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Magic of the Runes: The Forge of the Cyclops (Sex)

The Forge of the Cyclops (Sex)

When Venus, the Divine Mother Kundalini, begged for help from Vulcan on behalf of her son Aeneas, She taught with it the clue of the realization of the Innermost Self.

The Goddess said:

“Listen to me, you who forge the indomitable iron with the fires of the center of the earth! When the citadel of Troy was being ravaged in war by the kings of Greece, it was owed to Fate and was doomed to fall in the fires lit by its enemies, but I asked for nothing for those who suffered. I did not call upon the help of your art to make arms for them.

“You yielded to Thetis, the daughter of Nereus, you yielded to the wife of Tithonus when they came and wept to you. Look at all the nations gathering. Look at the walled cities that have closed their gates and sharpening their swords against Aeneas to destroy those I love.

“Although I owed much to the sons of Priam and had often wept at the sufferings endured by Aeneas, I did not wish, O my dearest husband, that you should exert yourself to no purpose. But now, in obedience to the commands of Jupiter, Aeneas is standing in Rotulian soil and so now I come to you as a suppliant. I approach that godhead which I so revere, and as mother, I ask you to make arms for my son Aeneas.

“He is not a destroyer, is only trying to defend himself against those who threaten his purposes of fertile peace.”

Oh, you!... the ones who courageously descend into the Averno in order to work in the flaming forge of Vulcan (sex), listen to me.

As the fetus remains nine months within the maternal womb, so this entire humanity remained for nine months within the womb of Rhea, Ceres, Cybele, Isis, the Cosmic Mother.

Vulcan works within the Ninth Circle of Inferno forging the indomitable iron with the living fires of this planetary organism.

People with Thelema (willpower), men and women with a willpower of steel, you must work without rest within the Ninth Sphere (sex).

Venus, the Divine Mother Kundalini, is, has been, and always will be the priestess spouse of Vulcan, the Third Logos, the Holy Spirit.

The Igni-potent God of Fire descends from the marvelous heights of heaven into the tremendous forge of the Cyclops.

With a great voice, he demands the presence of his three brothers, Brontes, Sterope, and Pyracmon, who are living symbols of the elemental creatures of the air, the waters, and the perfumed earth.

The work in the forge of the Cyclops (sex) is terrific. Here, the tempestuous lightning and the secret forces of the storm, as well as the hurricane-like winds, collaborate in the effort.

Here, lead is transmuted into gold, and the steel of the flaming sword is tempered.

Here, the gigantic protector shield of the soul is forged. That shield is enough to stop the strikes of the most terrible tenebrous armies.

It is an argentine armor, a splendid shield formed with transformative atoms of a high voltage, which reside within the seminal system.

It is a divine auric shield, which is septenary within the intimate constitution of the true Man.

The sexual cavern trembles under the erotic pressure of the bellows during the Maithuna, and strong, sweaty arms strike the anvil with a rhythmic effort.

Aeneas looked like a God while challenging the arrogant Laurentians and the impetuous Turnus to combat.

When rejoicing with the gifts of his Divine Mother, Aeneas dressed himself with weapons made by Vulcan.

Behold here the Solar Bodies, the terrific crested and fire-spurting helmet, the flaming sword, and the huge, unyielding breastplate of blood-red bronze, as well as the polished greaves and the fabric of the shield engraved with innumerable figures.

There, on that auric, luminous shield, Vulcan, the Third Logos, the Holy Spirit, engraved astonishing prophetic scenes.

The scenes of all the generations that would spring from Ascanius gloriously shone on that shield. As well, Vulcan had made an image of a mother wolf who milked Romulus and Remus, and showed the first of these twin brothers (dear God!) performing the violent rape of the Sabines. Also depicted was the bloody war both brothers would fight.

Ah! If only people would understand the mystery of these twin brothers... one lone soul in two distinct persons... the Buddhata divided in two, and of course incarnated in two different personalities.

Romulus and Remus milked by the She-Wolf of the Law, is a soul with two men, two persons, two bodies.

The Gods know very well that it is possible to live simultaneously in different distinct times and places.

How much wisdom had Vulcan engraved in the brilliant aura of Aeneas, how many prophecies!

Behold men and Gods, that also on this shield were the scenes of Porsenna ordering the Romans to take Tarquin back within the unconquerable walls of the city after they had expelled him.

On the summit of the sharpened shield you could also see the scene of the golden goose fluttering, honking for help against the Gauls who were trying to invade the Roman Capital.

Observe and see the Salii priests with their Martian dances and their conical warrior hats, their chaste matrons in their cushioned carriages, the traitor Catiline tormented in the Averno, the pale faces of the Furies. There too was Cato, the wise administrator of justice, the armored fleets of war, Augustus Caesar, Aggripa with favoring winds and favoring Gods, Marc Antony and Cleopatra, Anubis the Lord of the Law, Neptune, Venus, and Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom.

Finally, (oh God!) were the scenes of Caesar riding into the walls of Rome in victory, the defeated nations walking in long lines as slaves, a wealthy booty, golden thrones, defeated kings.