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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: Mutants


Ever since Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier didactically and scientifically spoke of the mutants, it is obvious to comprehend that a true ideological thoughtfulness was produced in the intellectual world.

It is unquestionable that this theme about mutants is something unusual, unexpected. Therefore, it is urgent to elucidate, to clarify, to illuminate in a meticulous way this intriguing subject matter.

Hence, delving within this vitally important subject matter, we can clearly discover two types of mutations.

We will give the classification of “favorable mutations” to the first type.

We will give the classification of “unfavorable mutations” to the second type.

Mutation is removal, change, alteration, variation. The foundation, base, support, and groundwork of the mutant is sex.

Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier believe that cases of authentic mutants are shown in prodigious children.

Dr. J. Ford Thomson, after having examined five thousand children in England, found among them “a bursting fury of intelligence.”

Among the last ninety children of seven and nine years of age who were examined by this psychiatrist, twenty-six had an intellectual quotient of one hundred and forty, which is equivalent or close to genius.

Dr. Thomson stated that strontium ninety, a radioactive product which penetrates into the body, may be the cause of it. This product did not exist before the first atomic explosion.

The two North American sages C. Brooke and Robert K. Enrdes wrote in their distinguished book entitled The Nature of Living Things that they believe they can demonstrate the following: “Presently, the assemblage of genes is suffering a perturbation. As a result of this and also because of the effect of still mysterious influences, a new race of human beings endowed with superior intellectual powers is arising.” This is a very daring thesis that must be accepted with a certain prudence.

It is clear by all means that the inheritance atom has been localized within the chromosomes.

It is entirely evident that the biological inheritance can be radically transformed in order to originate the mutant.

It is unquestionable that in the will for sexual transmutation and the Sahaja Maithuna, such as we taught in chapter 26 of this 1969-1970 Christmas Message, a frightful sacrifice and an authentic psychological rebellion, or better if we say, a declared insurrection against our biological inheritance exists.

The mutant is the obvious and manifested outcome of this very special type of psycho-sexual rebellion. We, the Gnostics, need to profoundly study the cardinal and definitive laws for the scientific mutation.

Any legitimate mutant of a favorable type is the specific outcome of distinct crystallizations of the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12.

It is unquestionable that the cited hydrogen represents the final outcome from the transformation of the food within the marvellous laboratory of our human organism. It is obvious that this is the primordial matter with which sex works. This is the prime substance of the Great Work, a substance which the sexual center fabricates very wisely.

It is certain that the Ens Seminis and its peculiar Hydrogen SI-12 is seed and fruit at the same time.

To transmute this portentous hydrogen, in order to give to it an intelligent crystallization on a second superior octave, actually signifies to create a new life within the existing organism, to give an evident form to the “Astral Body or Sidereal Body of the alchemists and kabbalists.”

The Master “G.” stated:

“You must understand that the Astral Body is born from the same material, from the same substance, from the same matter, where the physical body is born. The only thing which is different is the procedure.”

“The whole physical body, all of its cells, as a way of saying, remain impregnated by the emanations of the matter, which is SI-12. Therefore, when these have been saturated enough, then the matter SI-12 starts to crystallize.”

Then the cited Master added:

“The crystallization of this matter constitutes the formation of the Astral Body.”

“The transition of the matter SI-12 into a condition of emanations and into the gradual saturation of the whole organism with these emanations is what in Alchemy is called ‘transmutation’ or ‘transformation.’”

The Master “G.” continues, stating:

“Precisely, this transformation of the physical body into the Astral Body is what in Alchemy is called the transformation of the ‘gross’ metals into ‘fine’ metals, in other words, the acquisition of gold from ordinary metals.”

The scientific clue for sexual transmutation is in the Sahaja Maithuna taught in chapter 26 of this book.

The homunculi mistakenly called human being is not born with an Astral Body. It is obvious that this precious vehicle is not an indispensable implement for existing in this physical world, since the human organism possesses a vital base which allows it to live.

The Astral Body is a luxury that very few people give to themselves. An intellectual animal without such a sidereal vehicle can produce the impression of being very intelligent and even spiritual. Therefore, it is easy that in this way he can cheat himself and cheat others.

Nevertheless, there is something that the Master “G.” forgot. I am emphatically referring to the demon Apopi from the Egyptian mysteries. This demon in itself is the body of desires.

