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Tarot and Kabbalah: Chesed


Chesed, in Himself, is the Innermost; according to the Hindus He is Atman. It has been said that Chesed is directly governed by Jupiter and nothing else. This is false, because the Innermost is Martian, a warrior, a fighter. This is not accepted by many Kabbalists, who might even consider it absurd. But, whosoever has a direct experience in Chesed knows very well that Chesed is a warrior. It is the Innermost who has to be in a struggle to the death against darkness, who has to fight very hard for His own intimate realization of the Self; He is always in battle. It is obvious that He has something of Jupiter, because He can grasp the scepter of Kings; I do not deny it, but it is a false statement that He is only and exclusively Jupiterian.

Atman is our Innermost, our divine Seity, the seventh principle who is in all Beings, but who is not within all human beings.

In order for oneself to be fused with Atman, the following experience is required: to depart in the astral body by abandoning the physical body; afterwards, one has to abandon the astral body by ordering the following, “Go out of me.” In order to perform this, willpower is required. So when doing this, the astral body leaves through the vertebral column and we remain in the world of the mind. Afterwards, one has to abandon the mental body by commanding the following, “body of the mind, go out of me.” This is performed with an act of willpower, and one remains with the causal body that also has to be ordered to go out of us. This also requires a great effort. The body of conscious will obeys better, and one orders it to go out and abandon the thirty-three vertebrae, leaving oneself with the buddhic or intuitional body. This body is very obedient and also has to be ordered to go out. Thus, in this way one remains in the world of Chesed, in the world of Atman, the ineffable one.

In the world of Atman, one has the feeling of being a complete human being. Here, the intellectual animal is not a human being. The initiate feels full of immense plenitude. This is the world of the real human being in the most objective sense.

His negative part is the physical world. The world of Atman is a positive state. Here we see a city in its most real form, because if we look at a table, we see it through many viewpoints, from above, from below, from within, from without, and the same occurs when we look at a mountain. Within a kitchen one can see how many atoms cutlery is made with, how many molecules are in the bread or meat that one is about to eat. We not only perceive solids in an integral form, but moreover, we perceive hypersolids, including the exact quantity of atoms, that in their conjunction constitute the totality of any given body.

If the student is not prepared, he is deceived, because he finds himself within a world filled with the crudest reality. This is the world of mathematics. Here, one sees the drama of nature; one is a spectator of nature. The world of mathematics is the world of Atman.

The one that thinks is the mind, not the Innermost. The human mind in its current state of evolution is the animal that we carry within.

The concept of Descartes, “I think therefore I am,” is completely false, because the true human being is the Innermost, and the Innermost does not think because he knows. Atman does not need to think because Atman is omniscient.

Our Innermost is yes, yes, yes. The wisdom of our Innermost is yes, yes, yes. The love of our Innermost is yes, yes, yes.

When we say, “I am hungry, I am thirsty,” etc., we are affirming something absurd, because the Innermost is not hungry, neither thirsty. The one that is hungry and thirsty is the physical body. Therefore the most correct way to say this is, “My body is hungry, my body is thirsty.”

The same happens with the mind when we say, “I have a powerful mental force, I have a problem, I have such a conflict, I have such suffering, some thoughts are arising in me,” etc. We then are affirming very grave errors, because these things are from the mind, not from the Innermost.

The true human being is the Innermost, He does not have problems. Problems are from the mind.

The Innermost must whip the mind with the terrible whip of willpower.

The human being that identifies with the mind falls into the abyss.

The mind is the donkey that we must ride in order to enter into the heavenly Jerusalem.

We must command the mind in this way: “Mind, withdraw this problem from me; Mind, withdraw such desire from me, etc.. I do not allow you to have it. I am your lord and you are my slave until the consummation of all centuries.” Woe to the human being that identifies with the mind, because he will lose the Innermost and will culminate in the abyss.

Those that say that everything is mind (thought) commit a very grave error, because the mind (thought) is only one of the bodies of the Innermost.

All of those books that tend to totally identify the human being with the mind are legitimate books of black magic, because the true human being is not the mind.

We must not forget that the most subtle and dangerous demons that exist in the universe abide in the mental plane.

The Innermost talks to the mind as follows: “Do not say that your eyes are your eyes, because I see through them. Do not say that your ears are your ears because I hear through them. Do not say that your mouth is your mouth because I utter through it. Your eyes are my eyes, your ears are my ears, and your mouth is my mouth.”

Within the internal worlds, we can cast the mental body out of ourselves in order to talk with it face to face, as if it was a strange person. Then we will deeply comprehend that the mind is a strange subject that we must learn to drive with the terrible whip of willpower.

The den of desire is within the mind.

The Innermost is a true human being that lives incarnated within the human body, and that all of us carry crucified in our heart.

When the human being awakens from his dream of ignorance, then he delivers himself to his own Innermost. Then the Innermost unites himself with the Christ and the human being becomes powerful as the Absolute from where he emanated.

The Innermost is God within the human being. The human being who ignores this great truth is only a shadow, a shadow of his Innermost.

The symbol of the Innermost is the star of five points, the pyramid, the cross of equal arms, the scepter.