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Hell Devil Karma: Recurrence


Friends of mine, today’s lecture will address the law of recurrence.

RecurrenceWhen the ego returns, when it reincorporates, everything occurs again as it has before, plus the good and bad consequences. So, indubitably, various forms of the great law of recurrence exist. Thus, in this lecture we intend to study the varied forms of recurrence.

Diverse scenes of our previous lives are repeated, at times in more elevated spirals and at other times in lower spirals. The spiral is the curve of life and it is always symbolized by the snail-shell. We are wicked snail-shells within the bosom of the Father.  Obviously, we move about, evolve, and devolve on the spiral line of existence.

Another form of recurrence can be evidenced in the history of the Earth and its races.

The first sub-race of our present Aryan root race developed on the central plateau of Asia and had a powerful esoteric civilization.

ARYAN: Quoted from Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary: “From Sanskrit [=a]rya excellent, honorable; akin to the name of the country Iran, and perh. to Erin, Ireland, and the early name of this people, at least in Asia. 1. One of a primitive people supposed to have lived in prehistoric times, in Central Asia, east of the Caspian Sea, and north of the Hindoo Koosh and Paropamisan Mountains, and to have been the stock from which sprang the Hindoo, Persian, Greek, Latin, Celtic, Teutonic, Slavonic, and other races; one of that ethnological division of mankind called also Indo-European or Indo-Germanic.” In Universal Gnosticism, this term refers to the vast majority of the population of this planet, and is noted for its close relationship with Ares or Mars, the God of War.

The second sub-race flourished in the south of Asia, in the Pre-Vedic epoch; then the wisdom of the Rishis from Hindustan was known, as well as the splendors of the ancient empire of China, etc.

The third sub-race developed marvelously in Egypt, Persia, Chaldaea, etc.

The fourth sub-race resplendently glowed among the civilizations of Greece and Rome.

The fifth was perfectly manifested amongst Germany, England, and other countries.

The sixth was the outcome of the mixture of the Spaniards with the autochthonous races from Indo-America.

The seventh is perfectly manifested amongst the outcome of all the diverse mixtures of races, such as today we can evidence in the territory of the United States.


Obviously, the seven branches of the Aryan trunk already plainly exist and this is absolutely demonstrated.

The studies that we have performed within the causal world have allowed us to correctly verify astounding concrete facts for our present humanity. Given that each of the great root races that have existed in the world have always been terminated by a great cataclysm, we can therefore logically deduce that likewise our Aryan root race is going to be terminated very soon by means of another tremendous cataclysm. In a superior manner, we are talking about the law of recurrence. Thus, let us continue concretizing towards better comprehension.

After the great catastrophe that is approaching, the Earth will again be inhabited by select people. When arriving at this part of our lecture, I must emphatically tell you that the future root race that will populate the face of the Earth is now being intentionally created by the brethren of the occult fraternity. The modus operandi of this new creation is very special. I want you to know that cosmic travelers from other planets visit us constantly; they are already taking select seed from humanoids.

A short time ago in Brazil some newspapers printed a very interesting article about a certain Brazilian peasant who—while working feverishly cultivating the ground—was suddenly surprised by some extraterrestrials who led him into the interior of a cosmic ship, which was resting at a nearby place within the jungle. Then, extraordinary scientists, brethren from the outer space, carefully examined him; they even extracted a little bit of blood from him with the purpose of analyzing it. Thereafter, they placed him within a special room of the ship. Then, the perplexed peasant, astonished, confused, while resting on a bed, waited for something else..? All of a sudden, something unexpected happened: a strange woman with golden hair and yellow skin similar to the skin of Chinese people, lacking eyebrows, lay down beside that peasant and sexually seduced him; once the intercourse was consummated, the peasant was taken out of the ship.  Thereafter, the ship soared away throughout the infinite space. Many other similar cases have occurred in diverse parts of our planet.

Moreover, there has been constant discussion about mysterious disappearances of aerial and maritime crews that have been lost forever without any explanation.  All of this invites us to reflection; all of this makes us to comprehend that the elder brothers of humanity are taking the earthly seed in order to cross it with people from other planets. Thus, this is how the Holy Gods are already creating the future great root race, the sixth root race which—after the great impending cataclysm—will populate the Earth.

new-jerusalem-tapestryThe sixth root race will be a new type of people. They will be the outcome of the mixture of earthlings with extraterrestrials; it will be a resplendent humanity. Lo and behold, respectable brothers and sisters, the selected personnel with whom the future Jerusalem will be created; this is the New Jerusalem mentioned in the Apocalypse of St. John.

