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Esoteric Treatise of Theurgy: Fifth Invocation

Fifth Invocation

The readers who have closely followed the entire course of our investigations will comprehend that Spiritism or Spiritualism with its mediums or necromancy with its laboratories would not have helped us in performing these transcendental invocations of High Theurgy.

There are many students who would like to see, hear, touch and feel these things, but regrettably, their complementary faculties are damaged.

There are many people who would like to consciously project themselves in their Astral Body; yet, they suffer the unspeakable because they do not achieve it.

The clue, which we gave in our first chapter, namely the mantra “Faraon,” is formidable; it is important to never give up, to persevere, to not become tired of practicing it until you reach success.

During the normal hours of sleep, every human being is outside of the physical body. In the Internal Worlds, our Innermost intervenes in order to make us integrally comprehend all of the processes of our daily life; for instance, business that we performed during the day, words that we uttered, emotions we experienced, etc.

It is unfortunate that we live unconsciously daily. We do not comprehend the threefold range (physically, soulfully, and spiritually) of each of our daily actions, of each of our words, of each sentiment. This is why our Innermost intervenes during our sleep in order to make us see symbolically the threefold range of all the events that we perform during our daily life. Thus, during sleep, human souls move within those symbols. These symbols are the so-called dreams.

If we lived completely conscious of each of the actions of our daily life, if we comprehended the threefold range of each action of our daily life, if before going to sleep we performed a retrospective exercise in order to become totally and absolutely “cognizant of our consciousness” in regards to all of the events that occurred during the day, then during the hours of normal sleep we would be absolutely free, as if we were on a “vacation.” We would move completely conscious in our Astral Body; we would act with an awakened consciousness within the Internal Worlds.

Notwithstanding, we must warn that the retrospective exercise must be performed during profound meditation. We must recognize our errors, to repent for them, to have the resolution to not repeat those errors, to not condemn our errors, nor justify them. When we condemn or justify an error, we do not comprehend it; what is important is to consciously comprehend them. When we become totally and absolutely “cognizant of our consciousness” trapped within a certain defect, then that defect disintegrates. We remain free of it! Therefore, the important thing is for the dreamer to awaken within the Internal Worlds during normal sleep, during the nocturnal sleep, without “mediumistic trances,” without “hypnotism,” etc.

After this preamble to our present chapter, let us now continue with the investigations of the “Conjuration of the Seven.” After having taken care of the previous investigations, we decided to study the “fifth conjuration” of the great King Solomon within the Superior Worlds.

Let us read:

By Zachariel et Sachiel-Meleck, be obedient unto Elvah, Sanagabril!

We already knew that Zachariel is the Genie of Jupiter. What we didn’t know was who Elvah and Sanagabril were. At first glance, we comprehended that they were the two antitheses of the Ray of Jupiter. Sanagabril had to be called with the Appellation of Peter of Apono because he was a tenebrous entity. Since Sanagabril has to be conjured in order to drive him away, it is logical that he is a tenebrous one. As for Elvah, we inferred that he was a luminous Angel, since he has to be named in order to drive away Sanagabril. Therefore, Elvah could not be invoked with the Appellation of Peter of Apono. We can only call him in the name of Christ, by the majesty of Christ, by the power of Christ.

Thus, in the Internal Worlds, we began to invoke Sanagabril. Within a small hall (while in the Astral Body) we made the invocation. We called many times, yet Sanagabril was delayed. A narrow corridor, a long passageway full of darkness led to the small room where we were performing the invocation. After a period of patient waiting, we felt the steps of someone coming through the narrow corridor. Indeed, those footsteps were not very pleasant! The sounds of those steps were not of shoes or sandals. It was a different sound. It was the sound of claws and nails, like that of a tiger, or of an evil beast.

We remained firm. We waited for Sanagabril to draw a little closer. We were prepared to conjure him with a mighty force! Suddenly, a strange being came to the threshold of that dwelling. Then, we looked and saw such a horrible face, which only the imagination of somebody who is mad as a hatter or a half-wit would be able to conceive. It would have been better for us if we saw the dead coming out of their tombs at midnight, than to contemplate the tremendously horrible face of Sanagabril! Frankly, the terrible aspect of such a diabolical beast surprised us so much, that the impression caused us to instantaneously return back to our physical bodies. We were not afraid of him! His horrible ugliness astounded us... Everyone who follows the black path arrives at that dismal state!

Nevertheless, we were not dismayed. Thus, we decided to confront the horrendous spectacle again.

Therefore, on another night while in our Astral Body, with certainty of spirit, we once again did the invocation of Sanagabril. This time we invoked him on a street corner in a large city. Sanagabril came to our call! He was anxious to talk to us and took the shape of a normal man; he looked like a banker, and arrived talking to us about money. He gave us the prize-winning numbers of the lottery, so that we might buy a ticket... With these temptations, he tried to attract us to his sphere of tenebrous influence. Lottery is pure black magic! An entire population is robbed in order to enrich a few. We did not allow ourselves to become imprisoned within that “little golden cage.” We were only interested in knowing this tenebrous aspect, this shadow of Jupiter!

Thereafter, on another night, we decided to investigate Elvah. This Angel is love, altruism, charity, chastity, and sanctity!