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Aztec Christic Magic: Malkuth


We have arrived at our last chapter. If the disciple practices this book of twenty-two chapters during his whole life, without getting tired, then he will be born within the superior worlds as a Master of the White Lodge.

Humanity develops in two circles: the exoteric (public) and the esoteric (occult).

The exoteric circle is the circle of the multitudes; the esoteric circle is the circle of divine humanity, the circle of the Masters of the White Lodge. In the physical world, there are a lot of schools, lodges, orders, and pseudo-spiritualist, pseudo-esoteric, and pseudo-occult societies. Abundant literature on Yoga, occultism, etc., circulates everywhere. All of that pseudo-esoteric literature and all of those schools constitute a true labyrinth of contradictory theories. These are schools that combat each other, and pseudo-esoteric authors who confuse and mislead the aspirants.

It is very difficult for the devotees to find the way that will lead them into the esoteric circle. Commonly, the aspirant loses his whole life searching, reading, comparing, etc., everywhere. Indeed, this is like a very difficult tournament in which very few become successful. When the aspirant finds the real path, the path of the razor’s edge, then he has to remain firm until achieving his goal. However, it is good to know that many found the real path and then withdrew from it because they did not have enough responsibility to persevere.

This physical world is the valley of bitterness, the kingdom of Malkuth, the kingdom of samsara. The Wheel of Samsara rotates incessantly, and the ego comes and goes, disincarnates and incarnates, always suffering, always searching without finding. The Arcanum Ten, the Wheel of Retribution, is terrible; the whole world is enslaved to this fatal wheel of the centuries.

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Previous Cosmic Rounds

In the first round, our Earth was created with matter of the Mental Plane; in the second round, our Earth condensed itself into the substance of the Astral Plane; in the third round, our Earth condensed itself into substance of the Ethereal Plane; in this present fourth round, our Earth crystallized into a physical and chemical form.

It is urgent to know that this physical-chemical Earth evolves under the laws of planetary karma.

Previous Evolutions

The evolutions were very poor in the first round, likewise in the second and third rounds. Indeed, the fire produced very little in those three previous planetary rounds. Now, in this fourth round in which we are living, the outcome is in front of our sight: the Luciferic man of this fourth round is frightening. Therefore, the planetary fire, scarcely developed and overcharged with planetary karma because of the poor results from the previous planetary rounds, has produced in our physical world a very slow, heavy, and terrible evolution.

Future Rounds

The future fifth round will develop itself in the Ethereal World, the sixth in the Astral World, and the seventh in the Mental World. Afterwards, the great Cosmic Night will arrive. The future three rounds will produce very little due to the planetary karma.

The Kingdom of Malkuth

The Gods of Nature have worked very hard in order to create self-cognizant beings. The Gods have had to make difficult experiments in the laboratory of Nature. Diverse forms of animals have come out of the test tubes of this great laboratory; some of those forms were created with the purpose of elaborating material for the creation of true human beings; other forms are refuse of semi-human beings and others are true human failures. All animals from this kingdom of Malkuth characterize some eliminated aspect of true human beings. All animals are true caricatures of the human being.

However, it is good to know that the struggle of the Gods in order to create human beings has not finished yet. Still, true human beings have to discharge themselves of many elements which will be present in the zoological gardens of the future.

We must know that the Being, the Innermost, the Spirit, is the reality. However, another factor in discord exists within us: the ego, the myself. It is interesting to comprehend that the “I” is pluralized. The “I” is constituted by many “I’s” that wrangle amongst themselves; they fight amongst themselves because each one wants control of the human personality. These “I’s” are three, seven, and a legion. The three basic ones are: the demon of desire, the demon of the mind, and the demon of evil will. The seven are the seven capital sins: lust, anger, greed, pride, envy, gluttony, and laziness. The legion is constituted by all the thousands of secondary sins.