It is unquestionable that the glorious esoteric civilizations of ancient times will resurrect in this new root race. By means of the law of recurrence, the powerful cultures of the first Aryan sub-race will emerge from within the chaos, yet in a superior type of spiral during the first sub-race of the future great sixth root race.

The Pre-Vedic civilization that flourished in millenary India and in ancient China will resurrect during the second sub-race of the future great sixth root race.

A new Egypt, new pyramids, a new Nile, and the Egyptian civilization will resurrect during the third sub-race of the future great sixth root race. Then, the ancient pharaohs will reincarnate and thousands of souls from that glorious culture will return from Amente with the purpose of reviving the hieratic mysteries of the sunny country of Kem.  Likewise, the mysteries of Chaldaea, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, etc., will again become resplendent in that age yet on a superior spiral within the great spiral line of life.

The mysteries of Greece and Rome will resurrect during the fourth sub-race of that tomorrow’s Earth, with the advantage of being in a superior spiral of existence.

Then, during the fifth sub-race a certain dangerous mechanicity will appear again and the civilization of England, Germany, etc., will resurrect once more, etc., with the advantage of being more spiritual, for the concrete fact of being developed on a superior spiral.

During the sixth sub-race of that great root race of tomorrow, something similar to the Latin world will appear, yet within a more elevated, more dignified, more spiritual aspect.

Finally, a very technological civilization will appear in the seventh sub-race of that future root race, although it will not have the gross materialism of this black age of Kali Yuga.

Thus, friends of mine, this is how the law of recurrence works, moving through the spiral of existence.

Now, let us think about the law of recurrence in regards to the planets in the starry spaces, in the unalterable infinite.

earth-moonEverything that happened in the ancient Moon, in that satellite that illuminates the face of the Earth during nocturnal hours, is right now recurring on our planet Earth. In other words, I affirm the following: all the history of the Earth—along with its races from the dawning of life—is just a repetition of the history of the Selenites who previously inhabited that satellite, Selene; at that time, it was still alive and with abundant life. Lo and behold, ladies and gentlemen, how the law of recurrence works in all the corners of the infinite space.

Now, let us study the modus operandi of this great law in the intellectual animal mistakenly called “human.”

When we reincorporate, when we return, when we come back, we repeat in detail all the events of our former and past existences. Subjects exist who are submitted to a rigorous repetition. These are concrete cases of egos that return through many centuries within the bosom of the same family, city, and nation. These are those who—because of incessantly repeating the same things—can predict with absolute clarity that which awaits them in the future. These are those who can say, for instance, “I will get married at the age of 30, my wife will have such a skin color, and such a height, and we will have these amount of children, my father will die at such an age, my mother will die at such an age, my business will prosper or will fail, etc.” Thus, it is clear that all of their predictions recur with a surprising exactitude, since these are people who know their role by forcedly repeating so many times the same thing, therefore they do not ignore it, and that is all.

Within this category also enter the child prodigies who astound the people of their era; usually, these are egos that already know their dexterity by memory, thus when they return they marvelously repeat it from the first years of their infancy.

The law of recurrence is astonishing. The normal, common, and ordinary people always repeat their same dramas. The clowns in each of their successive lives, repeat over and over again their same comedies, whereas the perverse continuously reincorporate in order to incessantly repeat their same tragedies. In accordance with the law of cause and effect (Karma), all of these recurrent events that pertain to repeated existences are always accompanied by their good or bad consequences. The assassin will again be involved in the same horrifying event of assassination, yet this time, he will be assassinated. The thief will once again receive the same opportunity of stealing, yet this time, he will be thrown in jail. The bandit will have the same desire of running, of using his legs for crimes, yet this time, he will not have legs, he will be born an invalid or will lose their legs in some tragedy. The one born blind at birth will long to see the things of life, which in a former life possibly led him to cruelty, etc., yet this time, he will not be able to see them. A woman will fall in love with the same husband of her previous life, the one whom she possibly abandoned on the sick bed in order to run off with another man, yet this time, the drama will be repeated inversely—that is, the man she loves will leave her for another woman, leaving her abandoned. The highway bandit reincorporated within a new body—possibly of a feminine nature—will again feel the desire of running, he will feel pursued, he might shout out loud in a state of paranoia, he will have strange deliriums, yet, this time, he will not be able to escape from himself, he will become mentally ill, he will be demented, etc. Thus, friends of mine, this is how the law of recurrence incessantly works.

