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Basis of Endocrinology and Criminology: The Alienated Ones

The Alienated Ones

It is impossible to know the fundamental cause of any mental disequilibrium without expanding psychiatry with Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism, yogic philosophy, and high Gnostic esotericism.

This is how the expanded psychiatry can discover and cure the alienated ones.

We knew the case of a young woman who fell into a state of furious madness. This young lady was interned for six months in a mental health center. There, she was submitted to the classic medical treatments with the famous electric shocks, diet, etc. Nonetheless, everything was a complete and absolute failure.

That lady, when in shock, was writhing like a serpent; she was foaming through her mouth while pronouncing incoherent words, etc., etc.

We, the students of expanded psychiatry, purposed ourselves to profoundly study this case. Thus, we found the following symptoms:

Indeed, she had abnormal ideas related with strange psychopathic deliriums. She had deliriums of persecution. She believed herself to be wanted by the police and condemned to death. She felt herself accused and wanted for robbery, etc.

When exploring the psyche of this sick woman, we found anguish during her delirium and a choleric physiognomy. Sometimes she was filled with terror and, at other times, melancholy.

It appears among the antecedents of her social evolution that during her infancy, adolescence, and youth she developed normally in her home and in school without anything strange having occurred to her.

She did not present symptoms of bruises, wounds, or anything of the sort.

Her psychopathic personality was of a totally schizoid type and she was introverted in an abnormal way.

The great sages are introverted; yet, they are not schizoids. They are normally introverted individuals.

The schizoid attitude of this sick lady belongs to the hyper-sensible and hyper-emotive type.

The type of schizoid personality described by Nretschmer is a difficult exploration for psychoanalysis. The interior life of those subjects is a constant mystery.

The schizoid type is hermetic, contradictory, sometimes very sensible, charitable and tender, yet other times, very cold, cruel and indifferent.

This sick lady had a certain self-aggressiveness with a suicide complex.

The schizoid constitution, the depressive tendency, the suicide complex with deliriums of persecution, and anguish presented a very complicated diagnostic.

Thus, before this case, medical science capitulated, and the sages with all of their science failed.

Nevertheless, we, the students of the expanded psychiatry, did not surrender. We proposed to study her case. We investigated her hereditary antecedents, and we did not find any insane or schizoid person among her ancestors.

The study of her brain and the general clinical analysis did not present any strange anomaly.

This problem was very difficult. Everything was enigmatic. The family of the sick woman had to take her out of the mental health center. Medical science had failed with this case.

What is most intriguing about this sick woman is that during her deliriums, in which she felt to be condemned to death, she was trying to free herself from some imaginary ropes. She believed herself to be tied up with ropes. She was holding the imaginary ropes and struggling to liberate herself from them in order to escape death. Materialistic science could not cure that case. The sick woman became an enigma for the doctors.

The scientific investigations of the erudite: the materialistic studies, the rigorous corroborations of the different chemical, physical, biochemical, physiological, etc., phenomena are not complete, because the erudite have not studied Gnosis. They do not know about Kundalini Yoga by Sivananda. They do not know about Jnana Yoga by Vivekananda. They have not studied The Subtle Laws of Nature by the famous Hindustani sage Rama Prasad. They have not exercised themselves with the Tattvic powers. They do not know about the esoteric and endoteric anthropogenesis and cosmogenesis. They do not know anything about occult anatomy nor about the law of Karma, etc. To that end, the materialistic science is incomplete and is a failure. It is only a building without a foundation. It is enough to push that building a little in order to convert it into minute sediment!

The most critical aspect of this matter is not the materialistic science but the fanaticism of the partisans of the dialectic materialism.

The fanatic partisans of the dialectic materialism do not accept anything that disagrees with their materialistic pontificates and priests (the tricksters of science). Those sectarian fanatics do not want to recognize other methods for investigation and scientific corroboration. They want to recognize only their authoritative pontificates and priests. They believe themselves to have the last word of knowledge; they are convinced that no one knows more than they do.

