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Magic of the Runes: The Divine Mother and the Holy Gods

The Divine Mother and the Holy Gods

O Virgin Mother, Daughter of your Son,
more humble and sublime than any creature,
fixed goal decreed from all eternity,
you are the one whom gave to human nature
so much nobility that its Creator did not disdain
His being made its creature.  
That love whose warmth allowed this flower to bloom
within the everlasting peace -
was love rekindled in your womb;
for as above, you are the noonday torch of charity,
and there below, on earth, among the mortals,
you are a living spring of hope.  
Lady, you are so high, you can intercede,
that he who would have grace but does not seek your aid,
may long to fly but has no wings.  
Your loving-kindness does not only answer the one who asks,
but it is often ready to answer freely long before the asking.  
In you compassion is, in you is pity,
in you is generosity,
in you is every goodness found in any creature.  
This man - who from the deepest hollow in the universe,
up to this height, has seen the lives of spirits, one by one -
now pleads with you, through grace,
to grant him so much virtue that he may lift his vision higher still -may lift it toward the ultimate salvation.  
And I, who never burned for my own vision
more than I burn for his, do offer you all my prayers -
and pray that they may not fall short -
that, with your prayers, you may disperse
all of the clouds of his mortality
so that the Highest Joy be his to see.  
This, too, O Queen, who can do what you would,
I ask of you: that after such a vision,
his sentiments preserve their perseverance.
May your protection curb his mortal passions.
- The Divine Comedy, Paradise, Canto XXXIII, verse 1-37, by Dante Alighieri

Oh Isis, Mother of the Cosmos, root of Love, trunk, bud, leaf, flower and seed of all that exists, we conjure Thee, naturalizing force. We call the Queen of the Space and of the Night, and kissing Her loving eyes, drinking the dew of Her lips, inhaling the sweet aroma of Her body, we exclaim: Oh Nut! Thou eternal seity of heaven Who art the primordial soul, Who art what was and what shalt be, whose veil no mortal has lifted, when You are beneath the irradiating stars of the nocturnal and profound sky of the desert, with purity of heart and in the flame of the serpent, we call Thee. - Gnostic Ritual

Glory, Glory unto the Mother Kundalini who leads the Sadhaka from Chakra to Chakra and illuminates his intellect, identifying him with the supreme Brahman, by means of Her infinite Grace and Power.  May Her benedictions reach us! - Sivananda

Was not Aeneas the son of the hero Anchises and of the Goddess Venus?

How many times had the Divine Mother favorably assisted the Trojans, even inclining the will of Jupiter (the Solar Logos), Father of Gods and men, on their behalf?

Oh Aeolus! Lord of the wind, You who have the power of calming and raising the waves of the immense sea. You who submerged part of the Trojan fleet within the boisterous waves, tell me: what will become of Thee without thy Divine Mother Kundalini? From whence will You get such great potency?

Oh Neptune! Lord of the sublime marine profundities.  Oh Thou, great God who makes the winds flee and who appeases the furious elements before thy divine sight, can You perhaps deny that You have a Mother? Oh Lord of the profundities! You know very well that without Her, You cannot grasp in your dexterous hand that formidable trident that grants You power over the frightful, deepest pools of the abyss.

Oh Neptune! Venerable Master of humanity, You who gave such wise precepts unto the populace of submerged Atlantis, remember us as well, the ones who love Thee, oh great Lord.

When the north wind raises the waves towards heaven, and some castaways see themselves rising with the waves to the stars, while for others the waters open, and in the troughs they see themselves submerging into the abysses, then there is no other hope than Your mercy.

The south wind strikes the ships against reefs hidden in mid-ocean; the southeasterly wind casts them helplessly from the high sea onto the sandbanks, running them aground, blocking them in with walls of sand, or striking them against the cliffs. But You, oh Lord Neptune, save many people who swim.  Then all the crashing of the sea falls silent.

The marine grottos, home to the sea nymphs, are mysterious sites that conserve the memory of Your works, oh great God!

You who have known the dangers of the boisterous ocean of life, the terrible anger of Scylla of the howling reefs, the rocks thrown by the vigilant Cyclops, the hard path that leads to Nirvana, and the battles with the tempter Mara and his three Furies, do not commit the crime of ingratitude: never ever forget your Divine Mother.

Blessed be those who comprehend the mystery of their own Divine Mother. She is the root of their own Monad. She carries in Her arms our Innermost Buddha, the Child who is gestated within Her immaculate bosom.

Descending from the high summits, Venus disguised Herself as a Spartan girl out hunting in order to visit Her son Aeneas, the Trojan hero. This was for the good purpose of guiding him towards Carthage where Queen Dido—the one who killed herself for passion after having sworn loyalty to Sychaeus’ ashes—was reigning with flourish.

The Adorable One has the power of making Herself visible and tangible in the physical world when this is what She wishes.

Oh God of mine! How many times, oh ignorant mortals, have you been visited by your Divine Mother, and nonetheless you did not recognize Her?

How fortunate you were, oh illustrious citizen of proud Ilium, when your adorable Mother covered you with Her protective cloud in order to make you invisible!

Behold, all of you who covet magical powers: do you ignore perchance that your sacred Mother is omnipotent?

Oh Lady of mine! Only the long-haired bard Iopas with his cithara of gold could sing Your goodness.