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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: Birth Control

Birth Control

The gonads of a female are the ovaries, breasts, and the uterus. The gonads of a male are the testicles, the phallus, and the prostate gland.

In synthesis, such generative glands are marvellous sexual micro-laboratories.

It is unquestionable that the cited glands possess a double function, since they have internal and external secretions.

If, indeed, it is true that the ovaries produce the ovum, then it is no less true that the ovaries also have the incretion of a formidable endocrine substance that vitalizes the woman and makes her feminine.

It is true, effective, and real that the testicles have the Ens Seminis (the entity of semen) as external secretion. The sperm float within the semen; they factually become the vital germs of existence.

The intimate hormonal incretion of the surface of the testicles is the marvellous power that gives energy to the male and is what makes him essentially masculine.

The normal male is the one who has normal masculine gonads. The normal female is the one who has normal feminine gonads.

The ovaries very wisely regulate the distribution of calcium in the woman. This is already proven. Excessive number of pregnancies due to many circumstances originate the terrible cases of osteomalacia or deformities because of softening and curving of the bones. This is very common in those densely populated countries of the world in which we live.

It has been scientifically verified that after several pregnancies, indeed, a progressive loss of the reserves of calcium occurs. Then the bones begin to give away.

Any physician can verify that many women suffer disturbances in their teeth during their pregnancy.

The testicles regulate the calcium in the male’s bones, giving strength and stability to them.

Through many years of observation and experience, those who are wise have verified that, as a general rule, the male with very strong bones is sexually very virile.

It is now completely proven by means of profound scientific observations that some of the endocrine glands intelligently act as accelerators for the sexual glands and others decrease such an action.

Eminent biologists of whom we cannot doubt learned that the thymus gland holds the sexual appetite.

It is known that the ovaries emit an ovum every twenty-eight days in accordance with the lunar cycle.

It is evident that such a feminine gamete is collected inside one of the fallopian tubes and is conducted into the uterus, where it has to encounter the masculine germ (sperm), if another life is to begin.

It is demonstrated that there does not exist a more impelling force in its expression like the exertion performed between the masculine and feminine germs when they want to encounter each other.

Birth control is a crime; however, conception control is an obligation.

In these times of worldly crisis and demographic explosion, three absurd systems for control of conception exist, namely:

  1. Physical
  2. Chemical
  3. Biological

Pessaries, membranes, and other intrauterine devices, condoms, etc., are included within the first system.

The second system is comprised of spermicidal pomades with a base of arsenic, mercury, etc. (cellular venom).

Contraceptive pills, fallopian tube ligature or spermatic cord ligature (vasectomy), ovulen 28, anovlar 21, retex, etc., are found included in the third system.

It is obvious that all these contraceptive physical procedures that are one hundred percent mechanistic, in addition to originating organic destruction that is often irreparable, also corrupt human ethics in a radical way and conduce towards degeneration.

It is unquestionable that any type of pomades which are applied in the vagina cause chemical irritations and disequilibrium of the cells on the neck of the womb.

It is indubitable that all of the biological contraceptives, the ones which prevent the descent of the ovum into the womb, cause a frightful disequilibrium on the marvellous axle between the hypophysis and the gonads.

It is indispensable to comprehend in depth the tremendous power of those vital agents called lysosomes, because without them the nucleus of the organic cell can never be kept alive.

It is by all means manifest, clear, and positive that the stabilized lysosomes on the spermatozoa and ovum originate healthy and strong creatures.

The contraceptive pills and the rest of the biological and chemical elements destroy the lysosomes from the spermatozoa and ovum. Therefore, this originates sick, insane, paralytic creatures, deaf and mute people, blind children, idiots, homosexuals and lesbians, etc.

The scientists have verified that the pomades which are applied on the neck of the womb with the purpose of blocking it, destroy the cellular lysosomes.

These destroyed lysosomes act freely, annihilating cells and originating ulcers and cancer within the vaginal walls and the neck of the womb.

The lysosomes, in a completely harmonious activity within the living cell, constitute the foundation of existence.

Various forms of lysosomes exist, namely:

  • Lipase (fats)
  • Catalase
  • Oxidase
  • Peroxidase
  • Protease (proteins)
  • Hydrates (hydrogen)

It is obvious that the lysosome in itself is an electro-magnetic enzymatic center.

The k-meson lies within the living nucleus of the cell. When it irradiates towards the periphery, it originates the intracellular lysosomes by means of the law of the eternal Heptaparaparshinock.

The superficial tension, the osmotic and ‘encotic’ pressure of all the cells (red cells, spermatozoa, etc.) are stabilized when in harmony with the infinite, when in contact with nature.

The detergents, insecticides, spermicidal pomades, drugs, animal hormones, carbon monoxide, etc., destroy the lysosomes from the spermatozoa and ovum, etc.

The vital air, far away from the cities, the Prana from the forests, the sun, the pure water, etc., fortifies and enriches the organism with prodigious lysosomes.