To that end, the geographic east and the cultural east, namely: Tibet, Grand Tartare, China, Siam, Mongolia, etc. do not exist for the fanatic partisans of dialectic materialism, because they believe that they are the center of the universe and no one knows more than they do. They think that everything that does not belong to them is worthless, and only what belongs to them is of value, because they think themselves to be wise, powerful, omnipotent, etc.

What is most ludicrous about these sectarians of the dialectic materialism is that they do not want to see beyond their noses. They put a limit to life based on their little intelligence. They seem to be like the medieval people who believed that beyond the Cape of Finisterre there was no more land and this was the limit of the earth. However, when Christopher Columbus talked about his projected adventure, they qualified him as a madman. Thus, if the Queen of Spain, Isabel la Catolica, had never helped Columbus in his intrepid enterprise, then the Spaniards would never have discovered America. Another intrepid one would have come ahead of them.

The sectarian materialists, who do not see beyond dogmatic procedures, look like the caterpillar that believes that the leaf where it lives is the whole. The caterpillar ignores that above and below that leaf there exists many other leaves from the tree where it lives. Likewise, the sectarian materialist ignores that other worlds exist above and below his external sensorial perceptions. What is worse is that those sectarian materialists not only ignore, but moreover, they ignore that they ignore. They are twofold ignorant.

We, the Gnostics, do not reach the point of affirming that scientific materialistic investigation is useless. What we, the Gnostics, condemn is the fanaticism of the materialistic sect.

It is logical that the scientific investigation of the phenomena of matter is useful to the human being. Nevertheless, the materialistic science is not the whole science. Neither are the rigorous procedures of investigation and scientific corroboration from the occidental world and from the materialistic sages the only ones.

Everything must be in its own place. We cannot study astronomy with a microscope, nor can we study microbes with a telescope.

The Gnostic Rosicrucian sage knows the systems of investigation from the East and the West.

The worlds of Ultra and of the Astral Body of the human being exist; they are a tremendous reality.

The physical material world exists and it is also a tremendous reality.

We investigate the worlds of the Ultra and of the Astral Body with the systems and methods of the yogis of Hindustan.

We study the physical world with the methods of occidental investigation.

Both systems complement and harmonize each other. Both systems will give us in the future a new culture and a new civilization, highly mystical and formidably technical and scientific.

The human being of the future will place matter under his service. The machines will serve the community. The human being will not be a victim of any machine.

Medical science, astronomy, technology, aviation, industry, etc., etc., will liberate the spirit from slavery, from material labor.

The human being of the future will be endowed with illuminated intellect. The human being of the future will be endowed with the powers of clairvoyance, and, nonetheless, he will have gigantic scientific and technical advancements. He will be highly spiritual and marvelously intellectual.

So, the fanatical secularism of the partisans of the dialectic materialism is conservative, retarded, and anti-revolutionary.

The alienated ones increase in number every day, and doctors cannot cure them, because they do not know the Mental Body. If the materialistic sages would study the Oriental yogic philosophy, then they would know the Mental Body. That way, they could cure thousands of madmen who live without hope.

A clairvoyant student of expanded psychiatry proposed to investigate the past reincarnation of the young alienated lady who was discarded by the materialists.

The outcome of the clairvoyant investigation gave as the clue. The “values” that were reincarnated in that young lady were incarnated in her past life as a thief, a road cracksman.

That thief, road cracksman, bandit, was searched for by the police and executed during the epoch of Don Porfirio Diaz (Mexico). The bandit was tied to a tree, and thereafter he was shot.

Now, we had a clue about her sickness. Then, we could explain to ourselves about the imaginary ropes and the delirium of persecution. The anguish concerning death of the mad young lady was no longer an enigma for us. The whole problem was resolved.

Death’s impressions had remained engraved in the subconsciousness of her reincarnating ego. These were the same values of the executed bandit. The memories were deposited within the subconsciousness of the young lady. These values revived in her consciousness the whole terrible anguish of that horrible tragic drama. The outcome was her madness that the materialistic sages could not cure.

