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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: Atomic Bombs in Orbit

Atomic Bombs in Orbit

Russia is organizing a space horror. The sound note of caution was given in Washington. They said that these infernal atomic loads can be detonated by remote control.

This very unpleasant Machiavellian system of horror consists of a series of atomic bombs in orbit, which are abominable, execrable, and horrifying.

Indeed, life upon the face of the earth is now becoming almost impossible. Now, the evil of the world overflows and has reached to heaven.

Indeed, this is “not a very beautiful intention” from the Kremlin, which is to place in motion their monstrous program denominated “Fractional System for Orbital Bombing.”

The dreadful “SFOB” bombs indeed are neither a beautiful caress or a demonstration of love for this wretched suffering humanity.

Once in orbit, those nuclear bombs would be placed at a very low height, about 160 kilometers above the earth, and it is obvious that before they could complete their first circuit, they would be detonated by remote control against military objectives and defenseless cities.

It is indubitable that these horrendous “SFOB” bombs would fatally navigate a fraction of an orbit before its detonation.

The lower altitude would give to these devices the possibility of not being detected by the swift, watchful radar system possessed by the United States of America.

We have been notified that the Russians have carried with success at least thirteen scientific SFOB-type experiments.

It has been said to us that the initial seven orbital atomic experiments failed, but “they said” that the following six ones were a complete success.

It is obvious that the Yankees (U.S.A.) are not meek sheep either. Thus, we can be absolutely sure that not only will they imitate Russia’s example, but moreover, they probably will invent something worse.

A Soviet Minister threateningly shouted about a pacific co-existence or atomic war. Unfortunately, “Tyrians” and “Trojans” hate peace and this is already demonstrated with clear, blunt, and definitive facts.

In these instants of world crisis and demographic explosions, alarming symptoms of world war exist everywhere.

The radioactive particles from nuclear explosions will profoundly alter the superior zones of our terraqueous atmosphere.

It is obvious (this is known by any scientist) that such zones constitute something like a supreme filter for the solar rays.

When such a marvellous filter is completely altered by the filthy nuclear explosions, then unquestionably, the atmosphere will not be able to filter, analyze, and decompose the solar rays into light and heat. Therefore, the result will be that we will see the sun “black as a sackcloth of hair.” [Revelation 6:12]

It is important to know that the superior layer of the planetary atmosphere is the living support of our world and that its alteration will cooperate in the intensification of earthquakes and seaquakes.

Then the cities will breakdown, turn into dust, and maritime waves (tsunamis) never seen before will lash the shores.

It is written in the Christian Gospel that a very strange sound will emerge from within the very bottom of the seas.

Unknown sicknesses, never discovered before by medical science, are already appearing as a consequence of atomic abuse.

The phosphorus of the human brains will be contaminated by the radiations and many people will lose their reasoning and will go mad around the streets. Hospitals will be loaded with sicknesses and there will be no relief.

It is evident that the waters of the Earth and heaven will be also contaminated. Therefore, the harvests will be lost. These will not be utilized by the hungry multitudes due to the fact that the crops will be contaminated by atomic radiation.

Then, we will see horrifying Dantesque scenes around the streets, and amidst the smoky ruins of this perverse civilization of vipers we will only hear wailing, howling, whistling, neighs, squeaks, bellows, gaggles, meows, barking, snorts, snoring, and croaks.