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Gnostic Antropology: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The materialistic anthropologists of this decadent and tenebrous age have been investigating the origin of the human being, yet indeed all that they have elaborated upon are hypotheses.

If we ask the anthropologists of conventional anthropology exactly when and how the first human being appeared, they would indeed not know how to give us an exact answer.

Gnostic Antropology: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The theme of the origin of the human being is indeed very debatable and very thorny.

Charles Robert Darwin left certain principles in his work that must be remembered by the materialistic anthropologists. Darwin states that a species that evolves positively cannot in any way descend from another that evolves negatively. Darwin also affirms that two similar species, even though different, can refer to a common ancestor, but one can never come from the other.

Gnostic Antropology: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The hour has arrived for us to make a certain analysis in relation to the origin of the human being. But, indeed, in the name of the truth, we have to state that the merely materialistic anthropology knows nothing about the origin of the human being.

Nevertheless, we Gnostics know the origin of the human being. In our former chapters, based on our Gnostic anthropology, we taught some basic knowledge related with its origin. Yet now we are going to delve a little more into this enigma.

Gnostic Antropology: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

First of all, it is good to know that anthropologists speak to us about three very important epochs: first, the Paleozoic Era, second, the Mesozoic Era, and third, the Cenozoic Era.

They emphatically affirm that during the Paleozoic Era the first unicellular beings, the microorganisms, the molluscoids, the mollusks, the fish, and the first reptiles were in the waters of life. This is affirmed with incredible conviction by the materialistic anthropologists as if they were present in those archaic epochs, as if they saw, smelled, touched and even heard all of that which occurred in those ages.

Gnostic Antropology: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

There are facts, cosmic and geological events, that are worth studying in these treatises of Gnostic anthropology. There is no doubt that Gnostic scientific anthropology unveils all veils related with the origin of the human being and the universe.

Obviously, the mechanism of nature is portentous. However, we Gnostics will never accept the possibility of mathematics without a mathematician or a mechanism without mechanics.