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Mayan Mysteries: Description of Rune Thorn: Work in the Ninth Sphere

Description of Rune Thorn: Work in the Ninth Sphere

This chiseled stone figure is very strange. Where else can we find such strange representations?

We see a human head crowned with thorns, similar to the crown of thorns of the Master Jesus of Nazareth. This is a clear allusion to willpower.

This is the same rune Thorn or Dorn of the Nordics.

The cavity where the head is placed is a yoni; the head crowned with thorns appears instead of the phallus. Clearly, this is an allusion to sacrifice and willpower.



The symbology of this stone says a great deal. The angles on one side and the other give the idea of legs, and in the central part the yoni is shown. The intimate self-realization of the Being can be achieved only by working in the ninth sphere.

Why is a head situated within a yoni?

Why is there a representation of legs on one side and the other?

Why does the form of a disc appear on the superior part on those stones?

If we examine those stones on the superior part, we see undulated lines—better said circulars, with points in the center. Two monticules are noticeable, and in the center a kind of path. The line indicates the work, the sacrifice.

In synthesis, this is a solar stone that tell us that only with the work in the ninth sphere (where worlds, human beings, beasts, and gods are gestated) and with a will made of steel suffering frightful sacrifices can Christification be achieved.

If the human being does not work in the flaming forge of Vulcan, he will never reach Christification.

No book can express what this representation in stone is saying. It is extraordinary, unique.

Many crowns with thorns were found on faces during the age of bronze. This indicates willpower. Only with willpower is it possible to come from the darkness into the light.

The divine face crowned with thorns symbolizes conscious willpower. Evil will is Satan, concentrated desire.


Every morning, in an upright position, on your feet, firm, and facing towards the east, place your right hand on your waist or hip, eyes closed, then chant the mantric syllables TA, TE, TI, TO, TU with the purpose of developing Christ-will; practice every day at sunrise.