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Basis of Endocrinology and Criminology: The Psycho-bio-typic “I”

The Psycho-bio-typic “I”

The mind is bottled up within the “I.” Every conditional reaction of the mind is the outcome of the psycho-bio-typic “I.”

Every perception passes from the senses into the mind.

The “I” translates all the information that is collected by the mind in accordance with its own prejudices, desires, fears, remembrances, preconceptions, maliciousness of a certain type, fanaticism, hatred, envy, jealousy, passion, etc., etc.

The clairvoyant always has a bad secretary from whom he needs to liberate himself. This secretary is the “I,” the myself, the ego.

The “I” of the clairvoyant traps all the suprasensible representations that arrive into his mind, then he interprets them in accordance with his prejudices, hatreds, jealousies, mistrusts, maliciousness of a certain type, passions, remembrances, pride, envy, arrogance, etc., etc. The subsequent reactions of the clairvoyant are the outcome of his own psycho-bio-typic “I.”

The paranoid clairvoyant is full of pride. He likes to keep himself isolated from the world. He prefers to deal only with very few people. He is a very intelligent person, yet he is sly and distrustful. He tends to believe himself to be infallible. He believes himself to be a great Master. He believes that he can dominate the world. He does not accept opinions from anyone, since he believes that only he is truly wise, great, and powerful.

When this type of paranoid clairvoyant reacts with hatred, malice, distrust, etc., he can even, in cold blood, plan an intellectual assassination.

The neurasthenic clairvoyant has a double personality. Just as he prays and preaches ineffable things, he also speaks of pistols, daggers, war, violence, etc., etc. While in front of an unpleasant representation, this type of clairvoyant reacts with calumnies, insults, homicides, etc. When one of his two personalities becomes full of complexes or humiliated, he then asks for forgiveness and speaks with devotion in order to make amends. Once he attains his purposes, his other personality reacts with pride, anger, arrogance, violence, treason, etc.

An in-depth analysis upon this double personality type takes us to the conclusion that Judas Iscariot was a type of neurasthenic clairvoyant. Judas was of a double personality, since in one moment he was following the Master and in another he was against the Master. He kissed the Master, and thereafter he betrayed him. He repented of his doing, and thereafter he committed suicide. This is how the neurasthenic type is.

The “I,” the Myself, does not exist within Christ. Christ does not react against calumnies, slaps, mockeries, threats, whippings, etc., etc. Christ overwhelms because of His terrific serenity. Christ when crucified said only, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” The “I” does not exist inside the Christ; this is why He neither reacts nor judges anybody. Christ is a perfect clairvoyant who knows how to see with comprehension, without judging, without translating, because He does not have the “I.” Christ is the clairvoyant who sees, comprehends and knows. Christ is the Universal Spirit of Life incarnated inside Jesus of Nazareth.

The clairvoyant needs to learn how to contemplate the internal representations in the absence of the “I.” The clairvoyant needs to see without judging, without translating, without pre-concepts, without fanaticism, without passion, etc., etc. The clairvoyant needs to be highly comprehensive.

When a schizophrenic clairvoyant reacts against an unpleasant representation, he can fall into the worst crimes, because of his violent, instantaneous and terrible reactions.

Commonly, a schizoaffective clairvoyant is woeful, melancholic, auto-concentrated, and introspective. He possesses melancholic ideas; he gets weary with any intellectual work, etc., etc. The schizoid clairvoyant, while in front of an unpleasant representation, if he is not rigorously analytic, can react by murdering others and thereafter committing suicide.

A masochist clairvoyant enjoys whipping himself while in the presence of his mystical representations or performing terrible penances to the death.

Clairvoyance demands logical thought and an exact concept. One needs to have perfect mental equilibrium in order to be an exerted clairvoyant.

A clairvoyant with some psychic trauma can suffer serious mental disorders and can unconsciously create fatal images within the Mental World.

When a mentally disordered clairvoyant contemplates his own suprasensible creations, he can then receive a nervous, emotional shock. He can also receive a vertiginous impetus, or an unexpected and acute emotional rapture. All of these with certainty can take this clairvoyant into the abyss of crime. The psychic trauma is the outcome of a great moral pain, or a great frightening experience, or the loss of a beloved one, etc., etc.

The sadomasochist clairvoyant has reached such a state of sexual perversion that he is easily converted into a mystic-erotic assassin. The sadomasochist clairvoyant loves the sweet evilness and falls into the bloodiest phallic cults. The black masses of the Middle Ages with their naked women upon the altar and the assassination of innocent children are living examples of this tenebrous and fatal kind of clairvoyance.

The human sacrifices of all times and of all religions are the outcome of the sadomasochist clairvoyance. Those human sacrifices are living examples that show us what this type of sadomasochist clairvoyance is. So, the assassination of people on the altar for liturgical ritual purposes is nothing else than a barbaric sadomasochist clairvoyant custom.

The black mass with human sacrifices was celebrated in many medieval castles during the XV century. Marshall Gil de Retz in Tiffanges, France, had in his castle a church whose priest celebrated the black mass. Retz was accused of having assassinated two hundred children in his black masses. Catalina de Medici also celebrated black masses with the sacrifice of innocent children.

The Witches’ Sabbath with its black masses and its witchcraft were in rivalry with the Priests of the “holy office” of the Catholic Inquisition in regards to the assassination of innocent children. This is what sadomasochist clairvoyance is, a criminal and terribly perverse type of clairvoyance.

Therefore, we can become perfect clairvoyants only by dissolving the psycho-bio-typic “I,” which everybody carries inside.