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Esoteric Treatise of Theurgy: Seventh Invocation

Seventh Invocation

After having investigated the six preceding invocations of the great “Conjuration of the Seven,” which the great King Solomon left to us in ancient times, we decided to investigate the last invocation, which literally states:

By the Holy Elohim and by the names of the genii Cashiel, Sehaltiel, Aphiel, and Zarahiel, at the command of Orifiel, depart from us Moloch! We deny thee our children to devour.

Who could this Moloch be? Ancient tradition tells us about Moloch, an iron bull that was heated red-hot. The story tells us that many children were thrown into the horrible stomach of this iron bull. So, much has been stated about Moloch, and we wanted to investigate this case.

Thus, outside the physical body, we invoked Moloch with the grand Appellation of Peter of Apono. So as we vocalized the mantras, we sunk into the atomic infernos of Nature and there we saw the immense multitudes of human beings who live in those Abysses.

Suddenly, we saw a rider on a horse, riding in the midst of those multitudes; the rider came mounted on a vigorous stallion.

That rider looked like someone from Arabia. He wore a blood-colored robe and covered his head with an oriental turban. Indeed, the face of that man looked like that of an Arab: his penetrating eyes were large and black with bushy eyebrows, strong and thick lips, a straight nose, dark colored.

The man wore sandals. Indeed, his entire appearance was like that of a rider from pleasant Arabia. He was Moloch! The terrible demon Moloch! Hastily, opening his way among the multitudes, he came towards us riding his vigorous stallion. He addressed the director of the chain of investigations, by mockingly shouting in a loud voice. Perversely satisfied, he told him the following, “Ah...! I thought you were up there, among the little Angels! So, you came back, eh?!”

Then the director of the great chain of investigations, courageously answered him, “You are mistaken, Moloch. I am not here to stay, only to visit. I have come down only to investigate you. That is all!”

Moloch withdrew. Thereafter, all of us investigators returned into our physical bodies. Much later, we invoked Orifiel, the angel of Saturn, who is the luminous antithesis of this demon.

That angel Orifiel governs the marvelous Ray of Saturn.

After we concluded the investigation of this last invocation of the “Conjuration of the Seven,” we arrived at the following conclusions:

1st:     The “Conjuration of the Seven” of Solomon the sage is a Kabbalistic conjuration of immense power in order to combat the tenebrous legions.

2nd:    The “Conjuration of the Seven” of Solomon the sage should be utilized by all students of occultism before their rituals, or in order to “cleanse” their homes, or before going to sleep, or before doing their esoteric exercises. Thus, this is how the tenebrous ones are driven away.

3rd:    Demons are terrible fornicators since they ejaculate the seminal liquor.

4th:    Angels never ever ejaculate the seminal liquor.

5th:     When human beings do not ejaculate their seminal liquor, they awaken the Kundalini, the fiery serpent of our magical powers which is enclosed in the coccygeal chakra (the church of Ephesus), at the base of the spinal medulla, which in common and ordinary people is closed. The seminal vapors open this orifice so that the fiery serpent may enter through there. As the serpent rises through the medullar channel, it opens up all of our powers, developing all of our faculties. The first great Initiation of Fire is attained when the serpent reaches the area between our eyebrows after having passed over the top of our head. We have to work with the seven degrees of the power of fire; this is how the human being is transformed into an authentic Angel, filled with power and glory!

6th:    When human beings ejaculate their seminal liquor through the practices of black magic, when they follow the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, or simply, when they never repent of ejaculating the seminal liquor, then the fiery serpent of our magical powers descends into the atomic infernos of the human being (instead of rising through the medullar canal) and becomes the horrible tail of Satan (the Kundabuffer).

7th:     It is dreadfully dangerous to invoke demons. We found ourselves in very serious and tremendous danger when we were performing the investigation of the “Conjuration of the Seven!” If the student is not armed with the Sword of Justice, if he is not absolutely chaste, if he does not follow the path of sanctification, he could easily lose his life in those works, or just as well, could arrive at the most terrible despair, the most frightening fear, with very serious consequences for the physical body, risking himself by invoking demons.

8th:     High Theurgy must only be utilized in order to invoke Angels. By means of High Theurgy, we can study at the feet of the Grand Master of Wisdom, converse with the Angels, talk with the constructors of the universe, talk with our inner God, face to face, in the Superior Worlds.

9th:     We must sublimate all of our sexual energies towards the heart. We must tread the path of absolute sanctity.

10th:     After having visited the Abyss, we arrived at the conclusion that the demons disintegrate in the Abyss within the most frightening and horrible suffering. This is the “Second Death!”

Final Conclusion

We, the investigators, while in the Astral Body, arrived at a house where one could only see mud, misery, indigence, hunger, and worst of all... terrible fornication!

We saw a horrible, repugnant room; a terribly fornicating woman lived in that room. That woman had already died; she had already entered the Abyss! In that filthy room in which she lived, only rags, mud, indigence, misery, suffering, and dirt could be seen. When we were investigating, we were able to intuitively see the close relationship that exists between the tenebrous powers featured in the “Conjuration of the Seven” and fornicating people.

The whole of this is one and the same thing: Black magic! Fornication! Repugnant misery! We, the investigators, were able to see that incorrigible fornicators pay their karma through the most atrocious misery, the most disconcerting and horrible misery in their last reincarnations.

Whosoever ejaculates their seminal liquor, even if they are married, are violators of the Law; they are fornicators!

The soul of any fornicator (before entering into the Abyss) receives the last physical body and lives in the most frightening and terrible misery. So, fornicators sink into those tenebrous regions after their last reincarnation filled with the most repugnant indigence ever known by human generation. In the Orient, the Abyss, or the atomic infernos of Nature are known with the term of Avitchi. All sins will be forgiven EXCEPT the sin against the Holy Spirit! The sexual energy is the creative energy of the Third Logos. The Third Logos is the Holy Spirit. The Third Logos radiates his energy in the fundamental vortex of every nebula, in the center of the smallest atom, in everything that comes to life. In the human being, the energy of the Third Logos is the creative power of sex.

When human beings dedicate themselves to fornication, their creative energy becomes outwardly and downwardly exteriorized, thus connecting them to the tenebrous powers and to the Avitchi... We must work in the laboratory of the Holy Spirit (sex), in order to transmute our creative power into light and fire. We must cause the energy of the Third Logos to flow inwardly and upwardly, in order to awaken our divine and ineffable creative powers. This is the Magnum Opus!

Fornicators become indigent and miserable shadows... Thereafter, they sink into the frightening Abyss…!