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Igneus Rose: The Apple Tree

The Apple Tree

1. The apple tree symbolizes the sexual force of Eden. When humanity ate of the prohibited fruit, they were cast out of paradise.

2. The angel who governs all the elementals of this tree has the power to close our spinal chambers if we eat of the prohibited fruit.

3. When man violated the laws of the Lord Jehovah, the elemental angel of this tree closed the sacred chambers of our spinal column and cast us out of Eden, where the rivers of the pure waters of life flow with milk and honey.

4. The flaming sword of the elemental angel of the apple tree turns in all directions within the flames that guard the door of paradise.

5. The door of Eden is sex. Eden is sex itself.

6. All the doors are closed to the unworthy, except the door of repentance.

7. Even if a human being would proclaim penitence, if he would fast and cover his body with sackcloth, this alone would not permit him to enter into Eden.

8. Even if a human being were to study all the wisdom of heaven and earth, this alone would not permit him to enter into Eden.

9. Entering into Eden is only possible through one door, the door from which we departed.

10. The human being departed from paradise through the door of sex. Therefore, we can re-enter paradise only through this door.

11. The entire secret is found in the lingam-yoni of the Greek mysteries.

12. The great secrets of the universal fire of life are contained within the union of the phallus and the uterus.

13. There must be a sexual connection, but the semen must not be ejaculated.

14. The refrained desire will transmute the semen into light and fire.

15. The refrained desire will fill our sacred chalice with the sacred wine of light.

16. This is how the sacred chambers are opened. This is how the sacred fire awakens. This is how we open the doors of Eden. This is how we Christify the mind within the igneous rose of the universe.

17. Masters who are single will open their igneous chambers with the terrific force of sacrifice.

18. Sexual abstinence is a tremendous sacrifice.

19. There is a sacred temple in the internal worlds in which the elemental angel who governs this marvelous tree officiates.

20. This temple is illuminated by three eternal lamps.

21. The first lamp is the incarnated rose, which is like the igneous force of the star of the dawn. The second lamp is similar to the blue fire of the Father. The third lamp shines with the immaculate whiteness of perfect chastity.

22. The great melodies of the universal fire resound in the ineffable realm of this temple of Eden.

23. The elemental of this marvelous tree possesses terrific igneous powers.

24. Every plant and every tree has a body, soul, and spirit, just as humans do.

25. Every plant and every tree has its own soul and its own spirit.

26. The souls of the plants are the elementals that play within the igneous rose of the universe.

27. The elemental of the apple tree has igneous powers that sparkle within the aura of the universe.

28. All the brothers and sisters who walk along the rocky path of the blazing flames must learn the elemental magic of this sacred tree, in order to help this painful humanity.

29. We can sow harmony within homes with the elemental powers of this tree.

30. We can perform justice for many unhappy beings with the elemental powers of this tree.

31. A consort abandoned by his or her immoral spouse, a fallen young woman, an unhappy one abused by his or her spouse are cases that can be mended with the elemental powers of this prodigious tree, when the law of karma permits it.

32. Those who believe that they can perform marvels with only the force of the mind are completely mistaken, because everything in nature is dual.

33. To think that all the works of practical magic can be performed with only the force of the mind is as absurd as to think that a man can engender a child without touching a woman.

34. To think that we can perform all types of esoteric works with only the mental force is as ridiculous as to believe that we can write a letter with only a pen and no paper, or to believe that we can have light with only electricity and without the bulb.

35. Everything in this ardent creation is dual. Each thought has a corresponding plant.

36. The elemental of the apple tree is of an extraordinary beauty. It is similar to a bride dressed in white.

37. We can save ourselves from many dangers and mend many broken homes with the elemental of the apple tree.

38. A mat must be placed on the ground beside the apple tree in order to officiate with the elemental.

39. “Ebnico Abnicar On” are the mantras of the elemental of the apple tree, as the Lord Jehovah taught me.

40. You must command the elemental with the might of your willpower and with the edge of your sword directed towards the person or persons whom you need to influence.

41. Furthermore, the Lord Jehovah showed me the esotericism of the apple tree.

42. The apple is the incarnated flower that the beast devoured. The apple is the lamb and the beast is the pig of animal passion.

43. And the Lord showed me the apple tree, and behold, the poison of the scorpion within its roots.

44. And the Lord Jehovah showed me a column of white, pure, and immaculate light that was rising towards the heavens upon a plate of embers.

45. The apple tree is the Glorian, and the seven degrees of the power of the fire sparkle around it.

46. And the Lord Jehovah showed me a great mount and many masters of the White Lodge, each one beside his apple tree.

47. And the Lord Jehovah told me, “Only you know what we, the masters, have completed.”

48. And the Lord Jehovah showed me an innocent, naked child filled with beauty, and he told me, “This is how we become when we reach the fourth degree of the power of the fire.”

49. Then, I understood the teachings of the Lord Jehovah, which are full of wisdom and light.

50. These are the holy teachings of the savior of the world.

51. These are the holy teachings of Jehovah and of the prince messiah, whom we, the Gnostics, love.

52. The arhat is converted into a child. This I learned from the Lord Jehovah.

53. Oh Jehovah! My God! Strengthen me with apples.

54. One day, I, Aun Weor, submerged myself into profound meditation and said to the Lord Jehovah, “Oh Jehovah, help me!” and the Lord Jehovah answered:

55. “I have always helped you. I will always help those who have passed through the schools of the Baalim.”

56. The Lord Jehovah wore a triangular crown upon his head. His face was like lightning. His eyes were like torches of ardent fire. His arms and legs were like incandescent metal.

57. Abandon all those schools of the Baalim and seat yourselves beneath your apple tree.