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Tarot and Kabbalah: Arcanum 7 Triumph

Arcanum 7 Triumph

Tarot 7

Description of the Plate 

In the waters of life appear two sphinxes, a white and a black one, that are pulling the chariot. This symbolizes the masculine and feminine forces. 

A warrior, who represents the Inner Self, is standing in his chariot of war, which is the Cubic Stone (sex). 

He also stands between the four pillars that constitute science, art, philosophy, and religion, which he channels himself through. The four pillars also represent the four elements, indicating that he dominates them. 

The flaming sword is in his right hand, and in his left is the staff of power. The armor represents the divine science that makes us powerful. The warrior must learn to use the staff and the sword in order to achieve the great victory.

On his head is a bonnet with three points that represent the three primary forces. Ra, the Cosmic Christ (the wings), appears in the superior part of the plate.

Esoteric Significance of the Arcanum

The Seventh Arcanum represents the seven notes of the lyre of Orpheus, the seven musical notes, the seven colors of the solar prism, the seven planets, the seven vices that we must transform into the seven virtues, the seven sidereal genii, the seven bodies, the seven dimensions, the seven degrees of the power of fire, the seven secret words that were pronounced by the Solar Logos (on Golgotha), etc. 

The Seventh Arcanum is the chariot of war that the Monad has built in order to have the power to act in this world, and the power to work in this field of life. It is the already Self-realized Monad that is manifesting itself through the seven bodies. 

From another aspect, the number seven represents struggles, battles and difficulties. However, despite all these difficulties, there is always success in the end.

The Father who is in secret signifies the Divine Monad that is immortal and omniscient. But without realization of the Self, the Monad cannot dominate the physical. He does not have sovereignty over the elements. It is quite incredible that we, who are miserable slugs, have to make our Father powerful; it seems a blasphemy, but He has to realize Himself.

The Self-realized Monad is powerful. It has power over the fire, air, water, and earth. That is why in the Egyptian Book of the Dead the devotee directs himself towards Horus and says, “I fortify your legs and your arms.” Likewise, the devotee asks Horus to fortify his three brains (intellectual, emotional and motor). This is because Horus needs the devotee to have his three brains strong.

In Egyptian theogony, the Father (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is Osiris, or Ra. The Logos in its three aspects is Ra. When spoken of, the Monad is referred to as Osiris. He is the one that has to realize Himself. He has to unfold Himself into Father, Mother and Son. The Son unfolds himself into the Essence, and the Essence swallows us. Thus, the Monad remains Self-realized.

Essence → Son → Mother → Father

Our own particular Monad needs us and we need it. Once, while speaking with my Monad, my Monad told me, “I am self-realizing Thee; what I am doing, I am doing for Thee.”

Otherwise, why are we living? The Monad wants to realize the Self and that is why we are here. This is our objective.