It is obvious that the pseudo-esotericist and pseudo-occultist clairvoyants confuse such a demon with the precious Astral Body.

The horrible demon Apopi, base of all passional bestiality, is found in intimate relation with the grand sympathetic nervous system.

Let us delve a little more within this very important theme. Let us delve into profundity, into the mind.

Allow me the freedom to disagree with the famous Dr. J. Ford Thomson. Frankly, I do not believe that those famous prodigious children, discovered by the cited psychiatrist, could be mutants.

Let us remember that the ego is memory and that it returns into new human wombs. It is unquestionable that after each death, the ego reincorporates again.

There is a vulgar statement that says: “It is not because the Devil is a devil that the Devil knows too much, but because he is very old.”

In this day and age, in life, the egos are very old; they have returned into this world too many times. They have abundantly repeated what they know, what they learned. Therefore, the outcome of this repetition is the so-called “prodigious children” who are people who know their job marvellously. That is all.

The miserable homunculi falsely called human being still does not possess the authentic Solar Mind. He only has an intellectual, bestial understanding. The rational animal, even when he might be a “prodigious child,” is not a mutant.

To conceive that a mutant can exist with a lunar, animal, bestial type of mind is the breaking point of absurdity. This is only possible in the mutants who are qualified as unfavorable.

Unfortunately, the great clairvoyants from the reactionary pseudo-esotericism and pseudo-occultism are also mistaken. Lamentably, they confuse the demon Hai, horror of Osiris, with the legitimate Mental Solar Vehicle.

It is unquestionable that the cited intellectual demon is the lunar, animal Mental Body which presently is occupying the human organism, the place which the authentic Christ-Mind from the favorable mutation should occupy.

The Intellectual Animal is not born with the solar type of Mental Body; he must build it if what he wants is to convert himself into a favorable mutant.

It is obvious that the Alchemist, by means of the Sahaja Maithuna, can and must transmute the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12 by passing it into a third musical octave. The outcome of such a procedure is the crystallization of that cited element into the splendid and amazing form of a supra-sensible Mental Solar Vehicle.

This is the Christ-Mind of the Gnostic Arhat, an extraordinary outcome of sexual mutation.

This specific type of mind differs very much from the animal intellect, as water differs from oil.

Another very discussible theme, which is in no way irrelevant in this chapter, is the Causal Body or Body of Conscious Will.

It is clear, obvious, and manifested that the clairvoyants from some pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist systems also become lamentably mistaken about this body. This is due to the fact that they confuse the Essence with the Causal Body.

The Essence in itself is just a fraction of the Human Soul that is incarnated within ourselves. This Essence is bottled up within the ego; it is engulfed within the Lunar Bodies.

It is unquestionable that the homunculi mistakenly called human being is submitted to the Law of Recurrence. He is not capable of originating anything new; he is a victim of circumstances.

Each time that the ego returns into this valley of Samsara it repeats exactly all of the acts of its previous lives, sometimes in elevated spirals, sometimes in lower spirals.

In this day and age, within the cheap pseudo-occultism, much is spoken about the law of Epigenesis, the capacity for originating new circumstances. It is obvious that only the authentic human beings with conscious will can modify their destiny and originate a new order of things.

The Intellectual Animal has not built the Body of Conscious Will, the Causal Vehicle. The wretched, rational homunculi is always a victim of the eternal laws of Return and Recurrence.

The place within ourselves that should be occupied by the Causal Body is unfortunately occupied by the demon Nebt of the Egyptian mysteries. It is obvious that such a demon is the living personification of evil will.

We need to create the Causal Body if what we sincerely want is to incarnate the Being.

Only the Being is capable of doing. Only He can modify the circumstances and exercise with mastery the Law of Epigenesis.

Whosoever truly wants to build the Causal Body must transmute the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12 and pass it, by means of the Sahaja Maithuna, into a fourth musical octave in order to crystallize it in the excellent form of the vehicle of the Conscious Will.

The authentic mutant possesses as a fact and by his own right the four bodies: Physical, Astral, Mental, and Causal.

The vital condition for the Second Birth is to possess the four bodies of Alchemy.

Whosoever incarnates his Being reaches the Second Birth and becomes a Twice Born; he becomes a legitimate mutant.

Therefore, it is unquestionable that the type of favorable mutant is the outcome of the positive crystallizations of the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12.

Nevertheless, we must not forget that unfavorable mutants also exist. They are negative crystallizations of the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12.

