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Beyond Death: The Law of Karma

The Law of Karma

1. What answer can be given to the profane ones who—when speaking to them about the law of return—allege that they cannot believe in it, since nobody has gone and returned in order to narrate what they have seen?

Samael Aun Weor: Days come and go. The suns return to their point of departure after thousands of years. The years return time and time again. The four stations of spring, summer, autumn, and winter always return. So, there is no need to believe in the law of return, since it is so evident, given that everybody is seeing it every day. Thus also the souls return, come again to this world, since “return” is a law that is in all creation.

2. How can we demonstrate the existence of the law of return?

Samael Aun Weor: By awakening the consciousness we can all demonstrate the law of the eternal return. We Gnostics have systems, methods, in order to awaken the consciousness; thus, the person who is awakened can remember their past lives. Therefore, to those who remember their past lives, the law of the eternal return is a fact.

3. Why there are some people who are well educated, who work and who fight a lot in order to achieve status yet they do not achieve it, yet others with less preparation and without efforts achieve the wished success?

Samael Aun Weor: Everything depends on the law of karma. This word (karma) means “action and consequence.” If in past lives we have done much good, then in the present life we triumph with happiness; but if in recent lives we have done much bad, then we fail in our present life. [“Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same.” —Job 4:8]

4. Why are there families who—no matter how hard they try—do not manage to have friends anywhere, yet for others it is so easy to have friends wherever they go?

Samael Aun Weor: In previous lives we have had many friends and enemies. When returning or coming back to this world, we again encounter those friends and those enemies, then everything is repeated as it happened in the past. Nevertheless, there are also some difficult people that do not like to have friends—misanthropists, we would call them—these are people who hide themselves, who move away, who separate themselves from society, solitary by nature and by instinct. When such people return to this world, they usually find themselves alone. Nobody gets along with them. However, there are other people who in past lives knew how to fulfill their duties with society, with the world, and they even worked on behalf of their fellowmen; thus, it is logical that when they return to this world they are surrounded by those souls who in ancient times or past lives formed their social circle, and therefore they enjoy—as is natural—much affection.

5. What is the cause when some housewives—although they treat their servants very well—never find maids who help them faithfully, while for other housewives all maids are faithful?

Samael Aun Weor: Those housewives who do not find faithful and sincere maids were in previous lives tyrannical and cruel with their servants. Now they do not find maids who can really serve them because in the past they never knew how to serve; thus, this is the consequence.

6. Why there are people who from their birth until their death work without rest as if they were undergoing a sentence, while there are others who live very well without so much work?

Samael Aun Weor: That is because of the law of karma. In past lives, people who work excessively and do not progress made others work very much, and exploited their employees in a pitiless manner; thus, now they undergo the consequences by working uselessly, since they do not progress.

7. My son married and his marriage became extremely bad. All the businesses where he worked went bankrupt. He asked for a loan from the bank in order to open a small business and he failed completely. Everything that he undertook failed. He had to divorce his wife because of the many misfortunes that they had. After some time he married again, and that man—for whom only begging for alms remained—now is very well and his success increases every day. What it is the cause of this?

Samael Aun Weor: There are three types of marriage bonds: first, karmic; second, dharmic; and third, cosmic.

The first type consists of pain, misery, hunger, nakedness, disgrace. The second consists of success, happiness, love, economic progress, etc.. And the third is only for the chosen souls, pure, holy: the third brings, as it is natural, inexhaustible happiness.

Therefore, regarding the case that you ask about, we must tell you that amongst these three married states it belongs to the first order (karmic). There is no doubt that your son and his first wife underwent the unspeakable in order to pay for the bad actions of their previous lives. It is clear that they were also husband and wife in past lives, and that they did much bad. They did not know how to live, therefore the outcome was pain. The new marriage of your son is benign from the economic point of view. We can qualify it as a marriage of good luck, better said, dharmic, the outcome of good deeds from previous lives. The second wife also lived with him in past lives and since with her he observed better conduct, the outcome is that now luck changed for him, improved his life, and that is all.