The three, the seven, and the legion are small animal elements, “I’s” that are created by the mind. These animal elements are enemies who live within our own house. These animal elements live within the kingdom of our soul, and they nourish themselves with the inferior substances of our lower animal depths. What is the worst is that these animal elements have stolen part of our own consciousness. This is demonstrated by the following assertions, “I am angry, I am greedy, I wish, I feel envious, etc., etc., etc.”

The true Being is the Spirit, but the Spirit is not yet within the individual, because the “I” has invaded the kingdom of the soul. Indeed, neither the soul nor the Spirit has incarnated within the individual. The human being is still a possibility within the intellectual animal (mistakenly called a human being). The true human being is still in the process of creation. Many samples of existing human races will be in the zoological gardens of the future. We must discard all of which is animalistic within in order to properly attain the human state that, until now, is only a possibility.

When we finish with all of our sins, then the “I” is dissolved. When the “I” is dissolved, then we incarnate the soul and the Spirit. Indeed, this is how we become human beings in the most complete sense of the word.

When death arrives, the unique thing that continues is the “I,” the legion of “I’s.” The ego or the “I” returns in order to satisfy its desires. Death is the return to conception. This is the wheel of the Arcanum Ten.

After the death of the physical body of a true human being (one who has the soul and Spirit incarnated), he lives completely awakened in his Astral Body; he enjoys the internal worlds of consciousness; he enjoys objective perception.

On the other hand, those who still have not dissolved the “I” and who have neither incarnated the soul nor the Spirit, live within the internal worlds with their consciousness asleep; they only have a subjective consciousness and subjective perception.

Whosoever wants to liberate himself from the Wheel of Samsara has to dissolve the “I” and incarnate his soul. This labor is very difficult and those who achieve it are very rare. Indeed, the kingdom of Malkuth is a terrible filter. The refuse of this filter is what is common and current, and this refuse is swallowed up by the Abyss. The gold, the chosen one, the true human being, the angel, is Malkuth’s conception. The struggle is indeed severe.

Nature is implacable; the birth of a human-angel costs thousands—or better if we state millions—of victims. Many are called, but few are chosen.

Christ said: From a thousand who search for me, one finds me; from a thousand who find me, one follows me; and from a thousand who follow me, one is mine. This is the tragedy of the Arcanum Ten of Kabbalah.

The Origin of the Human Being

Those who affirm that the human being comes from the ape are totally mistaken. Indeed, it is the ape that came from the human being. The transformation of the species and the Darwinist theory of evolution are false. No one has ever seen a new species born; no one has ever seen a human being born from a family of apes.

Comparative physiological anatomies are exaggerated; the Law of Analogies is also exaggerated in order to document their false assumptions. Indeed, all the living species—with the exception of few—are living refuse of the human kingdom.

An Intriguing Example

Even when this seems incredible, the truth is that the donkey, among others, is an animal of human origins. Much has been spoken about Apuleyus’ ass, about Jesus entering Jerusalem riding an ass, etc. The lower passions and the lack of intelligence are always associated with the wretched ass.

When we investigate the memories of the great book of Nature, we discover with astonishment the origin of such an animal.

A tribe of enormous, black, and monstrous giants existed in the beginning in Lemuria. Each individual of such a barbaric tribe was at least six to eight meters in stature. Indeed, those individuals were corpulent and horrible monsters. Such subjects came from within the test tube of the laboratory of nature, as nature tried to create the human being. Such an attempt was a true failure of Nature. Those individuals were bestial, and they sexually crossed themselves with certain antediluvian monsters. A kind of monstrous chimpanzee was the outcome of such a mixture; this monstrous chimpanzee, in its turn, crossed itself with other beasts resulting in (after many thousands of years), the primitive ass from which the present ass comes.

We are asserting statements that displease the fanatics of those theories based on the “dogma of evolution;” nevertheless, it is certainly true that the laws of evolution and devolution, creation and destruction, are simultaneously processed in nature. Nature contains all possibilities, even the most sinister. Nature is nature.

