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Gazing at the mistery: Nahuals


My friends, today we are going to discuss a little about the Nahuals. This is very fascinating, because it belongs to the ancient traditions of the Mexican people. I want you to listen with infinite patience, and with the longing to profoundly comprehend each and every one of my words.

Multiple extraordinary cases that are worthy to study come into my memory in these moments.

Oaxaca has always been a town of mystical-occultist legends, which many esotericists should know.

When a child is born in that region, he is carefully connected with the famous Nahuals. Whether the child is born during the night or in the day, in any case, the relatives will make a circle of ashes around the house. We have been told that the next morning the family will observe within the ashes the footprints that the animals from that area have left there. It is unquestionable that if the footprints correspond, for instance, to a mounted fox, then this will be the Nahual of that child. But if the tread marks were from any other animal, undoubtedly, this will be the elemental Nahual of the newborn child.

Let us now discuss the vegetal Nahuals. From ancient times, the umbilical cord of the newborn child is buried together with the sprout of any tree. Obviously, that tree remains connected with the child, who grows through time simultaneously with that vegetal elemental. The people from that place know very well that the elemental of that tree can help the child who is related with it, in many aspects of his life.

The ancient natives of America always worked with the marvelous elementals of plants. They performed infinite magical phenomena with them, like healing from a distance, conjuration of tempests, etc.

It is good to remember now that the elementals of Nature are the angelic creatures who animate everything that is, everything which has been, and everything which will be. Every mineral atom is the physical body of an inferior elemental, each plant is the physical body of an intelligent vegetal elemental, and each animal creature is the material vehicle of an elemental of that kingdom.

In ancient times, before we started the cycle of human existences, it is obvious that we were elementals. Now, you can explain to yourselves why we are related with this or that plant or with this or that stone or animal.

Now, you can see how in Oaxaca, these millenarian traditions have not been lost. There is no doubt that many natives are completely protected by those elementals with whom they are related since birth. Therefore, the Nahuals are the ideal elementals when we truly love them.

An extraordinary elemental is, undoubtedly, the black cat. I am going to tell you the following experiment that I performed with this elemental. In our home, we had a little black cat. I intended to gain his love, and it is clear that I achieved it.

One night, I wanted to perform a transcendental, metaphysical experiment. While lying down on my bed, I placed at my side the innocent animal. I relaxed my body perfectly, then I profoundly concentrated upon the cited feline, begging him to take me out of my physical body. I bluntly confess that this concentration was long and very deep; it lasted for about an hour. I became slightly asleep during this intensive concentration. Yet, indeed, I had to pass through an extraordinary surprise. That creature seemed to increase its size, then suddenly it became a giant of enormous proportions who was laid down at the edge of my bed. I touched him with my right hand, and it seemed to me that he was made out of steel. He was irradiating electricity; his face was as black as the night. There is no doubt that his body was of the same color. Nonetheless, he had left his animal form and instead assumed a human figure, with the exception of his face, which, even while being gigantic, continued to be that of a cat.

This was something abrupt that I did not expect. I was terribly overwhelmed and a little frightened; I conjured him with the Conjuration of the Seven of the Sage Solomon. The result was that such an enchantment ceased. Thereafter, next to me was the innocent creature in his cat form again.

I was very preoccupied the next day while walking through the streets of the city. I had thought that fear had been eliminated from my own nature, but behold how such a Nahual had now given me a tremendous scare.

Nevertheless, in no way was I resigned to lose the battle. Thus, I gave courage to myself, yearningly waiting for the coming night in order to repeat the experiment. So again, I placed the small creature on the right side of my bed just as I had the previous night. I relaxed my physical body, not leaving a single muscle tense. Thereafter, I intensely concentrated upon the feline, and within the profundity of my heart intended not to allow myself to become frightened once again. A soldier who has been warned about his opponent does not die in the war. Obviously, I was already warned about what was going to happen. Therefore, fear had already been frankly eliminated from my interior.

After about an hour elapsed, while very deeply concentrated, the exact same phenomenon of the previous night was repeated. Obviously, the elemental of this cat came out of his body in order to assume a gigantic and fearsome human figure.

Lying down on my bed, I stared at him. He was frightening in a great manner, terrifying. Indeed, his body was so enormous that it did not fit on my bed. Therefore, his legs and feet were hanging over my humble bed. What overwhelmed me the most was that this elemental, when abandoning his body, could materialize physically, in order to make himself visible and tangible for our senses. I touched him with my physical hands and he seemed to be made of iron. I saw him with my physical eyes and his face was huge.

However, this time I was not afraid. I intended to exercise complete control over myself, thus it is clear that I achieved it. Then, addressing him with a gentle and firm voice, I demanded that he take me out of my physical body by saying, “Little pussycat, get up from this bed.” When I said this, that giant stood on his feet. Thereafter, I continued commanding him by saying, “Now take me out of this physical body; take me in my astral body.” When saying these last words, this extraordinary giant answered me with the following words, “Give me your hands.” Clearly, I lifted my hands, a moment that the elemental took advantage of in order to pull me and take me out of my physical body.

Such a strange being was endowed with a terrifying force, but he irradiated love, and it is clear that he wanted to serve me. Thus, this is how the elementals of Nature are.

So, already in my astral body, next to my bed and having this mysterious being as my companion, I took the floor in order to command him again, like this, “Take me to the center of the City of Mexico.”