Certainly, the lysosomes are the active agents of the organism’s vital depth (the Lingam Sarira).

The physical, chemical, and biological procedures in fashion for birth control destroy the lysosomes. Therefore, they originate frightful sicknesses, they terminate life.

The International Gnostic Movement has revolutionary scientific procedures and methods for conception control.

Our system has formidable advantages, such as not destroying the lysosomes.

Our plan constructs lysosomes, it enriches the human organism, it vitalizes it.

I want to emphatically refer to the Hindu Sahaja Maithuna, the famous Italian Karezza.

Abundant documentation exists about all of this within the famous Hindu Kama Kalpa and within the works of all the Medieval Alchemists like Sendivogius, Paracelsus, Nicolas Flamel, Raymond Lully, etc.

It is lamentable that the Hindu Kama Sutra was adulterated and deformed in a very monstrous, sinister, and abominable way.

The biologists have evidenced through many years of observation and direct experience that the sexual glands are not closed capsules, since they excrete and increte hormones.

The root of the word hormone comes form the Greek language [ὁρμή] and signifies: anxiety of becoming, strength of becoming.

The astonishing vital power of the sexual hormones is evident. Therefore, to save them, to learn to increte them, to make them return inwardly and upwardly with the sane purpose of enriching life is not a crime.

It has been completely proven that the sexual hormonal incretion intensifies the hormonal production of all the endocrine glands.

The sanguineous torrent conduces sexual hormones, it transports them, puts them in contact with all of those glandular micro-laboratories.

The non-ejaculation of semen (not reaching the orgasm) is radical in order to avoid conception and in order to intensify the hormonal incretion.

If the male avoids the ejaculation of semen and if the woman also avoids the orgasm, then, control of the problem of conception is resolved.

Thelema (willpower) is what is required during the sexual act, in order to withdraw in time, prior to the sexual spasm.

The refrained sexual desire will make the creative energy ascend. This is how we perform the semination of the brain and the cerebration of the semen.

It is obvious that the semen can transform itself into energy. It is unquestionable that the sexual energy rises up towards the brain.

Specific nervous canals for the ascension of the sexual energy exist. Unfortunately, the scalpel cannot find them because these canals belong to the fourth dimension.

I am now concretely referring to the pair of nervous cords known in India with the names of Ida and Pingala.

In the male, Ida starts in the right testicle and Pingala starts in the left one. In the female, they start in the ovaries and are reversed.

These two very fine nervous canals become amiably knotted in the coccygeal bone. Then afterwards, they ascend as two entwined serpents throughout the dorsal spine until the brain.

The continuous ascension of the sexual energy throughout these nervous canals radically transforms us by converting us into mutants (Genii).

We are concretely referring to the Sahaja Maithuna, sex yoga, White Tantra.

This is the unique healthy system in order to resolve the very grave problem of demographic explosion.

This is the clue in order to control human conception in an intelligent way and without any harm.

It is obvious that for lustful people, non-ejaculation is a frightful sacrifice.

It is opportune to affirm that nature does not perform leaps. Therefore, the apprentice can and must perform this change little by little.

If indeed what we want is the consolidation, the affirming, the fixation of our system, I consider it necessary to start with brief, very short lived sexual practices, as much as five minutes daily.

It is unquestionable that afterwards time can be prolonged in each practice. The great athletes of sex yoga are used to practicing the Sahaja Maithuna for one hour daily.

In no way is it advantageous to start with long sexual practices. This change must be performed in a methodical way and with much patience, without ever dismaying.

The movement of the phallus inside the vagina must be slow and very soft, avoiding violence.

It is convenient to remember that if the sexual movements are performed very strongly, then the outcome is the spasm with the lamentable loss of seminal liqueur.

When the danger of ejaculating comes forth, it can be avoided by means of controlling the breath. In this case, the male will withdraw his phallus very fast from within the vagina and will lie in dorsal decubitus (lying down on his back). Afterwards, he will retain his breath by closing his nostrils with his thumb and index finger.

If he has to inhale again, he can do it, but he should try to hold his breath as much as is possible. In those moments, he must intensely refrain and imagine that his sexual energy ascends throughout the two canals, Ida and Pingala, towards his brain.

The same procedure can and must be utilized by the woman in order to avoid the orgasm and the loss of her sexual feminine liqueur.

In the sacred land of the Vedas, any female yogi who knows the Sahaja Maithuna knows how to control the danger of the spasm by means of the retention of her breath.

If while performing this effort the neophyte fails in the beginning, he must not dismay. In the end, with much patience and efforts, he will learn.

After many years of patient learning, the Sahaja Maithuna will become a couple’s normal function, the standard of their sexual life.

One among the marvellous advantages of our system is the advantage of preserving sexual potency during the whole life.

In our 1970-1971 Christmas Message, we teach the practical way in order to engender healthy, intelligent, and strong children by will and within a properly planned method.