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Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: Death


It is essential to comprehend in depth and in all the levels of the mind what death truly really is; only in this manner is it possible to integrally understand what immortality is. Merely seeing the corpse of a beloved relative within a coffin does not signify that the mystery of death has been comprehended.

For the mind, the truth is unknowable from moment to moment, and the truth about death is no exception.  This is why the “I” always wants—as is hardly natural—insurance against death; that is, a guarantee from some authority that will assure him of a good position and some type of immortality beyond the terrifying sepulcher. This is because the “myself” does not feel any desire to die. Yes, the “I” wants to continue. The “I” is very afraid of death.

The truth is not an issue to believe in or doubt. The truth has nothing to do with credibility or skepticism. The truth is not subject to ideas, theories, opinions, concepts, preconceptions, suppositions, prejudices, affirmations, negotiations, etc., and the truth about the mystery of death is no exception.

The truth about the mystery of death can be known only through direct experience, and it is impossible to communicate this genuine experience of death to someone who does not know it.

Any poet can write beautiful books about love, but it is impossible to communicate the truth about love to people who have never experienced it. Likewise, we state that it is impossible to communicate the truth about death to people who have not consciously experienced it.

Those who want to know the truth about death must investigate, experience, and properly search for themselves. Only in this manner can we discover the profound significance of death.

The observation and experience of many years have allowed us to comprehend that people are not interested in really comprehending the profound significance of death; the only thing that people are really interested in is how to continue to exist in the beyond, that is all. Many people want to continue to exist by means of their material goods, prestige, family, beliefs, ideas, children, etc. Nevertheless, when they comprehend that any type of psychological continuity is vain, transitory, ephemeral, unstable, then—lacking subsequent guarantees—their “I” feels insecure and they become terrified, horrified; they become filled with infinite terror.

These wretched people do not want to comprehend—they do not want to understand—that everything that continues develops in time. Likewise, these wretched people do not want to comprehend that everything that continues also decays with time.

Moreover, these wretched people do not want to comprehend that everything that continues becomes mechanical, routine, boring.

It is essential, necessary, and indispensable for us to become completely cognizant of the deep significance of death; only in this manner will the terror of ceasing to exist disappear.

By carefully observing humanity, we can verify that the mind is always found bottled up within the known, and wants to continue to exist together with this known beyond the sepulcher.

But a mind that is bottled up within the known can never experience the unknowable; that is, it can never experience the reality, the truth. So, understand: in order to experience the Eternal, the Atemporal, the Reality, it is necessary to break the bottle of time by means of correct meditation.

Therefore, those who desire to continue to exist fear death, and their beliefs and theories only serve them as narcotics.

Death in itself is not frightful; it is something lovely, sublime, ineffable—nevertheless, since the mind is bottled up within the known, it only moves within the vicious circle that loops around from credulity to skepticism.

When we become completely cognizant of the deep and profound significance of death, we discover for ourselves—by direct experience—that life and death constitute an integral and unitotal whole.

Death is the depository of life. The path of life is formed by the hoof prints of the horse of death.

Life is a defined and defining energy. Different types of energies flow within the human organism from birth to death. The only type of energy that the human organism cannot resist is the energy of the Ray of Death; this Ray is a lightning bolt charged with excessively elevated electrical voltage. The human organism cannot resist such a voltage.

Just as a lightning bolt tears a tree to pieces, likewise the ray of death inevitably destroys the human organism when it flows through it.

The ray of death connects the phenomenon of death to the phenomenon of birth; this lightning bolt of death originates very intrinsic, intimate, electrical tensions, and a certain keynote that has the determinant power of combining the genes within the fecundated egg.

The lightning bolt of death reduces the human organism to its fundamental elements. Thus, this is how the ego, the energetic “I,” regrettably continues in our descendants.

So, the truth about that which is death—which is the interval between death and conception—is something that does not belong to time; it is something that we can only experience by means of the science of meditation.

Teachers of schools, colleges, and universities must teach their students the path which leads to the experience of reality, of the truth.