Ants and Bees

When we examine a beehive or an anthill, we become astonished by two things: first, is the tremendous logic, the absolute exactitude, and the marvelous order of these communist societies of a Marxist type; second, the lack of individual intelligence in those communist creatures. Indeed, those societies of bees and ants are of a communist type. If an exercised clairvoyant carefully investigated these animals, he would discover with astonishment that these are the physical bodies of beings that are mentioned in all traditions and folkloric tales of ancient humanity. These are the titans or primitive genii, fallen angels, etc., who existed on the Earth before the First Root Race appeared.

It is natural that they had to create these communist states by exercising a tremendous intellectual effort based on frightful dictatorships. It is also true that they combated against all religions, and that their only purpose was to convert the individual into an automaton through the wheel of a great social machine. The outcome was fatal. The individuals lost their individual initiative, the social mechanism became rigid and severe, and their intelligence was atrophied in all individuals. Thus, this automatism, this social mechanicity in which intelligence is not necessary, worthless, and even dangerous, was transmitted to their descendents through inheritance.

It is urgent to know that through millions of years these pre-human societies became diminished in size and degenerated, yet always conserving through inheritance the same involuntary automatic movements of their social mechanism. This is, therefore, the origin of bees and ants. This is the danger of communism.

Nature wants to create self-cognizant individuals and not automatons. The loss of individual initiative brings automatism and the loss of intelligence.

We must not become astonished because of the tiny bodies of bees and ants. Herodotus and Pliny through their books make us remember the history of the legends of gigantic ants and bees from Tibet. Let us remember also that the lizard is a small crocodile. Therefore, the decline of size is a completely normal process in nature. The present human being descended from antediluvian giants.

Human Races

Malkuth is the Kingdom. Malkuth is the tenth Sephirah of the Kabbalah. The ethereal Earth firstly condensed itself into an elemental form, and afterwards into a physical form. There exists elemental fire, elemental air, elemental water, and elemental earth of the wise. These four kingdoms condense themselves physically by means of salt.

Salt is the great agent of the Moon. The radiant salt permits the condensation of fire. The volatile salt permits the condensation of the elemental air. The liquid salt permits the condensation of the water. The physical salt permits the condensation of the elemental earth. This is how, by means of salt, the four elemental kingdoms can condense themselves into physical form. This is how our physical world was born. Unfortunately, it was born charged with a lot of karma.

The regent of Malkuth is Cham-Gam, the genie of the Earth. Every planet has seven Root Races. Our Earth has had five already; two more Root Races are still needed. After the seven Root Races, our Earth will be transformed by great cataclysms; it will become (through millions of years) a new Moon.

All the evolving and devolving life of the Earth came from the Moon. When the great life abandoned the Moon, it died, it became a desert. Seven great Root Races existed on the Moon. The lunar soul, the lunar life, is now devolving and evolving in our present Earth. This is how the worlds reincarnate.

The Aztecs state that the human beings of the first Root Race were devoured by tigers, those of the second Root Race converted themselves into monkeys, those of the third Root Race converted themselves into birds, and those of the fourth Root Race converted themselves into fish. We state that the human beings of the present fifth Root Race will become goats. We, Latin Americans, currently are the sixth subrace of the fifth Root Race of the fourth planetary round.

The first Root Race was gigantic and black in color, however it was very civilized. This was an androgynous Root Race, asexual, semi-physical, and semi-ethereal. These individuals could reduce their size to the normal size of a person of this present Aryan Root Race. The rituals and wisdom of the first Root Race were marvelous. Temples and constructions were portentous. Barbarism did not exist in that epoch. Such a divine Root Race was devoured by the tigers of wisdom. The regent of that Root Race was the Aztec God Tezcatlipoca. Each individual was a true Master of wisdom. Reproduction was performed by the fissiparous act; this is similar to the reproduction system of organic cells by cellular division. This is how the organism of the Father-Mother was divided into two. The androgynous child suspended itself for a while from the Father-Mother. The first Root Race lived on the sacred island situated on the polar cap of the North. Such an island still exists, but in the Jinn state.