Question: Master, a country that has been affected many times by violence, is it because of the law of recurrence?

Samael Aun Weor: Obviously, the violence of the multitudes in that country is the repetition of a similar violence that occurred in a chaotic past. Think about the civil wars that occurred in epochs prior to the present, when violence occurred in that country. The war between the left and right political parties repeat themselves in the present as a outcome of the past. Behold the law of recurrence.

Question: Master, if a person has been upright, if he has behaved as a good citizen in the fulfillment of his duties, how does the law of recurrence affect him in his next return?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, friends, do not tell me that such a fellow has been a model of virtues, a spring of sanctity. As magnificent a citizen as he might have been, he had his very human errors, his scenes, his dramas, etc., and it is clear that there will be repetition of all of this in his new existence, plus the consequences; this is how the law of recurrence operates.

Question: Venerable Master, I have a certain confusion between the law of karma and the law of recurrence, because I have the concept that the law of recurrence terminates when karma is terminated. Can you clarify this point for me?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, by no means can confusion exist between the laws of recurrence and karma, since they are the same law with a different name. Indubitably, karma works on firm basis. Karma is nothing other than the effect of a cause that we originated. Therefore, the same event has to be repeated, plus its good or bad consequences.

Question: Master, there are people who apparently did not do anything evil to anyone and nonetheless they suffer due to financial problems. Is their problem related to the law of recurrence?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable friends, ladies and gentlemen, God, the Father who is in secret, can be close to us or far from us. When the child is walking badly, his Father moves away from him; then his child falls into disgrace. He then suffers because of lack of money, he undergoes terrible necessities. The child, by himself, cannot understand the cause of his misery. Obviously, such people believe that they did not do anything bad against anyone. Yet, if they could remember their past lives, then they could evidence for themselves the concrete fact that they treaded on wrong paths. Perhaps they delivered themselves to alcohol, to lust, to adultery, etc.

The Father who is in secret, our own divine Spirit, can give to us or take away from us.  He knows very well what we deserve, and if we do not presently have money, it is because He does not want to give it to us. He punishes us for our own good.

Behold, blessed is the man whom God corrects. – Job 5: 17

Thus, the Father who loves his child always punishes him for his own good.

The concrete answer for this question is: the victim of such sufferings will repeat the same scenes from the past, plus the consequences, namely, poverty, pain, etc.

Question: Master, does the law of recurrence end when the 108 lives have ended?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, once the cycle of human existences assigned to every soul concludes, then the law of recurrence also concludes through the repetition of humanoid scenes, animal, vegetal, and mineral states within the infernal worlds. Remember, that before reaching the humanoid state, we went through the mineral, vegetal, and animal states. Thus, once the cycle of 108 humanoid existences is exhausted, we then enter into the abyss in order to repeat anew the animal, vegetal, and mineral states. This is how the law of recurrence works.

Question: Master, the one who attains liberation from the wheel of Samsara no longer repeats the law of recurrence?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer the question of the lady. I want you ladies and gentlemen to know that the law of recurrence in its superior aspect corresponds to the Law of Katancia or superior karma. From the dawning of every new great cosmic day, the Holy Gods have to repeat cosmic scenes from ancient Mahamanvantaras plus its consequences. Remember that the Gods also make mistakes. Those sacred individuals, who in the present Earth period gave the abominable Kundabuffer organ to humanity, will pay for their mistakes by repeating similar dramas in the future Mahamanvantara.

Our present planet Earth, along with the humanity that populates it, is the outcome of a cosmic karma; the planet is incessantly repeating the historic periods of the ancient moon, along with its cosmic consequences. Any great initiate is capable to verify for himself the concrete, clear, and definitive fact that the ancient inhabitants of Selene were indeed cruel and merciless. Their outcome is before our sight, in the black pages of the black history of our afflicted planet Earth.

Question: Master, who are those who are free from the law of recurrence?

Samael Aun Weor: When looking at the law of recurrence in its superior and inferior aspects of the great life, we can solemnly affirm that only those who are capable of crystallizing within their intimate nature the three primary forces of the universe are the ones who become free from the law of recurrence. The Sacred Absolute Sun wants to crystallize the three primary forces within each one of us. Let us collaborate with Him and His holy designs. Thus, this is how we will become free from the law of recurrence forever.