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Aztec Christic Magic: Netzach


We have arrived at a very interesting subject matter in our studies: this is the matter of “mental works.”

The first thing that everyone who enters into these studies wants is to dominate the minds of others. This is pure and legitimate black magic. No one has the right to violate the free will of others. No one has the right to exercise coaction upon the mind of others, because that is pure and genuine black magic. The ones who are guilty of this grave error are all of those mistaken authors that are everywhere. All of those books of hypnotism, magnetism, and suggestion are books of black magic.

Atkinson, Paul Jagot, and many other authors taught systems to develop mental force and thus to dominate others. Those systems are pure and genuine black magic.

Whosoever does not know how to respect the free will of others is a black magician. Those who perform mental works in order to violently dominate the minds of others convert themselves into perverse demons. These people separate themselves from the Innermost; thus, this is how they crumble into the abyss.

Disciples constantly write to us in order to ask us about the weird enterprise of performing mental works to violently dominate the mind of their son, daughter, fiancée, spouse, etc. Naturally, we instantly dump those types of letters into the garbage can, because we are not black magicians.

The World of Netzach

This is the world of the cosmic mind; this world is governed by Anael, a divine child filled with beauty. Anael is the Angel of love. The mystic enters into ecstasy when contemplating Anael’s perfection. That Angel is precious; his countenance is as rosy as the dawn and his hair looks as if it were a golden cascade. All of these give onto this Angel an ineffable, enchanted, sublime and delectable presence. Indeed, Netzach is related with the world of love, of music, and of beauty.

Fine arts are related with the positive use of the mind. Cultivate beauty; love the fine arts. When the animal intellect is divorced from any type of spirituality, it becomes Luciferean and totally negative.

The Aztec God Xochipilli, god of happiness, music, and dance, is found in Netzach. Xochipilli, the Aztec God, always does his negotiations with the Kabbalistic number ten; this is the wheel of fortune, the wheel of reincarnations and karma, the terrific wheel of retribution.

Whosoever wants to invoke this Master must first of all wash their hands with pure water.

Xochipilli must be invoked in the time between 10:00 p.m. of Friday and 2:00 a.m. of Saturday. Nothing is given free onto us, and Xochipilli charges for any service that we might ask. Whosoever has funds can pay for any service, then pays and gets anything. Yet, the one who has no funds has to suffer the consequences. Perform good deeds so that you can have funds for payments. This is how Xochipilli can perform miracles and marvels for you. Good deeds are symbolized in the superior worlds by mysterious jewels and coins. So, these types of jewels and coins are the currency that you need in order to pay for the services that you might ask of Xochipilli. Xochipilli does not perform anything for free; everything has a price. Xochipilli can make the wheel of retribution spin on your behalf. You may resolve all your problems with the help of this Aztec God, but he charges for any type of service because he cannot violate the Law. You must never ask Xochipilli to perform anything evil, because he is a Master of the light. Remember that this deity is a very pure Angel from Netzach, the world of the mind.

When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the superior law washes away the inferior law. This is how one works with White Magic and gets everything without the necessity of using the force of thought to violate the free will of people. If you are suffering, if you have some problem that you cannot resolve, this is a matter of karma; go to the aid of Xochipilli so that he can help you to resolve the problem that is causing your suffering. Yet, you have to pay Xochipilli with the funds of good deeds; if you do not have funds to pay Xochipilli, then Xochipilli cannot perform your requested service. Nonetheless, a remedy exists: ask a credit of Xochipilli, this is the way; then the outcome will be marvellous. Remember that any type of credit must be paid with good deeds. If you do not pay the credit, then they will collect it from you with intense grief. This is the Law. Perform good deeds so that you can pay your debts.

Love is the sum of wisdom. Remember that an intellect without spirituality is filled with falsity. The villains of intellectuality are the outcome of an intellectualism without spirituality.

The Kabbalistic number of Netzach is the Arcanum Seven, the Chariot of War of the Tarot, Expiation. Geburah is the Arcanum Five, the justice of karma. These arcana are different, yet they complement each other.

The Aztec sculpture of Xochipilli is just a symbol of this great Master who lives in the world of the mind. Netzach is governed by Venus, the star of love... The symbols of Netzach are the lamp, the belt, the rose... Netzach governs the kidneys, the waist.