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Marriage Divorce and Tantra: Matrimony, Divorce and Tantra

Matrimony, Divorce and Tantra

The decadence of good customs in countries that boast of being civilized is lamentable. The civil or religious formula of matrimony has been converted into a legal permit in order to fornicate for a few days, after which the couple gets a divorce. So, they marry today and divorce tomorrow. That is all.

In this day and age [1963], instead of saying, “Let’s go and sleep together,” the perverse say, “Let us get married.” Thus, this is how, by legalizing lewdness, perverts dissimulate or hide their shame a little.

Practically speaking, modern laws have converted matrimony into a new type of prostitution. We know the case of women who have been married 10 or 15 times; many of these ladies are great movie celebrities, or ladies of high society, yet nobody says anything against their ten or fifteen husbands, because when this type of prostitution has been legalized, everyone in the whole world keeps their mouth shut.

Indeed, people mistake passion for love. Passion is a poison that cheats the mind and the heart. The impassioned man firmly believes that he is in love. The impassioned woman could even swear that she is in love.

The impassioned ones dream of love, they sing to love, however they have never awakened to the World of Love. They do not know what love is; they only dream of it and believe they are in love; that is their mistake.  Thus, when their passion has been completely satisfied, only the cruel reality remains; then they end in divorce.

It may seem to be an exaggeration but, the fact is that out of a million couples who believe that they are in love, only one couple is really in love. Millions of impassioned couples exist, yet couples in love are very difficult to find.

It is urgent to dissolve the “I” in order to build Soul.  Only the Soul knows how to truly love. The Soul is strengthened and fortified with the fire of the Holy Spirit. It is good to know that the fire of the Holy Spirit is love. It is also good to know that the fire of the Holy Spirit is the Kundalini which the Hindustanis speak of. Only this flaming sexual fire can open the Seven Churches of the Soul. Only this electronic fire can fill the Soul with igneous powers. Whosoever does not understand this can lose the Soul; the Soul who renounces sex and love inevitably dies.

A man shows his virility by performing deeds of love, not by talking about a love that he is incapable of accomplishing.

The kiss of the Mother Kundalini is for the virile man and for the woman who is truly in love with her husband. The kiss of the Mother Kundalini is death. The kiss of the Mother Kundalini is life. Those who are impassioned know nothing about these things. They only think of how to satisfy their desires and then they get divorce, without another thought, this is the only thing they know to do; wretched people… they are worthy of pity!

Bake and re-bake and re-bake  your clay and your water again, so that when your clay returns to the clay and your water evaporates, only your Amphora of Salvation remains, in other words, only your resplendent and sparkling Soul remains in the hands of your Inner God.

The one who sees a sin within love, the one who hates sex, is a degenerated infrasexual who wants to castrate the Sun, yet, for his disgrace, he will be castrated. Whoever hates love and sex will not consume the food of the Sun and his testicles will dry up and die before his death.  (Editor: The Sun is the cosmic Christ, the source of Life).

Those who believe they are in love must make a dissection of their “I,” they must self-explore themselves with the goal of discovering if what they have within their heart is passion or love. Thus, lovers need to know themselves in order to not become emasculated, and to make their creation with virility. If your love is one, and if all loves are included within your love, then your testicles will consume the food of the Sun. Whosoever wants to enter into the Kingdom of Esotericism must garb themselves with the Garment of Regeneration; this is the Wedding Garment.

At the table of the guests, where the Angels sit, one cannot enter without a Wedding Garment. This Garment cannot be attained by those who spill the sacred wine. The few who are really in love know that the wine must not be spilled. Unfortunately, true lovers are very rare… they hardly exist.

Judas is never missing within matrimonies. The fatal triangle, adultery, is the cause of thousand of divorces. It seems incredible, but in fact, even the Great Arcanum is now utilized by the tenebrous ones in order to commit adultery and to satisfy their passions. Even that which is most sacred is profaned by the adulterers and fornicators. Perverts do not respect anything.

Happiness in matrimony is only possible with the death of Judas. This Judas is the “I,” the “Myself,” the reincarnating ego.

We have to unite Peter and John. First, we have to tread the path of Peter and to work with the Philosophical Stone (Sex). Thereafter, we have to arrive at the path of John (the Word). These two paths are separated by a frightful abyss where only weeping and gnashing of teeth are heard. We need to extend a bridge in order to unite the two paths, if indeed we want to go from Peter to John.  The name of that bridge is death. Here is where Judas, the “I,” the “Myself,” the ego, must die.

Remember that the kiss of the Mother Kundalini is death and resurrection. One day you will awaken, and then you will have the joy of dying within yourself. Judas must die on the bridge, if you want to arrive at the path of John (the Word). It is necessary for you to be dead so that you can become free. Thus, convert your clay into an amphora of Salvation (Soul) within which the great, hidden Lord can pour that food, that drink, which is the unique solar food and the unique solar drink. This is how anyone who victoriously achieves the escape from the horrendous valley of death can satiate his hunger and thirst for justice.

Peter, who is by interpretation Cephas, a stone, represents the entire work with sex. John signifies the Word, the incarnation of the Word through successive degrees and successive cosmic initiations.

As Christ, Peter is also crucified, yet with his head aiming downwards, towards the stone; this indicates to us the work with the Philosophical Stone (sex). John (the Word) rests his head on the heart of the Christ Jesus as if saying, “Provide me a refuge of love within thine home, and I shall return to you this love made eternal within my Sacred Heart.”

