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Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: The Three Brains

The Three Brains

The revolutionary psychology of the new era affirms that the physical organic machine that is mistakenly ascribed as human is actually that of intellectual animal creatures who subsist in a three-centered or three-brained manner.

The first brain is enclosed within the cranial vault. The second brain concretely corresponds to the central medulla, the dorsal spine with all of its nervous branches. The third brain is not located at some specific place nor is it related to a specific organ; indeed, the third brain is constituted by the sympathetic nervous plexuses and, in general, by all the specific nervous centers of the physical organism.

The first brain is the thinking center. The second brain is the center of movement, commonly called the motor center. The third brain is the emotional center.

It is completely demonstrated practically that any abuse of the thinking brain produces excessive waste of intellectual energy. Thus, it is logical to fearlessly affirm, without a doubt, that insane asylums are actually cemeteries for those people who are intellectually dead.

Harmonious and balanced sports are useful for the motor brain; however, the abuse of sports signifies an excessive squandering of motor energies, and the outcome is often disastrous. Thus, it is not absurd to affirm that there exist also people who are dead in the motor center. People with dead motor centers are known as hemiplegics, paraplegics, people with progressive paralysis, etc.

A sense of aesthetics, mysticism, ecstasy, and superior music are necessary in order to cultivate the emotional center; however, the abuse of this brain produces desecration because of the misuse or the squandering of emotional energy. Abusers of the emotional brain are the “new age” fans of existentialism and rock ‘n’ roll, the pseudo-artists of sensual modern art, the morbid, passionate people of sensuality, etc.

Even if this seems incredible, the truth is that—within each person—death is processed in thirds. It has already been demonstrated completely that every illness has its basis in one of the three brains.

The great law has wisely deposited within each of the three brains of the intellectual animal a definite capital of vital values. Saving such capital prolongs life, whereas squandering such capital produces death.

Archaic traditions that have come to us from the terrifying night of all times affirm that the average human physical life on the ancient continent Mu, located at the Pacific Ocean, oscillated between twelve and fifteen centuries. But, because of the mistaken use of the three brains throughout the ages, throughout the passing of the centuries, the life span has shortened little by little.

In the sunny country of Kem… there in the old Egypt of the Pharaohs, already the average human life only reached to one hundred and forty years.

Presently, in these modern times of gasoline and celluloid, in this age of existentialism and rebels of rock ‘n’ roll, the average human life, according to some insurance companies, is barely fifty years.

The Marxist-Leninists, those gentlemen of the Soviet Union, braggarts and liars as usual, are boasting—somewhere around—that they have invented a very special serum in order to prolong life; nonetheless, their old fogy Khrushchev, when not even eighty years old, has to ask permission from one foot to lift the other foot.

In the center of Asia there exists a religious community constituted by elderly people who do not even remember their teenage years. The average life span of these old people oscillates between four hundred and five hundred years. The whole secret of long life for these Asiatic monks lies within the wise use of the three brains.

The balanced and harmonious function of the three brains results in the saving of vital values and, as a logical consequence, the prolongation of life.

There exists a cosmic law known as the “equalization of the vibrations of many sources.” The monks of that monastery know how to use such a law by means of the harmonious use of the three brains.

Obsolete pedagogy leads students to the abuse of the thinking brain, the outcome of which is already known by psychiatry.

The basis of a fundamental education lies in the intelligent cultivation of the three brains. In the ancient mysteries of Babylon, Greece, India, Persia, Egypt, etc., students received direct, integral information for their three brains by means of precepts, dances, music, etc., intelligently combined.

The theaters of ancient times were part of education. Drama, comedy, and tragedy in combination with special mimicry, music, oral teaching, etc., served to place information within the three brains of each individual.

At that time, students did not abuse the thinking brain, since they knew how to intelligently use their three brains in a balanced way.

The dances of the mysteries of Eleusis in Greece, the theatre in Babylon, the sculpture in Greece were always utilized in order to transmit knowledge to the disciples.

Regrettably, in these degenerated times of rock ‘n’ roll, the confused and disoriented students walk on the tenebrous path of mental abuse.

Presently, true creative systems for the harmonious cultivation of the three brains do not exist.

Teachers of schools, colleges, and universities only address the unfaithful memory of their bored students who wait with anxiety for the hour in which they leave the classroom.

It is essential and indispensable to know how to combine intellect, movement, and emotion with the purpose of delivering integral information into the three brains of the students.

It is an absurdity to deliver information to only one brain. The intellectual brain is not the only brain for cognition. Thus, it is criminal to abuse the thinking brain of students.

A fundamental education must lead students along the path of harmonious development.

Revolutionary psychology clearly teaches that the three brains have three types of independent associations, which are totally different. These three types of associations evoke different types of impulses of the Being.

These factually grant us three different personalities, which in their nature or in their manifestations do not possess anything in common.

The revolutionary psychology of the new age teaches that three distinct psychological aspects exist within each person. Thus, we crave a thing through one part of our psychic essence, yet we desire a decidedly different thing with another part, and we do a totally opposing thing through the third part. I.e., in a moment of supreme pain, perhaps the loss of a beloved relative or any other intimate tragedy, our emotional personality can reach even to desperation, while our intellectual personality asks itself the “why” of such a tragedy, whilst the personality of movement only wants to run away from the scene.

Therefore, these three distinct, different, and many times even contradictory personalities must be intelligently cultivated and instructed with methods and special systems in all schools, colleges, and universities.

So, from the psychological point of view, it is an absurdity to educate exclusively the intellectual personality.

Understand: every individual has three personalities that urgently need a fundamental education.