8. My son has been sick for five years. We have spent a lot of money on doctors yet they have not found the exact cause of his sickness. Some say that perhaps it is because of a nervous shock, since he was quite an intelligent boy in his studies. Others suppose that he has been a victim of works of witchcraft. What is your opinion?

Samael Aun Weor: Obviously, by all means and under the light of a dazzling clarity, we see a punishment, a mental karma because of an erroneous use of the mind in previous lives. Now, if you want your son to become healed, then first struggle for the healing of other mental patients, in order to modify the original cause. Remember that the effect is modified only by modifying the cause. Unfortunately, patients have the marked tendency of locking themselves within their own circle. Very seldom in life do we see the case of a patient who worries for the healing of other patients, yet if somebody does so, it is clear that he will also heal himself of his own pains. Therefore, we advise you—since in this precise case your son cannot dedicate himself to the healing of others—do it in the name of your son. Do not forget works of charity. Be concerned for the health of all those mental patients that cross your way. Perform good by the ton.

Do not forget either that in the invisible world there are very wise masters who can help you in this concrete case of your son. I want now to talk in a specific manner about the glorious Angel Adonai, the angel of light and joy. That master is very wise, and if you concentrate yourself intensely on him, begging him in name of Christ to heal your son, I am completely sure that in no way would he refuse to make this work of charity for you. Nevertheless, do not forget to “Strike with thy rod while thou beg to thy God”—beseech and perform good by the ton; that is the way.

9. I had the opportunity of witnessing the case of a marriage in Santa Marta, Colombia. They had a very good business, but from one moment to another it was burned. Thereafter the gentleman became ill and died of tuberculosis. Twenty years later I found that his wife was close to death, also from tuberculosis. What would be the cause of this?

Samael Aun Weor: It is good for you to know that tuberculosis is due to the lack of religion in previous lives, to materialism, to life without devotion and love for God. Therefore, this is the cause for that gentleman to die of tuberculosis, and if he lost his goods, it is clear that in his previous life he wasted the goods of other people. He burned other people’s goods, and therefore they burned his goods. He damaged others, and therefore they damaged him; this is called karma, punishment. Tuberculosis did not entirely affect his wife because in her previous lives the lack of religiosity was not so absolutely crude; to some extent she must have had some spirituality.

10. I have a very good son who worked and gave everything that he earned to me, but then he fell in love with an older lady, a friend of mine who has three children from a married man; he joined her in order to live together without legally marrying her. Thereafter, even when he worked, money did not come to him, even to the point that he came to me demanding an amount of money, alleging that he was going to undertake a business (something that he never did). As soon as they finished with the money that I gave him, the lady left him. Now he lives alone; he works, but is totally ruined. What is the cause of this?

Samael Aun Weor: Adultery sticks out—at first glance—with all its painful consequences: loss of money, bad situations, intense moral sufferings, etc., which are the outcome of error.

11. I want you to tell me if his situation could improve?

Samael Aun Weor: If on one of the plates of the cosmic scale we place the good actions and in the other the bad ones and if the latter weighs more, it is clear that the scale will incline against us, producing bitterness for us. But if we put good deeds on the plate of good, then we can incline the scale in our favor; then our luck will improve remarkably. Therefore, if that son of yours dedicates himself to performing good deeds, his luck will improve.

12. I have a twenty year old son, who since two years ago does not want to live at home, but at my friends’ house. He does not want to study nor to work; he comes for a month to my house, he feels happy for a while, and later he becomes angry with everybody and again leaves the house. I am hoping you can tell me the cause of this.

Samael Aun Weor: That son of yours has only created problems for you. It is clear that the outcome of disorder will be pain. There is no doubt that he does not know nor does he want to learn how to live. However, it is necessary to take care of him as best as possible, with infinite patience and love. There is no doubt that in the future he will have big problems with bitter consequences. Then he will begin to comprehend the necessity of establishing order in his life.