However, everyone must build the bridge by themselves. Then, by means of the death of Judas, the path of Peter is united to the path of John. Only by arriving to John can the Word become flesh, become Self-realized within us, and we Christify ourselves. Yet not all comprehend the path of Peter, thus they do not walk on it, because they still do not know that stones have heart. Thus, they do not comprehend the path of John either. No one can arrive at the path of John without having walked the path of Peter (sex). John (the Word) is waiting for us.

Let us remember the scene on the sea of Tiberias after they had dined on fish; Peter, seeing John, said to Master Jesus, “Lord, and what shall this man do?” and Jesus answer him, “If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? Follow thou me.” - John 21:21-22

Indeed, the Word is waiting in the bottom of our Ark for the moment of its realization. The Perfect Matrimony is the path of Peter, yet we need to extend the bridge of death in order to arrive at the path of John. Judas, the “I,” is the one who damages the happiness of matrimonies. Judas fornicates and gets married because of animal passion, yet he believes he is in love. So, we need to hang Judas on the bridge of death. Only thus can we arrive to John. Regeneration is impossible without the death of Judas (the “I”).

Sex is not only mind; even the stones have a heart, and if we want to make sex only mental, we violate the Law and commit adultery; the outcome will be a total failure, the abyss and the Second Death.

Judas betrays us from moment to moment; we will never arrive at the path of John. When people resolve to die from moment to moment, then happiness will reign in all homes and fornication and adultery will end.

Divorced people are the outcome of passion. Thus, when passion is dead, mistaken matrimonies and divorce cannot exist.

There also exist those who get married purely because of economical interests or common conveniences; this is how Judas sells the Christ for thirty silver coins. The outcome is divorce.

romanceIn this day and age, money marries money, and imbecilic people state, “The more you have, the more you are worth; money talks.” This is how the insulters, the blasphemers against the Holy Spirit talk; they believe they are practical people, thus they constantly get married and divorced (if they are lucky enough not to be killed by the resentful ex-spouse) . Indeed, these people totally ignore that which is called love. Nonetheless, they talk of love and even swear eternal love.

Magazines and other modern love advertisements, etc., are now in fashion. Absurd advertisements of this kind are abundant. i. e., “White woman, such height, such capital, eyes of this or that color, with this weight and this religion, etc., wishes to marry a gentleman with this or that age, with this quantity of money, this race, this height, etc.”

“A gentleman, of such height, such capital, eyes of this or that color, with this weight and this religion, etc., wishes to marry a woman with this or that age, with this quantity of money, this race, this height, etc.” all of this is indeed very absurd and horrible. All of this is nothing but prostitution authorized by the authorities and society. The outcome of this is suffering, absurd matrimonies, prostitution and divorce.

Good customs are lost, and unity within homes has hit rock bottom. In this day and age, married people go around alone within night clubs, taverns, cinemas, etc. Saturdays are very special days for these married people; on weekends, married people bountifully squander their money within taverns and miserably adulterate, without caring at all for the fate of their children.

Men and women have delivered themselves to the debauchery of good customs, thus the outcome cannot be anything but the failure of their matrimonies. What is built upon a false basis becomes false. To be married based upon passion, to be married based upon economical interests, based upon social conveniences, etc., leads to an inevitable failure.

In order for love to exist, the complete, mystical communion of man and woman is necessary in all the levels of their minds. If in the seven levels of the Being there is not a complete communion, then the outcome is divorce.

Love is like a solitary tree that is illuminated by the Sun. Love is like a newborn child.  Love is like an ineffable rose bathed by the light of a full moon. Love and passion are incompatible. Love and passion are two substances that cannot be combined. Love is absolutely innocent. Where there is Love, jealousy, anger, and resentment cannot exist, because Love is incompatible with all of those lower passions.

Love begins with a flash of delectable sympathy. It is substantiated with the force of tenderness, and it is synthesized in adoration. A Perfect Matrimony is the union of two beings: one who loves more, and the other who loves better.

Before getting married, it is necessary to self-explore our “I” very sincerely and profoundly, in order to totally self-discover our selves. We must use the scalpel of self-criticism to extract the passion we have within, and place it on the carpet of crude reality.

At times it is better to know how to renounce , instead of failing lamentably.  It is urgent to discover if indeed the plentitude of love exists within us.

Only on the basis of love can we have a good matrimony. In order for love to exist, there must be affinity in thought, affinity in sentiments, affinity in emotions, affinity in action, affinity in religion and affinity in ideas, etc. Where this mystical communion is missing, love is impossible.

Regarding this subject-matter of matrimony, legislators can establish all the laws they wish, nevertheless, indeed, they will achieve nothing, because happiness within matrimony is only possible when we hang Judas (the “I”). Thus, whosoever wants to be happy in their marriage must be sincere with themselves and not marry because of passion, because of money or because of social status.

Modern matrimonies corrupt the sexual act. Modern matrimonies have failed because of sexual abuse. Modern matrimonies do not want to comprehend the divine majesty of sex. It is necessary to know that sex is very sacred. In the sacred India of the Vedas, sex is utilized in order to achieve more elevated states of Samadhi (ecstasy).

Amongst the Hindustani Yogas, sex is utilized in order to attain the union (Yug) with the Spirit-essence and thus the entrance into Nirvana. Not a single Sage of the East would ever conceive of the idea of utilizing sex purely for carnal passion. The White Tantric Yogis perform sex with their spouse in order to attain Inner Self-realization.

The best of Hinduism and Buddhism is White Tantra. The best of Yoga is Sex Yoga.