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Magic of the Runes: Proton and Antiproton

Proton and Antiproton

The real existence of the proton and the antiproton was demonstrated absolutely in the year 1955 by a physics team from Berkeley. When a plate of copper was bombarded with the energy of 6,000 million electronvolts, two marvelous nuclei of hydrogen were extracted from the target. They were identical but of opposite charge: one positive proton and the other negative.

By all means it then becomes clear that half of the universe is constituted of antimatter. If the modern wise men could find anti-particles in the laboratories, it is because they also exist in the profound depth of this great Nature. In no way can we deny that to detect the antimatter in space is frightfully difficult.

The light of the anti-stars, even when apparently identical to the light of the stars, and even when photographs register them in the same way, have a difference that is unknown to the “wise men.”

The concept that states that there is no place for anti-matter in our solar system is still arguable. The transformation of mass into energy is something very interesting. That half of it escapes in the form of neutrinos is evidently normal, that a third of it becomes transformed into gamma rays and that a sixth part is transformed into sound and luminous waves should not surprise us in any way, since it is natural.

When we think of cosmogenesis, the same questions always emerge: What existed before the dawn of our solar system? The Rig Veda answers:

Nor Aught nor Nought existed; yon bright sky
Was not, nor heaven’s broad roof outstretched above.
What covered all? What sheltered? What concealed?
Was it the water’s fathomless abyss?
There was not death-yet there was nought immortal,
There was no confine betwixt day and night;
The only One breathed breathless by itself,
Other than It there nothing since has been.
Darkness there was, and all at first was veiled
In gloom profound-an ocean without light-
The germ that still lay covered in the husk
Burst forth, one nature, from the fervent heat.
Who knows the secret? Who proclaimed it here?
Whence, whence this manifold creation sprang?
The Gods themselves came later into being-
Who knows from whence this great creation sprang?
That, whence all this great creation came,
Whether Its will created or was mute,
The Most High Seer that is in highest heaven,
He knows it-or perchance even He knows not.
Gazing into eternity...
Ere the foundations of the earth were laid,
Thou wert. And when the subterranean flame
Shall burst its prison and devour the frame...
Thou shalt be still as Thou wert before
And knew no change, when time shall be no more.
Oh! Endless thought, divine ETERNITY.

Energy free in its movement solely existed before the Mahamanvantara (cosmic day) of this universe in which we live, move, and have our Being.

Matter existed in an organized form before this energy. The former universe of the past cosmic day (Mahamanvantara) was constituted by this matter.

The Moon, our beloved satellite that illuminates us during the night, is the only remembrance left for us from that preterit universe.

Each time energy crystallizes in the form of matter, it appears under the extraordinary shape of a pair of symmetrical particles.

Matter and anti-matter mutually complement each other. We can say that this is a new theme for contemporary science, and that it will progress even more in the future.

To affirm that there is no place for anti-matter in our solar universe is by all means an absurdity. Matter is always accompanied by anti-matter. Without it, it is clear that nuclear physics would be without a foundation, and would lose its validity.

The universe appeared under the form of a cloud of plasma, that is to say, ionized hydrogen, during the dawn of the Mahamanvantara (cosmic day).     

Twelve fundamental hydrogens exist in our solar system, and these have already been analyzed by the great Masters of humanity. It has been said unto us that in such a sum of hydrogen, twelve categories of matter are represented. These types of matter are contained within the universe, from the Abstract Absolute Space to the submerged Mineral Kingdom.

The cloud of original plasma appears before the mind of learned men in a double form. Therefore, a judicious examination of this matter allows us to comprehend that plasma and anti-plasma exist. This is what a certain sage has named “ambi-plasma.”

The scientists know very well through observation and experience that the intense magnetic field that is formed in the galaxies originates the radical split of the particles in accordance with their electrical charge. Plasma and anti-plasma are not only opposite, but moreover they are separated.

Thus, matter and antimatter coexist separately, and they condense or crystallize into stars.

The total destruction of matter occurs when matter and antimatter come in direct contact with each other. The living depth of matter is precisely antimatter, but a neutral field exists between these two forms of life.

Certainly, the three primary forces: Positive, Negative and Neutral, govern all of this universal mechanism. Matter and antimatter, stars and anti-stars, coexist in the infinite space.

Hydrogen and anti-hydrogen crystallize with the gravitational force, thus originating nuclear fusion.

Thus, beloved reader, this is how protons accumulate with other protons of their own kind in order to form all the elements of Nature.