The commotion was so terrible for this young lady that her Mental Body was fissured. Many malignant atoms penetrated through those gaps of her Mental Body and infected her brain, forcing this sick young lady to perform absurd things.

Even though the materialistic sages are bothered by our procedures, we cannot deny that we were obligated to utilize taumaturgy in order to heal the sick lady.

After six months of treatment with occult medicine, the sick young lady returned to her senses, she became radically cured.

This was a great victory for taumaturgy and expanded psychiatry.

Mental health centers are filled with furious or passive maniacs.

The sickness of the alienated ones is in the Mental Body.

The Mental Body has its sicknesses and its symptoms.

It is necessary to study the Mental Body and its sicknesses.

The Third Logos closed the wounds of the Mental Body; this is how the sick lady was healed absolutely.

Jails are filled with alienated criminals.

Many normal delinquents have had a passing disturbing moment, thus they commit crimes in those instants of terrible over-excitement.

Sometimes, malaria fever produces furious deliriums whose final outcome is crime. The so-called hallucinations that are produced during fever states are legitimate perceptions of the Ultra.

Commonly, delirium is observed during scarlet fever, small pox, malaria fever, typhus, etc.

Any alteration, any transitory mental disturbance, any perturbation of the psychic functions, even the ones that are the outcome of infected deliriums, can conduce to crime.

The subjective sensorial impressions, which occur during somnolence or lethargy in the course of pathologic processes, are not illusion. Those impressions are legitimate ultra-sensible perceptions that enclose the clues of sickness.

Expanded psychiatry studies these perceptions in order to find the clue that will allow us to cure a sick person. In the course of a situational reaction with a transitory mental disturbance, a person can commit homicide, robbery, etc., etc.

Anthropometry cannot give us an explanation of intimate causes of a situational reaction with transitory mental disturbance and crime. The somatoscopic and the somasometric characteristics cannot give with logical exactitude the most intimate clues of a situational reaction with a transitory mental disturbance and crime.

Many times, the somatoscopic and the somasometric characteristics of assassins and thieves are found in normal citizens who do not register judicial antecedents.

Only by profoundly exploring the depths of the mind can we discover the secret origins of a situational reaction, a transitory mental disturbance, and its related crime.

Secret factors from the infraconsciousness, subconsciousness, or unconsciousness can be the cause of those mental transitory disturbances and of those types of situational reactions that carry any man or any woman towards crime.

The ultra-sensible microbes invade the mind and produce those situational reactions, transitory mental disturbances, and common crimes.

Our affirmations might appear absurd to the materialists. Yet, when did our affirmations not appear absurd to them? Were they perhaps the same ones who mocked about Pasteur and microbes? Is it then so strange now that they mock about our ultra-sensible and hyper-sensible microbes?

Those microbes are already classified, namely: incubi, succubi, basilisks, dragons, elementals, larvae, Tantric entities, etc., etc.

If you materialists want to see and analyze them, then get a special lens. This special lens is clairvoyance. Do the perceptions of clairvoyance bother you? Well then, it is very clear that you are fanaticized! A psychological trauma is what lies in the depths of the materialists’ fanaticism. So, in regards to this type of trauma, within these types of minds, everything that relates to spirituality provokes a psychological resistance. Therefore, the materialists’ minds have a psychopathic sickness indeed.

We will radically change the present situation of the world with an in-depth integral culture on a spiritual, social, and scientific basis.

AGLA and the powerful Gnostic Movement, as well as Sivananda Aryabarta Ashrama, are the powerful integral cultural lever with which we can revolutionize the world and give it a total change.

The Gnostic Movements grant us the esoteric Christic wisdom. The Gnostic wisdom will grant us a powerful intellectual, social, and revolutionary culture.

Sivananda Aryabarta Ashrama teaches us a rigorously analytical and tremendously scientific yoga.

Our esoteric wisdom endures the most rigorous inductive and deductive analysis. In this day and age, the problem of the alienated ones is very critical. We can resolve this problem only with expanded psychiatry.

First of all, we need to free the mind from the conservative ideas of materialism and to enter deeply into the studies of AGLA.