“Follow me,” was the answer of this colossus. He left the house walking slowly, and step by step I followed him.

We walked through distinct places of the city until arriving at San Juan de Letran. There, on a given street, we stopped for a while. It was the middle of the night, and I was longing to make a happy end of this experiment. I saw [from the fifth dimension into the third dimension] a group of gentlemen chatting on a corner. They were in their physical bodies. Therefore, it is unquestionable that they did not perceive me. Nonetheless, I wanted to become visible and tangible before them. Such was my intention.

Then I addressed the giant, that Nahual of marvels and prodigies. In a sweet yet imperative tone, I gave him a new command, “Pass me now to the world of three dimensions, into the physical world.” The elemental Nahual then placed his two hands over my shoulders and at the same time applied pressure upon them. I felt that I was abandoning the astral world and entering the physical world. Hence, I became visible and tangible before the gentlemen who were gathered in that place.

Approaching them, I asked, “What time is it, gentlemen?”

“Twelve-thirty at night.”

“Thank you, gentlemen. I want to tell you now that I come from the invisible regions and that I wanted to become visible and tangible in front of you.” Strange words, indeed. Those men looked at me with wonder. I continued telling them, “So long, sirs, I return again to the invisible world.” Thus, I begged that elemental to pass me again into the suprasensible regions. It is unquestionable that the creature obeyed with the very act. I could see the amazement of all of those gentlemen. They, filled with terror and panic, left in a hurry from that place.

New commands given to that elemental giant were enough in order for him to return me back to my house. Upon returning to my bedroom, to my chamber, I saw that this mysterious, conscious being was losing his gigantic size and was precisely entering through the pineal gland (which as is known is situated in the superior part of the brain) into his small feline body that was lying down upon the bed. I did the same thing; I placed my astral feet over the cited tiny gland of the physical body, thus I soon felt myself inside of my dense body, and I awoke in my bed.

I looked at the little pussycat. I caressed him a bit; I gave him thanks, and told him, “I thank you for your granted service; you and I are friends.”

Since then, my dear friends, I know that cats, these feline elementals, can be ideal for all aspirants who seek to enter into the realm of a superior life. With these types of Nahuals, any occultist can learn how to project himself consciously and positively in the astral body. What is important is to not be afraid; one needs a lot of courage. It is good to mention that for these types of psychic experiments, it is essential that the color of the cat be black.

Many learned ignoramuses can give themselves the luxury of laughing about all of these esoteric assertions, however, that does not matter to us. We are writing for people with spiritual longings; we are writing for people who indeed are longing for the awakening of their consciousness.

Question: Master, would you explain what an elemental is?

Answer: My friend, I want you to comprehend that every atom is a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness. Obviously, the conscious aspect of any atom is its elemental. Amplify now this idea a little more; think of the little cat of our experiment. You will see a physical organism; it is obvious that this organism is constituted by organs and cells. Think now that each cell is a sum of atoms; disarrange any atom and you will liberate energy. It is clear, then, that every organism, in its last synthesis, is reduced to distinct types and subtypes of energy.

However, there is something more within the creature or within the creatures: this is the intelligence, the consciousness. Unquestionably, the consciousness of the little cat of our experiment (or of any animal creature) is the interior elemental, the Nahual, to which the natives of Oaxaca refer.

Undoubtedly, that consciousness is attired with an ethereal body that allows him to make himself visible and tangible in any place, and to manifest himself into many shapes, such as the shape of that cat that you saw in my narrative.

Let us think of the plants; in each one of them we see also a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness. The consciousness is always the elemental. There are elementals in the fire. They are also in the air, and within the waters and the earth.

Ancient sages learned how to control the elementals. Magicians of archaic times commanded the elementals from the air and they obeyed by moving the clouds or withdrawing them in accordance with the magician’s will. The magicians commanded the salamanders of the fire; such magicians could act over the volcanoes of the earth by will. They commanded the elementals of the waters and it is obvious that they could control the tempests or to make the rivers and lagoons to overflow. They conjured the elementals of the mineral kingdom in order to perform alchemical operations or in order to make the earth tremble, or simply in order to conjure the earthquakes, thus, the outcome was always marvelous.

I believe that the gentleman can now comprehend what the elementals are. I advise you to study the book entitled, The Elementals, by Franz Hartmann, the great German initiate.

Question: I have heard that black magic and invocation of demons, etc., can be performed with black cats. What can you tell me about that, Master?

Answer: Respectable young lady, everything in Nature has a double use. There is the plant that cures and the plant that kills. You can see what a magnificent aid electricity is; many machines are powered with electric energy. Indeed, electricity produces a variety of services to us; nonetheless, this energy also kills in the electric chair. I understand that no one ignores that electricity in the hands of executioners causes death.

The black cat is criminally utilized by the perverse ones of black magic. Nevertheless, it can also be utilized by the saints of white magic. Elementals themselves are neither good nor evil; it all depends upon the will we exercise over them. If we employ them for good, then we perform a good deed. However, if we employ them for evil, then we perform an evil deed.

I believe that none of our friends who are presently here are dedicated to black magic. It seems to me that all of you can utilize the assistance of the black cat, which is especially magical, in order to consciously and positively project yourselves with your astral body.

To work for the awakening of our consciousness is not a crime.