The second Root Race was governed by the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl. This was the Hyperborean humanity. The second Root Race was blown away by strong hurricanes. The degenerated ones from the second Root Race are the monkeys of today. This Root Race reproduced themselves through the process of budding, which is very common amongst plants. From the tree trunk, many branches bud.

The third Root Race was destroyed by the fiery rain sun (volcanoes and earthquakes). This was the Lemurian Root Race. This Root Race was governed by the Aztec God Tlaloc. This Root Race was hermaphroditic; they reproduced themselves through the gemmation system. Lemuria was a very enormous continent situated in the Pacific Ocean. The Lemurian people who became degenerated had faces similar to birds; this is why the savages, when remembering their traditions, adorn their heads with feathers.

The human beings of the fourth Root Race were the Atlanteans. This Root Race lived on the Atlantean Continent situated in the Atlantic Ocean. Science has already proven that at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean there exists a submerged continent. The Atlantean Root Race was governed by the Aztec God Atonatiuh. That Root Race ended with a great inundation. The pre-Columbian tribes of America, the primeval Chinese, the primeval Egyptians, etc., are descendents of the Fourth Root Race.

We Aryans are the fifth Root Race. Our present Aryan Root Race will end with a great cataclysm. The future sixth Root Race will live on a transformed Earth, and the seventh Root Race will be the last race. After these seven Root Races, the Earth will become a new moon.

The Fire

Nature is a living creature of fire. There exists rocky fire, liquid fire, gaseous fire, and the virginal fire. Let us worship the Gods of fire!

It is necessary to be born as Angels, and this is only possible by practicing sexual magic. Nothing is born from nothing. Everything that is born has its germs from where it is born. This can be proven in the four kingdoms of nature. Therefore, the Angel is not born within ourselves with theories. It is necessary for the Angel to be born within us, and this is only possible by working with the germ. Such a germ abides within the seminal system. So we need to work with the grain, with the seed, with the fire. This is how the Master, the Angel, is born within the human being.

It is urgent to venerate the fire, to worship the flame.

Substances related with the cult of fire exist. Seashells are marvelous for the cult of fire. White seashells symbolize the pure Spirit. Black seashells symbolize the fall of the Spirit into matter. Red seashells symbolize the fire, by which means we can return into the great Light.

Sacred Formula

Reduce black, red, and white seashells to powder. This Aztec smoke offering is utilized for the cult of fire. These powders are the perfect smoke offering for the cult of fire. The mantras IN EM must be pronounced when spreading these powders onto the flaming embers. Then we pray to the Holy Spirit with a prayer that comes from within our heart; this is how we illuminate ourselves with the sacred fire. Practice this cult daily in your homes and in your sanctuaries at sunrise. The Aztecs practice this cult in the temple of Quetzalcoatl in Teotihuacan at sunrise. Jonah the biblical prophet also practiced this rite, and he utilized the same Aztec smoke offering. The elder Aztec priests practiced this rite of the fire while wearing tunics woven out of red, black, and white thread as sacred vestures, and they covered their heads with similar mantles. The seashells are within the water, and the water is indeed the habitat of the sacred fire. The seashells and the fire are found intimately related. We must warn the students that the seashells only serve for this rite.

The powder for the smoke offering must be made only by Gnostic women, only by women. The seashell powder will be enveloped within vegetable leaves, forming small triangular packages.

The Holy Spirit is the sacred fire. We must assimilate the power of the fire within our own interior universe.


The symbols of the Sephirah Malkuth are the two altars, the cross with equal arms, the magic circle, and the triangle of the magic art. Malkuth is related with the feet and the anus.


The synthesis of this book is sexual magic and the dissolution of the “I.” This is the only way to convert ourselves into true human beings, and then after into super-humans. Only then can we attain in depth realization of the Self.

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