I want to emphatically refer to the practitioners of Black Tantra, to those Alchemists who spill the cup of Hermes, to those who ejaculate the Ens Seminis during the Maithuna.

Those Alchemists develop the abominable Kundabuffer Organ and fortify the three traitors of Hiram Abiff and the demons of Seth within themselves.

These three traitors, Judas, Pilate, and Caiaphas, are the same three demons of the Egyptian mysteries cited in this chapter: the Demon of Desire, the Demon of the Mind, and the Demon of Evil Will.

The unfavorable mutant is found between the dilemma of disintegrating his false crystallization or entering within the submerged devolution, within the circle of the terrible necessity.

The unfavorable mutant cannot incarnate his Being within himself. He is, as a fact, a cosmic failure.

Indeed, the unfavorable mutant is a perverse homunculi, but never a true human being.

It is obvious that in order to become an authentic human being one is required to have previously built the Solar Bodies and to have incarnated the Being.

Therefore, a human being, the legitimate mutant, the true adept, is as different from the intellectual animal as the day is to night.

Radioactivity can originate the modification of the genes of certain individuals but can never create a favorable or unfavorable mutant.

The protein of the gene, slightly affected, will stop producing, as Louis Pauwels states, certain acids which are the cause of anguish. Then, we would see the appearance of cynical and perverse people who are not afraid of anything, who enjoy killing. However, these are not mutants, as some authors suppose.

The supposition of Pauwels seems ludicrous to me, that the effects of radioactivity respond to a will directed towards the heights.

It does not appear correct to me the concept that the genetic mutation produced by the atomic radioactivity of this day and age signifies a spiritual elevation for humanity.

It is obvious that the intensive radioactivity can alter the order of the genes and originate defective embryology. However, such monstrous specimens are not mutants.

We do not deny that mutation, change, and variation in a monstrous embryology exists. Nevertheless, the authentic mutant we are studying in this chapter is radically different.

The idea that a mutant is born only because of the fact of the fundamental alteration of the gene’s protein seems absurd to me.

This idea of the mutant is fascinating, astonishing, and formidable. On the side of the Luciferians comes Hitler, shouting, “I am going to reveal the secret to you: The mutation of the human race has already begun. Super human beings exist.”

On the side of renovated Hinduism, Pauwels stated, “The master of the Ashram from Pondichery, one of the greatest thinkers of New India, Sir Aurobindo Ghose, founded his philosophy and his sacred texts’ commentaries upon the certainty of an ascending evolution of humanity performed by mutations.”

We, the Gnostics, emphasise the idea that the birth of the mutant by means of atomic explosions and radioactivity cannot be possible. We do not take this Holy Communion’s Parchment-Host. No one can cheat us. We can never accept the dogma of evolution.

The mutant is the outcome of a revolution of the consciousness. It is the living product of a psychological rebellion.

It seems utopian to me, the extravagant concept from Dr. Louis Wolf, English specialist in infantile sicknesses from London, when he affirms that in such a country thirty thousand phenyl-ketonic mutants are born every year.

Pauwels states that these mutants possess genes that ‘he says’ do not produce in their blood determined ferments which act in normal blood.

The cited author continues stating to us that a phenyl-ketonic mutant is incapable of disassociating the phenyl-alamine. Pauwels continues explaining that this incapacity makes the child vulnerable to epilepsy and to eczema. This provokes, accordingly to this cited author, a grey-ashy coloration of the hair and makes the adult person inclined towards mental sicknesses.

The mentioned author believes that this phenyl-ketonic race, separated from normal humanity, is the outcome of unfavorable mutations produced by radioactivity.

Pauwels does not want to comprehend that these sick human specimens are certainly the outcome of the atomic explosions.

It is lamentable that they make a mysticism from scientific madness, namely, from atomic experiments, H bombs, etc.

Pauwels believes in the possibility of favorable mutations by means of radioactivity from this fatal epoch in which we live. He supposes that this type of positive mutants could, ‘he says,’ have in their blood susceptible products in order to improve their physical equilibrium and to increase their quotient of intelligence very much above our own.

Pauwels thinks that mutants like this could carry in their veins natural sedatives that shelter them from the psychic shocks of life and from the complexes of anguish, etc., etc., etc.

It is pitiful that this otherwise intelligent author has made a religion from atomic explosions and their radiations.