a mind filled with doubts is advised not to enter these studies, because they could become insane.

The second thing that one needs is the tenacity and patience of Saint Job. The lack of tenacity in these exercises causes inevitable failure. Those who begin to practice and become immediately weary and stop are not good for these studies; so do not try: withdraw.

The third thing is to have methodology and order in these Jinn exercises.

The disciple can utilize the energies of the god Harpocrates in order to learn to travel with the physical body in the Jinn state.


Take a hen egg and warm it in water. Make a small hole on the coned, pointed end; then, by utilizing any pointed instrument, extract its yolk and albumen. The eggshell contains the forces of the god Harpocrates, which are a variant of the Christic energies.

The student will place the cortex or eggshell over the head of his bed or near the bed. Thereafter, he will enter into a slumber state while invoking the god Harpocrates. One needs just a little bit of sleep and very much faith. Thus, one must fall asleep while praying with much faith the prayer of the god Harpocrates, as follows:

I believe in God, I believe in Christ, and I believe in Har-po-crat-ist. Take me with my physical body to the Gnostic Church.

This prayer must be mentally prayed many times, repeatedly, Thus, when in a slumber state, like a somnambulist, one must rise from the bed and take the egg, and then walk, while saying:

Har-po-crat-ist, help me, because I go with my body.

Before exiting the house, one must jump as far as one can, and mark the exact spot where one lands from the jump. On the following night, one repeats the experiment in the same place, trying to surpass the previously recorded mark. Remember, one needs to keep drowsiness like a treasure, because Jinn powers are based on drowsiness and very intense faith.

One must keep a daily record of the landing marks of the daily jumps. Thus, in this way, by persevering for days, months or years, one finally succeeds. The progressive increase of the distance of the jump is an evident sign of great progress, since this demonstrates that one is entering the Jinn state little by little. Afterwards, the disciple will perform jumps of three, four, or more meters in length. To keep this tenacity is very important, because this is the only way for one to triumph.

Finally, one day, the disciple will truly manage to sustain himself in space, beyond the normal limit; this is when his physical body will be in the Jinn state. Then, people will not be able to physically see him, because his body will become invisible, since while in Jinn state, the body—without losing its physiological characteristics—submerges itself in the internal worlds and becomes subject to the laws of the supersensible worlds, namely levitation, elasticity, plasticity, porosity, etc. This is a modification of somnambulism; it is voluntary and cognizant somnambulism.

The energies of sleep and faith are remarkable. This is how we can receive the teachings directly in the internal temples.

In India, the samnyasi yogis enter into the Jinn state by practicing a samyama on their physical bodies. The samyama consists of concentration, meditation, and simultaneous, instantaneous ecstasies. We, Gnostics, enter into the Jinn state with the help of Harpocrates. When the samnyasi yogi practices his samyama, he flies, walks upon the water, passes through the fire without getting burned, and enters the rocks and caverns of the earth. Those who reach these heights of meditation are already a samnyasin of thought.

In the Western world, we use Western yoga, which has the exercise of Harpocrates as part of it. The required conditions in order to perform this yoga are faith, tenacity, and silence. Those who go around boasting to others about their victories lose their powers and become scoundrels. The Gnostic movement casts out and discards these types of imbecilic chatterboxes.

We can visit Tibet in flesh and blood (in the Jinn state) and converse with the masters and with Jesus Christ himself. Alexandra David-Neel tells us in her book, Magic and Mystery in Tibet, about Tibetan lamas who travel great distances in a somnambulistic state without becoming tired. Let us imitate these ascetics. We, Gnostics, are totally practical. We are not intellectual vagabonds who waste their time in intellectual vagueness. Yes, boldly, this is how we Gnostics speak.

People are weary of so many theories, now they want practical matters. They do not want more theories, or more intellectual vagueness, or more exploitation. So, let us come to practical facts. Let us come to the point.

Nevertheless, those who acquire these powers must only utilize them in order to visit the monasteries of the White Lodge, or in order to study the marvels of nature. Woe unto those who will utilize these powers for fornication and wickedness.

After performing each practice of Harpocrates, little by little we accumulate enormous quantities of energy within our internal bodies, which eventually grant us the power of placing the body into the Jinn state. So, we need a lot of patience.

Whosoever misuses these powers shall be “cast out into outer darkness: there shall be heard weeping and gnashing of teeth.” It would be better for them that “a millstone be hanged about their neck, and they be cast into the sea.”

This is a divine science. Unfortunately, humanity only wants money, fornication, and crime.

Some spiritual devotees are like vipers within flower bouquets. Yes, they are worse than profaners.

Notice: with a great deal of drowsiness, one is projected in his Astral Body. Yet, in order to travel with the physical body in the Jinn state, one only needs a little drowsiness and an ardent faith. Therefore, what we need is to learn how to modulate our drowsiness.