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Basis of Endocrinology and Criminology: The Vital Depth

The Vital Depth

The scientists that place doubt in the existence of ether have no scientific basis for their theories. Indeed, they just play with words, with terms, because instead of the term ether they use the term “radioactivity” or a “magnetic field,” etc. So, these other terms neither take away from nor give to the reality of ether. In any case, their doubts, analysis, and change of terms will only serve them to study that which is called ether. Most of the time, people fight only for the question of terms of words, etc. Yet, in the final analysis, what counts are the facts, and the facts are facts.

With their powerful telescopes Russian astronomers have discovered worlds in a protoplasmic state. These protoplasmic worlds have come from the ether. We can accept, by simple logical induction, that there are ethereal worlds. Maybe some scientists will not be pleased with the term “ethereal.” However, the term is of the least importance. The importance is the fact.

Before becoming protoplasmic, every world is in an ethereal state. The great Hindustani scientist Rama Prasad stated that everything comes from the ether, and everything returns to the ether. If protoplasm emerges from within the ether, then we have to accept that the ether is in the vital depth of everything that exists.

The Asian mystics consider that the ethereal body (vital depth) of the human body has four classes of ether. This does not appeal to the Western scientists. Nevertheless, when the Western scientists study the ether, no matter what name they give to it, they then will have to accept by simple analysis and by their own experience the reality of the four ethers of the Asian mystics.

Thus, the ethereal body of a human being has four ethers: chemical ether, ether of life, luminous ether, and reflecting ether. Each one of these ethers has its function in intimate relation with the whole organic economy.

The chemical ether is related with all the processes of organic assimilation and nourishment.

The ether of life is related with the reproduction processes of the race.

The luminous ether is related with the processes of sensory perception.

The reflecting ether is intimately related with the faculties of memory, imagination, willpower, etc.

The vital body controls the whole motor vessel nervous system and is the seat of life. Each ethereal atom penetrates inside each physical atom and makes it vibrate. If we definitely extract the vital body from the physical body of a person, this person inevitably dies. It is totally absurd to suppose, even for a moment, that chemical-physical organisms can survive without the vital body.

The very atheistic, materialistic Russians, after having studied the matter profoundly, have become more prudent, acknowledging the vital depth of living matter.

The scientists who are exploring the human organism are getting closer to the ethereal body. They will detect it inevitably and soon they will be able to condense it with some kind of ectoplasm to study it in a laboratory.

All the functions of our organism, all the caloric activities, reproduction, combustion, metabolism, etc., have their base in the vital depth.

When the vital body weakens, then diseases of the physical body appear.