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Magic of the Runes: Runes Dorn and Thorn (Thurisaz)

Runes Dorn and Thorn (Thurisaz)

dornJust a few days ago, it occurred to me to visit the Temple of Chapultepec in Mexico once again.

A certain sister was humbly bowing herself before the door of the temple, thus imploring for admission. These types of sincere supplications are always heard.

Master Litelantes and I entered behind that supplicant. Frankly, I cannot deny that I advanced filled with profound veneration and devotion, walking upon my own knees, as many penitents do. Thus, in this way, I ascended each one of the steps of the sanctuary.

Litelantes entered very happily... and a little bit playful. I had to become a little severe with her, and because of my attitude, she was surprised. “Once inside the temple, I am different,” I said, addressing her.

A group of lunar people took advantage of this opportunity of open doors; poor people...

Litelantes and my insignificant person who has no value felt ourselves very distinct from all of those people who were dressed with lunar rags... Truly, how different are the Solar Bodies!

What is astonishing is the way in which this lunar group advanced: without veneration, without respect. However, I could clearly and with complete lucidity comprehend that I should see such a group with sympathy, since they were selected people and with a lot of merits. Unfortunately, it was not the hour for a meeting, and the way in which these people entered was not organized either. The superior Master of the temple grumbled severely at them and he even took them out of the temple by singing in a very delectable language... thus, all of these people had to withdraw.

I have remained reflecting upon all of this. The love of Christ is formidable, because this lunar group is very sincere, even though these poor little ones have yet to achieve the Second Birth. But they deserve to be helped, so the Lord takes care and cultivates them, as if they were delicate little flowers from the greenhouse. Good opportunities will be finally granted unto them in order to work in the Ninth Sphere. Then, oh yes, disgrace will be on them if they fail in the difficult ordeal.

Since ancient times, the descent into the Ninth Sphere has been the maximum ordeal for the supreme dignity of the Hierophant. Buddha, Jesus, Dante, Hermes, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl, etc. had to descend into the abode of Pluto.

Here is the cave where Cerberus, who is a prodigy of terror, howls. With its barking, its three enormous flat-nosed heads, and with serpents writhing on its neck, Cerberus fills all the defuncts with terror.

Those who died cheated by the poison of sexual passion dwell in those painful profundities, as did Evadne, Pasiphae and Laodamia... and also the poor Queen Dido who swore to be faithful to the ashes of Sychaeus.

Here is where many heroes of ancient Troy live, as did Glaucus, Medon, Thersilochus, Polyboetes, and also Idaeus who was so beloved yet feared.

Here is where the terrible shadows of Agamemnon and Ajax and many other Acheans who fought against Troy run and scream, reliving their life as if still fighting on the fields of battle sprinkled with sunlight. They still are inebriated with light and blood.

Here is where the sinister city exists, encircled by a triple wall, from where are heard horrible groans and the dragging and clanking of iron chains.

Here are the three Furies: Desire, Mind, and Evil Will, who flog the guilty ones with whips that hiss over them like viperous tongues.

The Titans of ancient Atlantis, who intended to climb the firmament in order to conquer other worlds of the infinite space, yet without having reached true sanctity, also reside in those tenebrous, submerged regions.

In Tartarus live the fornicators, the adulterers, the homosexuals, assassins, drunkards, the avaricious, the selfish, thieves, swindlers, the angry, the violent, the greedy, the envious, the proud, the vain, the lazy, the gluttons, the founders of evil doctrines, hypocritical Pharisees, traitors, and materialistic atheists who are enemies of the Eternal One.

Immense, oh God, is the multitude of crimes, that—even if having one hundred mouths, a thousand tongues, and a voice of steel—their enumeration could never be uttered.

To descend into those mineral regions of the earth, into that sub-world, is extremely easy, but to ascend again, to return up to the light of the sun is frightfully difficult, almost impossible.

When I was born in the Causal World—or better if we say the parallel universe of the Conscious Will—the sacred Cloth of Veronica shone upon the altar of the temple.

Many heads crowned with thorns that are chiselled in stone are found to be related to the Age of Bronze.

A cult to the God of Thorns existed. Such thorns, when treated with consideration and judiciously examined, clearly present to us the symbolic figure of the Rune Thorn.

In these sacred mysteries of the Thorn cult, special practices were given in order to develop Conscious Will.

Dorn, Thorn, signifies willpower. Remember Gnostic brethren, that our motto is Thelema.

The Divine Rostrum crowned with Thorns signifies Thelema, that is to say, Conscious Will.

Dorn is also the phallus, the volitive principle of Sexual Magic (Maithuna).

There is the need, by means of the phallus, to intelligently accumulate the seminal energy; when it is refrained and transmuted, it is converted into Thelema (willpower).

Arm yourself with willpower like steel; remember beloved reader that without the thorn that pierces or sticks, the spark does not jump, the light does not emerge.

We can return from Tartarus and up to the light of the sun only with Thelema (Christ Will).

Truly, I tell unto you that Christ Will knows how to obey the Father on earth as it is in heaven.

Take heed of Evil Will; it is in itself the strength of Satan, that is to say, concentrated desire.


In the military position, on your feet, firm, and facing towards the east, place your right arm in such a way that your hand rests upon your waist or hip, thus performing the shape of this Rune.

Now, you must sing the mantric syllables, TA, TE, TI, TO, TU, with the purpose of developing Christ Will in yourself.

This exercise must be practiced everyday at sunrise.