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Secret Notes of a Guru: March 14, 1952

March 14, 1952

Some nights ago, [in a dream vision] I saw a green serpent descending from "Ursa Major." Then I said to myself, “This is something bad, something very tough for me." That green serpent was the matrix of an omened event that awaited me.

In fact, today, Friday the 14th of March, that bad omened event was fulfilled precisely for me: in an unjust manner I was locked up in the municipal jail of Ciénaga. I destroyed the green serpent, and therefore I believe that soon I will prevail and will be released.

Secret Notes of a Guru: March 16, 1952

March 16, 1952

Another day in jail; I wait for visits. Last night, I rose even more within the scale of the hierarchies. I have paid for such an elevation by being in jail; thus, by suffering are degrees gained. I have endured with serenity and patience this painful test, thus I have transformed my very prison into a monastery of sanctity. I have not protested against anybody and I bless my executioners. One must love our friends because they understand us, and our enemies because they do not understand us.

The path is filled with thorns, and the hard stones of the path bleed the feet of the walker. I am suffering, but I hope that Julio Medina V., my beloved disciple, will remove me from this prison. Today, I have sent to Julio some letters requesting more activity from him; I am not afraid, but I have the right to defend myself. One can defend oneself, but without ever hurting anyone.

Secret Notes of a Guru: March 17, 1952

March 17, 1952

Yet again, another dawning in this jail. Last night I was investigating the thirty-three subterranean chambers of Pharaohs’ ancient Egypt. Those thirty-three subterranean chambers were like thirty-three chapels that were joined to each other by means of thirty-three vestibules. The archaeometric order of these chambers was an exact representation of our spinal column.

In ancient Egypt, the "Initiate" passed from one chamber into another chamber, in accordance to the raising of his sacred fire of Kundalini "canyon" by "canyon," that is to say, vertebra by vertebra.

Indubitably, each one of the thirty-three canyons corresponds to each one of those chambers; therefore, in each chamber the Initiate was greeted with a great festivity.

Secret Notes of a Guru: March 18, 1952

March 18, 1952

Arcanum Nine: The Hermit

Another day is dawning in jail, yet today I have some good hopes, since 18 is my number: 1 + 8 = 9; 9 is the number related to the Initiate.

The Masters are working intensely for my freedom. My imprisonment was not because of karma, it was only a "tough ordeal," the price for an esoteric degree. I already gained such a degree, and therefore I no longer have to be in jail. I asked a Master why they did not give me freedom yet; then, the Master cut a piece of ice, and with a profoundly compassionate tone he told me, "There has been negligence."

Secret Notes of a Guru: March 19, 1952

March 19, 1952

The lawsuit is already won, thus they are only waiting for the Mayor to arrive at his office so he can dispatch the ticket for my freedom.

However, today they celebrate the festivity of San Jose, and I heard that the Mayor "apparently" is "partying." A disciple of mine informed me that at ten (10 a.m.) the Mayor will go to the office, "apparently" just to dispatch the ticket for my freedom. I ask myself: would the Mayor leave "the party" even for a moment just because he thought of my subjugated person?